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Mobilite Bahis Sitesi Zenit, News-Lifeın yayınında bugün için markalı ana etkinlikler düzenlemekten övünemez. Ve maç sırasında büyük bahisleri çoğaltmanıza izin veriyoruz. Melbet Aynası Kolayca Çalışmak, güvenilir rehberinizdir Şikayetlerin çözümü Tüm anlaşılmaz durumlar ve tartışmalı bahis şirketi zenith ghasavyurtun, bahis şirketi zenith ghasavyurt kimliği olmadan eksik olması tavsiye edilir. Bu kadar geniş bir bahis şirketi Zenith Ghasavyurtun yalnızca popüler Android ve iOS platformları için olan uygulamalar için mevcut olmaması güzel.

Minimum gkhasavyurt bahisçisinin miktarı 5 ruble. Engelleri, toplamları seçebilir veya numara üzerinde tahminler yapabilirsiniz.Bk Zenit Khasavyurt Ana Sayfası – Bahisçi incelemeleri ve incelemesi, kayıt, alternatif adres ve fonların çekilmesi Zenit bahisçi çevrimiçi spor bahislerini kabul eder. Acemi kumarbazlar, en çok kazanan takımlar için en bariz ve erişilebilir sonuçları seçerler. Hangi etkinliğe bahis oynayacağınızı bilmiyorsanız, Zenit bahisçi etkileşimli bahisleri kabul etmeye başladığını duyurdu.

Canlı bahis yapmaya başlamak istiyorsanız – deneyimli bahisçiler içinsiniz Bir sonraki ayna engellendiğinde, bahisçi zenith ghasavyurt için tüm uygun yollara tıklamanız yeterlidir. Çoğu zirve bahisçisi Ghasavyurt, futbolu en geniş yelpazede tercih eder: martingale, dogon, geç goller.

Canlı bahisler: çeşitleri ve avantajları Euro, dolar, tenge ve ruble cinsinden hesaplar için kullanılabilen iki tür oyun vardır: BC Zenit gibi yasal bir bahisçide kayıt – canlı ve maç öncesi.

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  1. Lenart Pinter


    1. ًGilbern

      Dont care

  2. Aaron Wiesenfeld

    Big ups to Dagestan.

  3. SinineMeri


  4. Al Castel

    His microphone is drunk, this is Russia.

    1. Ovadya Rachman

      There is no drinking in this region of Russia. All devout Muslims

  5. Default

    Modern day sparta

  6. S B

    Where is the injection room?


      S B Jesus what a comedian

  7. your comment might not work so please

    2:13 i thought he was KHABIB

  8. Daniel D

    looks like my nonas basement

  9. Issah A

    Tf is the new YouTube update

  10. Sirian Soul

    I Dont get Vice sometimes – Why do you send a Random black guy Instead of Sending a Russian / Russian Speaker At least ???

    1. Bandi D

      I agree, makes the whole interview have this goofy vibe to it. Its like when they send that hipster kid to make a report on football hools.

    2. In tee Soo maal

      Who cares leave if you dont like it

    3. will j.rosenblatt


    4. Gleb Sergeyev

      Diversity hire.

  11. suwilanji silwamba

    i thought my Headsets were broken for a second

  12. viz360

    and what happened to all the females there..why cant I see them training? oh i forgot they will be inside the houses and can only do what men there tell them to do..very nice place to live with that level of freedom

  13. Farmer Bob

    @1:52 …”here is the European champion “ er….I didn’t realise Russia was in Europe?

    1. boy from North germany

      the ural mountains are the border from european part and asian part. Wrestlers of Russia compete in European Championships, because it is easier and have a higher value, then asian championship. Idk if in ur country they educate u guys about tectonic plates, but it doesnt seem like that, Russia is almost complete on the eurasien plate so why it shouldnt be in europe

    2. DeJulius Caesar

      Then you clearly haven’t seen the map of Europe. The actual, true Russia only stretches from Moscow to St. Petersburg, and that part is in Europe. Everything else are autonomous republics that for the most part have their own languages and distinct nations/cultures that are in Asia

    3. Gn

      Farmer Bob Probably wrestling in European league

  14. matt keese


  15. 394pjo

    Thanks for this Vice. I had forgotten there are still countries full of homogenous white people out there.

  16. JB MALIK

    Where is audio

  17. Yura

    Dagestan will be independent! Dagestanian brothers you will get rid of Russian occupants soon!

    1. Yura

      @will j.rosenblatt If im dumb, why people in the vast majority of ex-USSR republics live better than Russian Fagaration? Even in Ukraine the minimum wage is higher than in Russia. Dagestanians will be able to live much better without Russian occupants who killed them for many years.

    2. will j.rosenblatt

      @Yura 😂😂😂😂😂😂you are so dum

    3. will j.rosenblatt

      @meecrobhead to much questions for the steam in his head

    4. Yura

      @meecrobhead Other soviet republic were able to achieve higher economic growth compared to Russia, for instance Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia etc. Dagestan is not worse than these countries.

    5. meecrobhead

      And what will happen with their economy ? Its not just all about ethnic Pride and Independence. Without Russia it will be even more difficult for dagestan. Other soviet republic can barely survive after getting Independent from russia.

      Its a fact. Im not russian

  18. gtabro

    My right ear is jealous

  19. Grace Morgan Speaks

    Whoever is reading this and is going through very difficult times everything will be fine. Dont lose focus keep your eyes on your dreams and vision stay safe peace

    1. Greg Lara

      MrReggaeRainbow , The Bible is very Important.

    2. cuadrahtx

      KarelVariety hey don’t say that. Here’s my number in case you need a friend to talk to. 832-756-3465. Please don’t hurt yourself in the name of Christ I pray for you Karel.

    3. MrReggaeRainbow

      No bible necessary

    4. Naga Chessbase

      Read the Bible and pray everyday go for fasting occasionly and check out Derek prince

  20. Bruce Lee

    Love this

  21. Johnny Lotto

    Uh, yeah you have to make sacrifices, the 15 year old has cauliflower ear already. Wrestling > Sex… no thank you.

    1. Johnny Lotto

      boy from North germany STD’s are sweet!

    2. boy from North germany

      they chase olympic medals, you seem to chase STD

    3. loaditz

      My friends who wrestled had plenty of girls chasing them in high school and university. Strong, confident, fit and they know how to fight. Girls love that. Even cops gave them breaks when they saw the cauliflower ears and once the cop finished telling his own wrestling/boxing story.

      I was not and am not a wrestler nor do I have cauliflower ears

  22. Etroppa Baratli

    Because sports is the only thing to do over there..culture of destruction.. i live in Canada and i love the structure of society over here..its balanced can become a olympic champion or scientist. You have to have a choice cannot be pushed and pressured to make a decision about your choice of occupation

    1. Dusky Racer

      Cant wait for the US Vs Canada oil war.

  23. ًGilbern

    Nice! Who doesnt like the Russians?

    1. john bunting

      They are dagestani, not russians

    2. one in every six.


    3. alisher rakhimov

      people who dont understand russians and people who hold a grudge….russia is a great country with rich history and wonderful people which has been going through a rough patch switching from socialism to capitalism…every one of you will find a fascination for the country if spend some time learning its history and culture.

  24. Alvin Riven

    my left ear enjoyed this

    1. null 2007!

      I thought my headphones where broken and I almost tossed them

    2. juan almos

      WTF just happened with the sound

    3. Silent Russian

      Alvin Riven

      I thought my headset broke lol

    4. Daniel Acheampong u7

      @Nightcor EDM ì ĺime

    5. Mr NOTME

      My right ear loved it

  25. Regan Auger

    Look out khabib

  26. your comment might not work so please

    who else thought of BOYKA jail reading the TITLE.

  27. Alexander Thomas

    I thought our wrestling room was bad, that sweat steam was insane

  28. Kaz Kaz

    Its pretty messed up they arent training in headgear to protect their ears from getting cauliflower ear. If you want the conditions to be rough to produce champions ok cool but at least have headgear.

    1. Ovadya Rachman

      @Bandi D nobody fucks with you when they see those cauliflower ears. Its an honest warning to anyone


      Joseph Stalin mine was a boxer

    3. Реальполитик

      My friend from Dagestan told me that young fighters out there sometimes break their ears intentionally to look badass wrestlers.

    4. Bandi D

      Its a badge of honor you wear proudly. It tells about the years you spent on the mat working hard whether youre a champion or not.

    5. Joseph Stalin

      My dad was a wrestler in Ukraine and he had his ears smashed countless times lol.

  29. Argus Panoptes

    Soooo.. this was filmed before Covid and now all these athletes have expired from lack of social distancing.. or COVID is government propaganda tyrannical 🐂💩

  30. 0poIE

    *My right eat needs steroids to hear this. Just like those Russian athletes that always get MASS wide testing failures……*

    1. Gleb Sergeyev

      Of course, Americans dont ever fail steroid tests.

  31. Harrison123

    my left ear learned alot

  32. king Pomlomu

    Damn i threw out my headphones then looked through the comments 😐

  33. Orlando Betancourt

    Now thats dedication to your craft!

  34. Kevin Votaw

    but when was this filmed? dont tell me dude is entering a real life petri dish on a hot plate during sharona virus?

    1. Echelon Audio

      Kevin Votaw Vice news post old stuff regularly but they (from what i see) never tell the date.

  35. whazup609

    The worse the conditions, the better the results

    Yea, theyre stealing the money.

    1. sam Dusseldwarf

      @Eddie .J you missed sadulaev

    2. Default

      Diamond is made by pressure and Sword is made by heat, its philosphy, and its always works.

    3. Eddie .J

      They had Saitiev and Batirovs faces on that wall. Even if they are stealing all the money, they are still turning out the best wrestlers in the history of the sport.

    4. John Alite

      You dont understand professional Russian trainers is all bobushka

    5. whazup609

      @EriksR So its taxpayer money theyre stealing.

  36. Puff Daddy FPV

    Fix Yo audio

  37. Zaid Hashmi

    1:55 Abdul Rashid Sadulaev Olympic European and World Champion

    1. Ovadya Rachman

      Best wrestler in the world

  38. Antony Naylor!!!!!!


  39. Ganman

    Its amazing how much Dagestan is into sports. It seems like nearly everyone in that country has some form of athletics training.

    1. kingda117

      Thats the way out for the marginalised who are forced to live in a ghetto.

  40. Parvez Ahmed

    We want more

  41. Sozdatel

    Interesting fact: average IQ of those champions is 14

    1. sexy blonde

      @Sozdatel How many months have 28 days ?

    2. Sozdatel

      @loaditz try me

    3. loaditz

      Man thats like 7 times higher than yours.

      Too easy to not reply.

  42. Music Therapy
  43. FuckYourCredentials

    Vice should make something like this for Olympic weightlifting in China, its incredible.

  44. Aaron Burr Atwood.

    Looks like the “school of sausage” to me.

    1. T.x.H

      Lol, you are what you think…

  45. Vas Traveler

    But we have shitty Putin and his friends. Its main thief in Russia.
    And another truth in hospital they dont have equipment. U should go there and recording it

  46. AC

    …..and Covid-19 happens. Whoops!

  47. AndyGinterBlues

    Brings me back to my public school wrestling training in the U.S., but that was in the late 1960s/ early 1970s!

  48. john taylor

    Way too short…. this shld have been so, so, so, much better.

  49. gramoukdoom gramouk

    Sheep fat a low cholesterol food. He might be a good coach but he cleary isnt a nutritionist. Meat 3 times a day… clearly not thinking long term health either.

    1. EriksR

      @gramoukdoom gramouk damn bro, its not looking good for you, probably whats good and bad is the opposite of what you think. Sorry about writing a comment without studies though

    2. gramoukdoom gramouk

      @v1o Really… keto diet, also notoriously know for lacking any long term studies, and any serious scientific evidence for that matter. On the other hand, saturated fat is well known to be amongst our number one causes of death. Please show me your studies.

    3. Cherry Boy

      @v1o *Lean meat.

    4. v1o

      You clearly havent heard about Ketogenic diets. You can eat meat and fat. They are very healthy and there is research to back it up.

  50. raiden233

    My left now ear knows more about fighting than Mayweather does


      Jide 🤦‍♂️

    2. Jide

      L. One of the highest IQ boxers of all time, stay mad.

  51. Islam Ibrahim Hamouche

    Can foreigners join the academy or is it for dagestanis and Russians only ?
    It would be an amazing experience 👌
    And 💯 Id leave everything behind for a chance to go there and train


      Islam Ibrahim Hamouche no clue

  52. Naga Chessbase

    Meanwhile in the USA n Europe
    What gender am I? 🤣

    1. Naga Chessbase

      @kingda117 i dont care about transgender or gays but if u propogate that shit n try to spread it to underage children who doesnt know any better n showcase it in public then we have a problem
      Ill give u an example

    2. kingda117

      In Europe and Democrat run states of the US, people have rights to define who they are instead of being pigeon-holed by their fascism loving leaders. Russia? They have steroids and banned drugs as a side dish for breakfast, lunch and supper. In Russia, the women have beards and the men have atrophied testicles.

  53. Davsalooki

    2 seconds ago wow

  54. Slobodan Rector

    Glad to see people from unknown states get publicity. The Sport rises. Thanks to Khabib Nurmagomedov.. Hopefully this goes on for other countries.

  55. Sipper-_-

    Check out #BaldandBankrupt to see real Russia an many other places.


    Whats up with the audio?

    1. Aron Alexi

      GOLD MOUFGOD in mother Russia everything is LEFT

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