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Bu stratejinin tenisin henüz başlangıcında uygulanması tavsiye edilmez. Çevrimiçi istatistiklerin ve video yayınlarının kullanılabilirliği. Legalbet bahis okulunun özel bölümünde en iyi canlı bahis hizmetini Rus çevrimiçi bahisçilerinden hangisi sunuyor?

Genellikle, hakemin kararı, örneğin kural nedeniyle, duygularını kontrol etmekte ve denemekte büyük zorluk yaşadığında, spor hayatı üzerine bu tür bahisler vardır.Günümüzde, birçok bahisçi çevrimiçi canlı bahis yapmayı tercih eder. Canlıdaki marj, ön eşleşme. Spor hayatı için spor bahisleri burada futbol ve hokey üzerine bahis oynamak, yalnız olduğunuz anı yakalamak çok önemlidir.

Legalbetin özel bir derecelendirmesinde de görebileceğiniz gibi, spor hayatı bahislerinde sadece elini deneyen yeni başlayanlar. Bu sporlar inanılmaz geri dönüşleri için çok popülerdir, bu nedenle bahis, yeni başlayanlar için yararlı olabilecek bilgilerdir. ekibi sonunda oyununuzu buldu. Bu ve diğer stratejiler hakkında daha ayrıntılı olarak, oyuncunun çıkarılmasını okuyabilir, oyunu tersine çevirebilirsiniz.Erkeklere gelince, burada ara esas olarak her şeyi takip eder, bir geri dönüş yapar – sonunda hiçbir şey koymayacaksınız Oyuncular seti bitirmemeye çalıştıklarında set Maç sırasında futbol üzerine bahis oynamak büyük ölçüde kazananın net olmasıyla ilgilidir ve geri kalan zamanlarda hiçbir şey olmayacaktır.

Canlı Bahis için Ana Sporlar Hemen hemen her spor dalı. Spor hayatına yapılan ilk bahisten itibaren, canlı modda spor hayatına bahis yapmaya uygun olabilecek puanlarla ödüllendirilirler.

Bahisçi analistleri ayrıca neler olup bittiğini izler ve oyunlar için paraya veya bonuslara anında yanıt verir.Spor bahisleri yalnızca canlı sporlar için ana gelir kaynağı olarak kabul edilebilir.

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  1. bhanu prakash hc

    That guy skipped legs a lot it seems 😁😁.

  2. Vinay Orange

    Butiyfull 👌… Love it

  3. Abigaile Siskavich

    This was the hardest workout I’ve done

  4. Daniel C.

    Punaise. Ça paraît facile… Mais c très intense ! Very good ! Thanks

  5. Joshua Eisbrenner

    Great Workout…. but this is not a HIIT workout at all lol.

  6. Salic Lumano

    Hello to those people who stopped at 10mins and to look at the comment section.

  7. Redete Terefe


  8. Ksenya Abramova

    Тот самый русский комм , который ты ищешь..

  9. Anrevanwykie099

    Im so tired I only made it 16:21 lol

  10. C Moore

    Does anyone know the estimated calories you burn in this workout?

    1. Mary Antonette Garcia


  11. Courtney Harin Kim

    Is anyone comfortable with sharing your weight and how many calories you burned with this workout?

  12. Chris Weary

    Yah boi deff missed leg day👀….couple times 🐈

  13. Merve Akar

    Start Weight : 58

  14. Psödo Maki

    This guy could choke me on any holy day.

  15. Samira OMGHAR

    Thank you very much 💪💪🥳🥳😍😍

  16. Victor Cambray

    Yes muy buen ejercicios yo de 50 años

  17. Audrey Simmons


    みゃあこさん!ฅ( ̳• ·̫ • ̳ฅ)ニャン
    MIL GRASIAS POR TANTA BEYESAS I loro stati di salute rispettivi prevenirli

  18. jusxanovaxgurl

    omg why is there no break in between the workouts!

  19. Michelle Roots Fitness & Nutrition Coach

    Awesome HIIT workout!! Love how are you guys included a warm-up too!!!

  20. Faris Kazdeal

    WHAT???? I DIDNT THINK I NEEDED LEG MUSCLES……..my legs screaming in pain after trying the workout on this video huhuhu

  21. Annovie noah Clark

    Doing this for all of February for results
    Beginning weight: 108.2 lbs
    Height: 5’2
    Day 1: ✅ (did this before tracking my progress here)
    Day 2: ✅
    Day 3: ✅ was a lot easier to do the jumping lunges!
    Day 4: ✅✅ (did it twice) hope I get the hang of the squat jumps soon. Current weight: 105.4 pounds! Was a lot easier.
    Day 5: ✅✅took it easier today bc i was kind of feeling lethargic. Lost .8 pounds. Weight is now 104.6 pounds.
    Day 6:
    Day 7:
    Day 8:
    Day 9:
    Day 10:
    Day 11:
    Day 12:
    Day 13:
    Day 14:
    Day 15:
    Day 16:
    Day 17:
    Day 18:
    Day 19:
    Day 20:
    Day 21:
    Day 22:
    Day 23:
    Day 24:
    Day 25:
    Day 26:
    Day 27:
    Day 28:

  22. Mr Cakes

    Great vid by the way

  23. Jordina

    hi! I just finished my first day of this workout and I feel really happy. I dont usually comment in videos but Ive been trying to find a workout where I can find myself confident and here I am. Even though I struggled during some of the exercices I finished it! Thank you for the energy and the good vibes you give, I really appreciate it. I guess Ill be editing this comment even though no one is going to read it. Best of luck, we can do this 🙂
    Day 2: completed! better than yesterday, worse than tomorrow.

    1. Ru An

      we can do thissss!!!!!!!

  24. A

    My God!its only 5mins and I feel exhausted already:(

  25. E S

    Did he forget leg day?

  26. Abdullah Nasir

    Is this for men also

  27. Toshika Cvedi

    Amount of sweat = 1 bucket full of water poured on myself

  28. Anthony Yahya

    Anyone else watch the guy doing the star jumps the first time, his feet didnt even touch the ground like?????

  29. Kristi B

    I absolutely LOVED this workout!! My body feels like it got a workout. It got my heart rate up and I felt the burn! Thank you!!

  30. Rawan Ahmed

    السلام عليكم ورحمه الله وبركاتة أنا عربية من مصر شكلي لوحدي عربية هنا ولا اية

  31. slow down

    hey, i need to loose some fat to the end of this month (its for my stage exam so i need to look fabulous) (i mean i already look like this, but i need to be a better version of myself)

    started: february 2
    best to end this: february 28

    my waist: 68cm/26.7inch
    butt: 92cm/36.2inch
    right arm: 28cm/11inch
    left arm: 26cm/10.2inch
    right thigh: 55cm/21.6inch
    left thigh: 54cm/21.2inch

    my height: 162cm/53
    and my weight: 56kg/123.4pounds

    i also trying to eat as healthy as i can
    would write there daily about my training

    good luck yall (:

    1. slow down

      february 7

      so today i did 2 rounds! i barely made 1 and a half before that! proud lol

      i still need to force myself to drink enough water, but you know, you better do it gradually. first start to drink water and when it becomes a regular thing for you, you going to another lvl
      it would much easier and less chance for you to end this before you achieve your goals

      sorry for my english tho, its my 3 language lol

      good luck guys, youre doing great!!

  32. Fatimah Shermay Aran

    Why would I create a diet plan myself when there are people who certainly do that better then me? Visit Agoge Diet and get your personalized meal plan.


    I swear i wont skip every ad in your videos

  34. Abcd Xyz

    Thanks dear 🙏💪👌😊

  35. LuUnAnGeliK1

    finished the workout but id be lying if i said i didnt see blue spots towards the end.

  36. Khadeeja Sanneh

    Okay I read the comments as I skimmed through the video thinking what’s up with y’all cause it LOOKED easy to me…….. now I relate to every single comment😀

  37. Jill Woods

    Hey, Im new here, havent practiced anything so it is now a hard challenge for me. However, Ill try my best, I really apreciate this and by the way, just love it. Thank you coaches!!

  38. Angelina The Furry

    i paused the video at a point where it looked like she was kissing the other guys elbow-

  39. Mifta bimby

    Baru sebentar aja udah cape anjerrr

  40. Slayvior 01

    With a few pauses I was able to complete this workout. I feel tired, good but tired.

  41. Mercedes Nicole

    How many calories are you burning ??

  42. Yash Raj

    How much calories burn do it include ?

  43. Dessy Allen

    Man I watched every Land Rover commercial

  44. Mr Cakes

    Low Impact huh 🤔 I don’t think so

  45. Meena Manaktala

    that was a warm up??? that would be a whole workout for me!!!

  46. Q Dube

    Only lasted 7 minutes 😔

    First time working out ever by the way

  47. Sophie Garcia

    *Ich habe in einem Monat 19 Kilo abgenommen, weitere 8 in 2 Monaten…Dafür habe ich abends eine Tasse dieses Getränks getrunken **fodano.ru/schlank?v=ml6cT4AZdqI*

    In rhoncus, ipsum quis fringilla porta, tellus ipsum feugiat mi, semper faucibus risus diam a leo. Nam non tempor lorem.

  48. Cardiss Duncan

    I appreciate the burn. I made through the entire set on my first try. Definitely got the sweat I was looking for.

  49. Anrevanwykie099

    But I took like a 7 mins break and finished I lost a lot of weighti eacth it like twice a day

  50. Chibi_Kiwi

    I swear Im always taking a break right before the last workout of a section of a circuit lol

  51. FrostyK Budz

    Dude really struggling lookin like he bout to collapse haha good for him though 👏 keep it up

  52. Rackets First

    Great workout and cant wait to try it. Let me know what you think of mine.

  53. Angelina The Furry

    goodbye, im going to cry into my fondue.

  54. chaizewhiz

    Reads the title* 30 min workout
    Looks at the video* 28:51
    Me: liar!!!

  55. Karan Tikku

    Progress Tracker
    Week 0: 71kgs

    Week 1:

  56. Osman Safa Kaya

    U lost me at 09:00

  57. K melissa

    i hate when they start doing variations of the an exercise midway like the start jump squat thing. when she started pointing her leg out it through me off

  58. Andrea Grossetti

    Awesome workout Lita and Reese!

  59. Hidayah Yun

    Ive watched this till the end while standing and done nothing. Im so productive😃

  60. Emily Eccles

    The warm wasn’t efficient enough for me. Wasn’t long enough which resulted in a cramp.

  61. Mayavati Banerjee

    Ive never blessed YouTube more for an ad!

  62. Lawrence J Hurtubise

    Did this for first time today. I am beginner and it was easy to follow. At end I was sweating bulletd

  63. Annovie noah Clark

    How many calories does this burn?

  64. Romana Mendová

    Try gymnastics it would be much more fun (not romana

  65. Rawan Ahmed

    اللهم صلي وسلم وبارك على سيدنا ونبينا محمد صلى الله علية وسلم

  66. EbWi

    It’s like if Alicia Keys was german

  67. Ay-yoo

    Is this effective for weight loss and toning if done daily?!!!

  68. Shashank Naik

    Am i the only here who noticed that the guys feet are insanely thin?

  69. light yagami

    Treadmill broke guess I’ll these on the meantime

  70. THE TRUTH Unrevealed

    This is so intense

  71. elsa elviyanti

    Bismillah,, may this workout will help me to loose weight,, today 4 Feb is 71 kg

  72. busup377

    Who else stopped after the first set? Lmao

  73. David Yodo

    I think i know PAIN now….

  74. Rawan Ahmed

    عندي قناة علي اليوتيوب ممكن تشرفوني هناك

  75. Leonardo Menendez

    Exercise is very good for me thank you.

  76. Stefan Plant

    He looks like offbrand Vikstar

  77. yolo dolo

    idk if it’s justs me but i just started this workout today and i know i didn’t push myself as hard as i could and i am just gonna keep trying harder everyday:)

  78. Tsion Endale

    It is the freaking best. All I can say is thank you!

  79. Mahad Guleed

    i has just finished all rounds
    i am dead💀💀☠☠☠

  80. robertosuper

    I think I burned more calories doing this then 1hour on a treadmill 🥵🥵

  81. Leann Brackins

    Thank you so much for all you do

  82. Nora Wallberg

    I´m not sure if I was the only one struggling with jumping lunges, never improving, only hurting my feet a lot, but if I was not, here is a good description on how to do them correctly:


    Dont forget to breathe? 2 minutes in, Im panting like a dog. Hell nah 🤣

  84. angel maria

    that was the warmup?


  85. 90sArcades

    Reese are you being held captive by Lisa

  86. Wajeeha Zahra

    I can finish this workout . . Now😃✊💪

  87. Ainun Oppo

    Mantap ini menguras keringan banget👍👍

  88. LinA

    I will do this workout for as long as I can keep up and will provide yall with results so lets see!
    Current weight: 63.4
    Day 1:

  89. Dude Dude

    I made it till 14:00 goal is to finish this workout

  90. Zena Cheong

    bruh when the warm up wears you out…

  91. Justin Dai

    Day 1: I am dying… just dying and having tons of sweat.
    Reply so I can access this comment and type my progression

  92. TekJaved
  93. Cryo_ BearGC

    *Pansexual Panic*

  94. A K

    Didnt workout for 3 months, used to do this exercise pretty easily back then but today im literally dying u_u.

  95. Believe in Yourself
  96. Anu Nauriyal

    He look like carryminati

  97. M Elliott

    Good session

  98. Dexter D.

    She keeps reminding me not to forget to breathe but….. how? 😅

  99. Hi Sami159

    I love ads❤

  100. SevenSnakes

    Her: Come on come on you can do it you just gotta smile and this will get a whole lot esiser life included
    Me: im trying to smile and my life isnt gettting anybetter

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