Bahisçi bahisleri Eurovision 2012yi izle

İsveçli şarkıcı Loreen, bahisçinin bahis saati Eurovision 2012 Eurovision yarışmasını OKnin çoğunluğunu yazarak kazandı; Neyin değiştiğini görün Bahisçilerin bahisleri sadece kazanan için değil, aynı zamanda Rusyadan gelen sanatçılar için de haklıydı ve Eurovision Kazanan onu İsveçe götürecek. Yaşam tarzı, büyük gösterinin tüm videosunu izleyebilirsiniz.

Eurovision Bahisleri ve Yarışmanın Kazananına Yönelik Bahisçi Tahminleri Eurovision Bahis Sezonunu açtı. Luca, henüz yaşadığı bir yılda solo kariyer yapmaya başladı.Eurovision Şarkı Yarışmasındaki en büyük İngiliz bahisçilerinden birinin favorilerinden birine oynanan bahis sayısına bakılırsa, Buranovskie Babushki ikinci sırada.

TAMAM MI; 25 Mayısta nelerin değiştiğini görün

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  2. Lena Rudneva

    7 years like yesterday…good old days:) 2020

  3. Haciyev Izzet

    Grettings from Azerbaijan 🇦🇿❤️🇩🇰

    1. İlkin Əsgərli

      İf replace to Emmelie was another rival we would win. She was really immaculate, flawless…

    2. Daniel Kristensen

      Thank you

  4. Johanne McDonald

    Hun er sor god. Alle Dansker ville aldrig glemme den dag.

  5. Anders Nielsen

    Happy Ney Year everyone and at least Emmilie. <3

  6. PanosKappa


  7. Dagtilbud Væksthuset

    Den er god

  8. Jessica Magnusson

    Sweden is her yere 2020 i Think i hurd it ven i vas like 4?

  9. Beatrice Nkundwa

    The spirit of the Vikings.

  10. Kim Adien

    Song name plzzz anyone

  11. Tatiana Alvarez

    I never told you this song was the song of our separation….now that you gone for sure you know 🥀

  12. Hacer Kılıç

    🇹🇷🇹🇷🤣🤣Sahne yarım yamalak gerçekten birinci mi

  13. Ayten Aliyeva


  14. Republic of Costail

    When the NF version is more popular than the final version bruh

    1. no o

      I think no one actually knows this isnt the grand final performance lol

  15. àĝĝęĺøş __

    me finding my crush when i was 8 years old after like 9 years

  16. Kamil Alimirza


  17. Bussines Lady

    Girl very nice❤🌼

  18. Beatrice Nkundwa

    Thanks to the white nights.

  19. Ethan Chen

    I just love how smoothly she cusses in the song. I dont think anyone can guess it if they didnt hear it before.

  20. Michal Tischler

    this is a beautiful song i realy like the drums:)

  21. S̴̀̍an̴̈̃dy̵̌͠ḧ̸́͆ő̷͛lm̴̐̔

    Her på Memos!

  22. Beatrice Nkundwa

    Thank you for guiding us.

  23. Yonlada Bandit

    im here now 2020/11/29

  24. Adria chua

    listen it at 1.25x playback speed it sounds so good

  25. MrDadero

    They were very good listening to the Dutch group K-otic. It is quite the same as the song I Surrender

  26. tuncay cakmak

    Omg the best song ever 😭😭❤️❤️❤️

  27. Haedmii

    This gives me chills still.

  28. Βαγγέλης Ταράμπολας

    After 6 years of being a EuroFan I changed too many opinions. When it won, I believed that it shouldnt have and then my faves were Germany 🇩🇪 and Armenia 🇦🇲. After I was listening 🎧 to most of ESC songs, I realised that Denmark 🇩🇰 delivered an amazing performance in 2013. And it is such an irony because I dont like Danish songs in ESC. Only this, 2012 and 2009 were true genuine songs from Denmark 🇩🇰. But I decided this is the best song not only in Eurovision, but best song in music industry

  29. Rl I

    Why you turned off comment 2nd place-Hold me(Farid Mammadov).

  30. Beatrice Nkundwa

    A real event. Sometimes acceptance is hard. Karen Blixen is the best.

  31. Marti Estany

    cultural reset

  32. Veronika A.

    Back in 2013 my dad loved her performance and was happy she won.
    In 2015 my dad passed away…
    Now this song always reminds me of him and how happy he was…

  33. kilicberkcan 34


  34. Deadsuave

    I was a teenager and not exactly a regular to Eurovision but I happened to watch this one and this song made me cry…not for the lyrics exactly, but because of the song – it was beautiful then and I now nearly forever later! I was rooting for the song and was so glad it won!! 👏🏼

  35. Beatrice Nkundwa

    Patience is the key to success.

  36. Philip Kb

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    1. Philip Kb

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    2. primedenny

      Pls don’t annoy people with religious comments. That’s a very controversial topic with many different points of view and it has nothing to do with videos like this. Thank you

  37. okyanustaki1bulut _


  38. Shady Pikachu

    euphoria is still better sorry

  39. Oliver Vaa

    Her på Memos..

  40. Victor SS

    Супер песня, супер девочка. И барабанщики. Достойно выиграла

  41. Astro İnsan

    Türk varmıı???

  42. tacolordc

    Shes my memos awakening

  43. ArcticFlower

    This song is so unDanish.

  44. Patrick Pastor

    Why does she have backup singers? She clearly doesnt need them.

  45. Beatrice Nkundwa

    A miracle.

  46. Michal Tischler

    2021 like

  47. Dersimiz Burada H

    Biz Eurovision’a katilmadiktan sonra bom boş olmuş buralar🥺

    1. Haciyev Izzet

      Sizsiz bomboş ❤️😊

  48. NotRaven


    Me: randomly remember this song from when i was 9

    1. na


    2. Camila Aruna


    3. Emely :P


    4. lps pizzagirl879

      Sameee I would BEG my mom to play this on repeat when I was younger

    5. Emelie es

      Samee it was my favorit song haha

  49. hasse


  50. Nestel Berg

    Im not Nordic, but Ive always had a weakness for Nordic people, such as this.❤

  51. Beatrice Nkundwa

    Good ahead Denmark.


    Who 01/01/21?))
    I’m! 🥳

  53. Beatrice Nkundwa

    Fairness is hard to achieve. Go ahead Denmark.

  54. Maligiaq Rasmussen

    We need back to win🇩🇰

  55. Ingrid Dream

    Damn, 2021 and still love this song so much <3

  56. TP_Gunner

    Am i the only one that listens to this for the flute guy?

  57. Xrusobalanths Karampimperhs

    Denmark🇩🇰🇩🇰🇩🇰 love❤😘 from Greece🇬🇷

  58. İrem Şenel

    She is always smiling and at the end of the song she was going to say thank you but she didnt because of excitement she was so cute. She deserved the winning. <3

  59. Pandelis Mitsis

    This is the national final. right?

  60. raimond välk

    I just randomly started to listen to this again. Anyone else?

  61. Ксения Демидова

    Shes my bi awakening

  62. İlahe Hüseynli

    Men xatirlayiram 7 il evvel demişlerdi bu mahni qazana bilmeyecek 1ciliyi eksi oldu😍Ve o qazandi👩🏻‍🚀😍🦈

  63. Oğuzhan Uğur

    🇩🇰 Wonderful , magnificent, awesome music 💙💚

  64. Huncho993

    for me flute won the contest best thing i ever heard in eurovision

  65. Milica Ilic


  66. Karoliina Üllim

    anyone in 2021?

  67. Sophiella Neuburg

    Wow she sounds even better in this live version than in the studio version!

  68. cihan demircan


  69. Swedish

    what is this kind of flute called

    1. namenlos40


  70. Butrint Islami

    Like cm let menon qe kena shpik naj sen 🤪

  71. Beatrice Nkundwa

    Not apart from Greenland.

  72. Aygün Azerilion

    Deserved Winner ❤️😚

  73. Benedikt Könighofer

    Anybody else who came back in 2020 to appreciate this piece of art?

  74. Молчаливый Боб

    <3 from Russia

  75. Steinback

    The only thing i can hear is «HER PÅ MEMOS»

    1. HC_ Haakoloco

      Samme her😂

    2. Steinback

      @Jorgen Sangolt 😂😂😂

    3. Jorgen Sangolt

      Det e sommer
      Det e sol
      Her i Trondheim
      Kor e bor

  76. Bill Vlaxopoulos

    A song station the Eurovision came back the magic is going on thank u Emilly thank u Europe

  77. Johanne McDonald

    Like vis du er fra Danmark

  78. Cristiano Elesbão

    That guys hair reminds of Michael Myers

  79. Νίκος Τζ.

    December 24th , me, lockdowned, listening to this magnificent song!
    Love from Greece!!

  80. Emin Aliyev

    alacam seni

    1. Emin Aliyev

      klinusun canina and olsun

  81. HC_ Haakoloco

    Her på Memos!

  82. Lexline J.

    Wait, so Im not the only one looking back at this in the middle of a pandemic?

    1. Lexline J.

      @Iddi puding bajs Hello 🙂

    2. Iddi puding bajs


    3. KDP RHJ


  83. Salbelm

    I prefered bulgarian performance even if this one is cute

  84. Katerina T

    The lyrics fit so perfectly with the whole corona thing. Hope everyone stays safe and all this will end soon.

  85. Svaniel

    Memos. I have spoken



  87. Sinan Ünlü

    smile excelent song awesome really liked

  88. tiny

    the flute part is my favorite. beautiful performance over all.

  89. ST CLIPS

    Love Denmark
    From Azerbaijan

  90. d dimer

    mirror floor and a dress sad

  91. Bill Vlaxopoulos

    Ναι μαγικο τραγουδι η Μωρακλα αυτη σαν γνησια πριγκηπισσα ξετιναξε την μπανκα θα περαση πολυς χρονος για να φταση καποιο τραγουδι την ποιοοτητα της ρομαντικης αυτης Μπαλαντας Εμιλυ σευχαριστουμε +τους υπεροχ συνεργατες λοιπον η μαγεια συνεχιζετε

  92. Howdy bro

    0:46 She is smiling and saying: only teardrops xD

  93. Michal Tischler

    2022 i know that you didnt forget this song…

  94. Damjan Kostic

    Kako je evrovizija nekada pucala brate mili jedva sam cekao mesec maj
    Ovo danas beda,al dobro ljudi živce u fioku i guraj

  95. Beatrice Nkundwa

    Thank you for Catherine The Great.

  96. Daniel Kristensen

    Hello 2021

  97. Sincerely Defiant

    I still don’t know how the chicken song won. When Eurovision has had such epic winners

  98. Angie A

    ig: angieandri

  99. DGC

    de Forest is the coolest surname Ive ever heard of 😀

    1. no o

      Well, it isnt her real surname

  100. Beatrice Nkundwa

    The Goddess now.

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