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BetFair bahis borsası: yirmi yıllık geçmişe sahip çevrimiçi bir portalda oynamanın temel kuralları ve avantajları.

Betfair bahis borsasına uygun en popüler 4 betfair tenis bahis stratejisini dikkatinize sunuyoruz.Betfair tenis borsasında başarı stratejileri Betfair tenis bahislerinin dinamikleri güçlü dalgalanmalar için uygun koşullar yaratır. Betfair ™ değişimi sayesinde Tenis kategorisine en iyi oranlarla bahislerinizi koyun. ✓ En iyi çevrimiçi Tenis bahis borsası.

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  1. Scott Young

    Came to this very late, thanks as usual for the detailed explanation as always Peter, can I ask when you would have exited the trade had it not gone the way it did? What would be the score line or would you let the game play out? (Understand this is 2 years old so probably wont comment, but thought I would ask) – thanks again Peter-respect as always

  2. 07 Maestro

    Brilliant vid Peter, thank you

  3. David & Sons Removals Storage

    Hello Peter, would you sell a profitable bot for a price? Cheers

    1. Bet Angel

      I sort of describe the problem with that on this video –

  4. Kjoe Mack

    DO YOU TRACK WHAT I DO IN VBA — if not explain … i have now come to the belief that your opposition …. i do have the tracking that has raised my concerns with my current BF-VBA provider.

    1. Kjoe Mack

      Sorry Peter, my curt comments werent directed towards you or BetAngel. it was a genuine query as im thinking of moving from my current BF provider and was curious how you setup the API. i think it worthwhile to explain these measures to quell the fears of those that may have been stung on financial spread trading platforms, who dont operate at your level of integrity.

    2. Bet Angel

      Bet Angel can not and does not track any of your activity. Once you log into Betfair we cant see anything you are doing, that is between your and Betfair. You are welcome to contact Betfair about this as they security check the software before we are allowed to release it. I suspect you are probably witnessing the inplay delay and the effect of courtsiders who see activity before you can act on it.

  5. MediaPC

    Doesnt the difference between the amounts the odds will rise or fall simply represent the chance of the event happening or not. Theres a greater gain than loss because the gain side event happens less often? Wheres the edge?

    1. MediaPC

      Ive watched this again and I get it.

    2. MediaPC

      Thanks for your reply but thats not quite what I meant. Im talking from a purely trading perspective,

      Im envisaging a situation where you gain x ticks on a break, and lose y ticks otherwise. Surely you need to compare the likelihood of a break occuring against the difference between x & y? I cant quite see the point of creating a trade where you might gain 10 or 15 ticks vs losing 1, only to find that the situation that provides the gain only occurs 5% of the time.

    3. Bet Angel

      Thats the difference between seeking value and trading. Trading is effectively selling volatility, not where the price starts and end. If you do the latter you are looking for value at that point.

  6. Servingforthematch

    how to do scalping tips? better to wait that cgi serves did I first 15-0 or start from 0-0? and when to go out? if you are under 0-30? Tell us something. Thanks

  7. Graham Beyer

    Does it matter if you lay Nadal or Back Raonic?

    1. Bet Angel

      Not really, but your stake should be different.

  8. BoracicLint

    Interesting points about the psychology of players at certain points in matches,under pressure is where champions are made or not made. I do have to say though that as somebody who is not a tennis fan,but understands how great it is for trading,those behaviours under pressure open up tennis to some serious questions about match fixing and very dodgy goings on. I suppose that outside of the grand slam events it must be a worry for traders not knowing if a player is really giving their all or not. As a casual observer I have to say that I have never seen a sport containing quite so many quitters as tennis offers though.

  9. liam james

    Excellent video Peter, very helpful

  10. hogiapesda123

    Did you ever put up a video of how a player behaves at certain scorelines (as at 6.20ish in video)?

  11. Graham Beyer

    Did you hedge your profit? or leave it all on Nadal to win

    1. Bet Angel

      This was from last year, so I cant remember. But I would normally leave a position unhedged and use the money to do another trade using all or part of it alter in the match.

  12. Servingforthematch

    another thing that I want to ask you. in your opinion, is it better to play more matches or focus on a match? I have the impression that more than a match can not give, beyond the odds. of course, when the odds are 1.20 we only take a lay. but it seems to me that even when the odds are good oer trading change match can give more. but I think it is an impression also because in match should be followed, body language etc.

  13. Tennis Fan

    Could you please make a video on how to use ladder for tetnnis in-play trading?

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