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Bahisçi Fonbet de Spartak Moskova – Rubin maçı için en yüksek katsayı. Aşağıdaki derecelendirmeden seçerek Parimatch bahisçisinde en yüksek oranlara sahip Spartak Moskova takımının bahis ofisi Spartak Rubine bahis yapabilirsiniz.Ayrıca Maraton bahisçisinde Rubin takımının Spartak Rubinine de en yüksek oranlara sahip bahis yapabilirsiniz.

. Kuvvetlerin eşit olduğuna inananlar, Spartak Moskova – Rubin maçında bahisçinin reytinginden en iyi bahisçiyi seçerek beraberliğe bahis yapabilirler. Toplam. Normal Süre İlk Yarı İkinci yarı. Bahisçi.

Bahis şirketlerinin oranlarını 28 Şubatta Bet On web sitesinde çevrimiçi olarak Spartak – Rubin oyununda karşılaştırın ve doğru bahisler yapın! Spartak – Rubin maçı için bahisçilerin ve bahis borsalarının oranlarının karşılaştırılması (28 Şubat). Maç için en iyi tahmin Spartak – Rubin Spartak favori olarak kabul edilse de, bir sonraki maçtaki başarısı hakkında şüphelerimiz var.

Bahisçi Spartak Rubinin yeni bir koçluk kadrosu oluşturulana kadar devam etmesi muhtemeldir. Bu nedenle, en iyi bahis, dışarıdan gelen Rubin üzerine oranlarla H2 (1) dir Bahis, Kazan kulübünün attığı gol sayısına bir gol eklenirse bu durumda yapılacaktır ve bu, maçı kazanmak için yeterli olacaktır.

1, Sosyal ağlardayız. EN İYİ bahisçiler. Bedava Bahis r. BetCity bir bahisçinin ofisidir. 22 derecelendirme. Kayıt. Kayıt s. 1xBet bir bahisçinin ofisidir. 23 derecelendirme. Kayıt. Kayıt s. Parimatch bir bahis bürosudur. 1 puan.

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  1. username7 !!!

    That wasn’t a penalty come on .. where is the var

  2. Santiago Mora

    but but but 4-0 barça but but😭

  3. Conor

    Lol no Liverpool fan saw that obvious shoulder and not a hand ball, man if VAR was there you mute bitches would be crying

  4. Alan Drak

    im a Liverpool fan for life but if VAR exist during this,the first goal would be disllowed for foul on Pepe and the penalty would not be rewarded as it hit Heinzes shoulder

  5. Ikonoklast

    Moments like this were the reason many football fans all over the world became liverpool supporters back then despite having failed to win the EPL for so many years.

  6. Manuel Franchini

    It was a small Real and a big Liverpool. Dessena scored too!

  7. Adeyemi olugbenga

    Proudly LFC supporter I was on this match day

  8. flashé

    primer y segundo gol una estafa completa.

  9. Thyagarajan Venkatanarayanan

    Whos here after Real Madrid got knocked out by Man City at the Round of 16 of CL after 11 years ?

  10. MrKaravaj

    We played great that year I dont know how they didnt win the league or couldnt beat Chelsea in ucl quarterfinals

  11. Sadia Ahmed

    Liverpool are best in Premier league

  12. folladordeprostis

    Later in 2014 Liverpool was a failure against Real Madrid 😱

  13. Kam Singh

    Benitez would have won the title had he adapted, and played kuyt up front with Torres. morphing to a tweaked 4-4-2 system. With Gerard on the right.

    May have needed to get a better left winger as well. As opposed to playing wing backs and full backs on the left wingof a Spanish/Portuguese type 4-5-1 system. Where your wingers must have extreme flair, dribbling abilities, pace and finishing.

    Too stubborn did not adapt enough, in England to win leagues you must play this way. However teams will start trying to play like klopp Liverpool in the short term. A 4-1-2-3

  14. Daniel Danielinho

    Soy fan del juego d lampard y gerrard, pero considero un error q torres se dejara vender al chelsea y su carrera acabara, al igual q shevchenko. Si en su momento hubiera permanecido mas tiempo en anfield, con est equipo hubieran salido campeones d la EPL

  15. EDOWI VB 76

    please tell me, what are the names of the commentators on this match?🙏🙏

  16. Alexis García

    With Var the first and second gol of liverpool did not valid for foul the first and second is not hand.

  17. Gunay Atalay

    2 gol bedava öyle penaltimi olur yan hakem tam ahmak

  18. freedom voice

    U know how great was players at 90s era

  19. Ephraim Sakitey

    That was never handball😂

  20. Red Morphins

    Imagine liverpool midfielder gerrard, alonso, marcherano and attacking salah firmino, mane🤯

  21. Jubair Khan

    1:28 john terry?

  22. The Sun Sunrise

    He was Fernando

  23. Jithin Purushothaman

    Masche could have been one of the best DM if he continued in Liverpool.

  24. Tushar Bisht

    Anfield is always a Very Very Very Tough Place for opposition to play.

  25. Adil هنا

    The first goal foul on Pepe and the second one its not a penalty .

  26. Traumatic Toast

    2nd goal wasnt supposed to be a penalty

  27. Erwin Kaka

    Vs Madrid 4-0,, vs Barca 4-0,, oh no Liverpool too superior

  28. Derick Trichez

    alguém 2020?

  29. Zack Hallam

    Dirk kyte was earning 400 euros a week .. playing in Holland 🇳🇱..
    Liverpool .. hes was earning £25k a week

  30. Putra bakti

    Imagine Liverpool line-up
    Trent Agger Van dijk Robertson
    Alonso Mascherano Gerrard
    Salah Suarez Mane

  31. Roshan Thapa

    3 days later they destroyed man utd 4-1.

  32. Rodrigo Sansano Carralero

    What a 9 Fernando el niño Torres

  33. Sholawat TV

    Best Player : KUYT

  34. ദശമൂലം ദാമു

    First 2 goals decided the game

  35. Hugskevl

    first two goals should have been ruled out

  36. Balu Montes

    Liverpool vs casillas

  37. channel aceh pidie


  38. Anwar Hafiy

    At this time,Liverpool midfield was beast

  39. Gabriel Delgado

    Chorreo del bueno del liverpool al real madrid como tiene que ser

  40. freedom voice

    Imagine if Owen still in red😂😂😂

  41. bla bla

    as much as I hate Real Madrid as much I have pitied Iker in this game cause hes one of the players whos body and soul for RM but he had been thrown out by cocksuckers Mourinho and Perez. And these highlights dont do him justice, either. I have watched this game live at that time and I can safely say that Casillas had saved at least 3-4 clear goals besides the save we see in this clip.

  42. pandu sanjaya

    It could be more if its wasnt casillas

  43. Bang Martinnn

    when torres is the best striker

  44. Twizzy Flizzy

    2008/09-Real 0-5 liverpool
    2018/19-Barcelona 3-4Liverpool
    madrid are lucky phones were non-,existent

  45. harsha hampole

    To be fair, Pepe does look like Pepe.

  46. Zain Uddin

    Lol hes replacement Andy Carroll I will never forget that

  47. Tran Chau

    Not complaining since Liverpool was just amazing in thjs game and without Casillas the scoreline should be around 4-0 or 5-0 anyways, but the first 2 goals are not legit. The first one was a foul by Torres and the 2nd was not a penalty.

  48. Ekamrr

    And then Ronaldo and alonso left to a team that got eliminated in the round of 16

  49. F R

    Steven Gerrard ❤❤❤❤❤❤
    Shame that he didn’t won a premier league title with Liverpool…..
    He is still great though but he deserved a Premier League title win for Liverpool…..

  50. Enrique Romero Canfranc

    Nice performance from liverpool,but that madrid was the worst of the 21 century

  51. Candrajaya Saputra

    Bravo the Rad

  52. Bernardinho 50

    Real Madrid got battered, demolished, devastated, hammered and humiliated 4-0 by Liverpool. Embarrassing. 😂😂😂😂😂

  53. Adam Noone

    Dont compare ramos to van dijk

  54. Alex Reindeer


  55. Minimalist SG

    All Real Madrid players market value dropped 20% after this game.

  56. Thomas Vicentin

    1:30 no penalty

  57. potato

    Casillas is so cute

  58. Khoirul Fajar

    1:27 john terry

  59. ɴɪʏᴀs ɴᴘ

    In pes2021 this iconic were including

  60. juninlv

    This is the chorreo match

  61. Gladys Graciela Suarez Arce

    He tenido la suerte de ver a los mejores del mundo jugar

  62. MITTZZ 2002

    Gerrard the legend ❤ ❤

  63. Xenisorater Çiçero

    Real Madrid formspain flag .Great.

  64. Gaurav Bharti

    Why I see John Terry at 1:28 😂😂

  65. Јован Петровић

    Liverpool haved a lot of luck in 2005,but quality was not on top level. In period of 2007-2009 Liverpool have realy good team, which worked like best mechanism,but they were not have enough luck.

  66. Farid Cya

    Liverpool best team in the world

  67. Abhiram Nambiar

    Tbh I think it was Liverpool vs Casillas

  68. Chris H

    That was when Torres was the best striker in the world with David villa

  69. alif munandar


  70. Farid Cya

    Best midfield Liverpool


    Liverpool ferfecto

  72. Bigote Surf

    I was not penalty…

  73. Plastic Age

    pfftt.. dossena, spearing against ramos, casillas

  74. Jack Daniels

    Gerard what a man, goats love him

  75. Faqeh Adv

    2009 = Liverpool 4 – 0 Real Madrid
    2019 = Liverpool 4 – 0 Barcelona

  76. francisco sanchez fernandez

    Vaya robo

  77. trieutamtlsvtybg nguyen

    Chik ko cok doi vek luk thu tik cok nho tao ko luk be de chik be de tho ai bao ha tao vi lok gai tao cha thu cho thah thag da luk nak hak

  78. Liverpool

    Dudek: 2005
    Allison: 2019
    Adrian: 2020

  79. Riski Wulung

    Liverpool trio skrng blm bisa bantai Madrid

  80. Akshai Raj

    The first two goals shouldnt be given. But Liverpool were a class above RM at that time.

  81. kitingful

    Gerrard, Alonso, Mascherano.
    The best midfield squad.

  82. Аружан Сеилхан

    Two national champion in this year)

  83. Nigel Magic

    When you talk captain of a team Stephen Gerard and Frank lampard fit the bill as top also Messi

  84. Farid Cya


  85. Alejandro Lopez Gomez

    Those 2 goals were gifts from the refferies tho

  86. Hanyuan Zhang

    First two goals were refs mistakes

  87. Cesco Yujiro DICE

    Gerrard 😭


    Liberpool is gerrad

  89. Aneez Husain

    Stievee G ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  90. this channel is dead 1

    What midfield Liverpool had 🔥👏

  91. Aldrin Gomez

    When their was no VAR and Football was so fucking raw

  92. Bernardinho 50

    Liverpool eliminated Real Madrid from Champions League by smashing and destroying Real Madrid 5-0 on aggregate. 😂😂😂😂😂

  93. Bryant Alexander

    1:27 John terry????

  94. X Man

    Gerrard is the real king

  95. Samuel Sena Games

    0:11 Iker Casillas

  96. Aiman Adzhan

    Wow Liverpool are very lucky

  97. Federico

    22 01 2021

  98. A-B Scouting

    look at my channel for scouting videos

  99. Taher Fethiza Ali

    Real Madrid 😂😂

  100. Rupayan Roy


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