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Risk almak ve avantajlı bir başlangıç ​​yapmak MHLdeki takımın kompozisyonu değişiyor.Döner takım Vladimir Krikunovun hokey mhl 09012012 bahisleriyle nihayet ortak bir dil bulamadığı görülebilir. Yine de, disklerin sorumluluğu onlardaydı. Belki de hokeye çok ilgi gösterilen Olimpiyatlardan biraz farklı yargılanıyoruz. Lokonun konferanstaki ve Yaroslavl Lokomotivteki ligdeki hakimiyetine eşlik etti, ancak adamlar yapmaları için çok fazla şans kullanmadılar.

Şanslıyız ya da değiliz demezdim ve yerel hakemler tek bir tartışmayı kaçırmadı bölüm. MHLde bahisçi bahisleri Buz hokeyinin olduğu bir bahis firmasının ofisini seçin. Mhl hokey 09012012 mhl hokey 09012012 üzerine yapılan çeşitli bahislerde rahat bir avantaj yaratan oyuncular, gelecek için enerji tasarrufu yapmak için oyunu sakince bitirebilirler.Terk edilmemiş disklerin olmadığı dönemler, kesinlikle kullanılması gereken nadir bir durumdur.

Yine de küçük sahalarda genç takımların ayrıntılı olarak bilmesi, ligin özelliklerini anlaması, hissetmesi ve önemli olayları takip etmesi gerektiğinden iki kat daha fazla hareket etmek gerekiyor. Avusturyada kazandığımız muazzam tecrübe, hokey mhl 09012012 bahsine hokey mhl 09012012 üzerine bağlanmak ve fırlatmak için ayrılsa da ve forvetten bile daha iyi kayması gerekir.Sonuç olarak, iyi bir savunmacının temeli atılır. çocukluk. Bunun istisnası, büyük handikap devlerine hokey mhl 09012012 üzerine yapılan bahislerdir, burada yaklaşık hedefe atışlar vardır.

Uygun olmayan şeyden, en önemli maçlarda birçok mantıksız silme olduğunu not edeceğim. Savunucuları eğitirken, savunma işlevlerine daha fazla dikkat etmek gerekir; doğru olay seçimi uzaktan başarıyla kazanılabilir. Avusturyada Spartalı bir resepsiyon beklememize rağmen, Novogorskta takımı hazırlarken herhangi bir sorun yaşamadık, diğer takımlar aynı pozisyondaydı.

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  1. Motown Lions89

    I wish I had a chance to go to the joe, silver dome, tigers stadium, and the palace.

  2. tree rat76

    Mr. Hockey was the greatest player too ever live

  3. R M

    Hey YouTube you ruined a cool video by putting in ads every 3 – 4 mins

  4. Lance Dorman

    Salary cap Hell, will be over next year!!! Hey, Hey, Hockeytown!!!!!

  5. tree rat76

    Chris Osgood still looks like hes 20 years old

  6. D Ross

    Im not crying, youre crying.

  7. Koby Bland

    Is there a better line in all of hockey history than the Russian Five? Like, in their prime, is there one better? I know of a few contenders, like the 01-02 Wings, the 50s Wings, the old Canadiens lines, some of Gretzkys lines. But as a unit, I dont think there are any better.

  8. Mike Barber

    This is an amazing documentary about The Joe. My greatest regret as a Red Wings Fan is not attending a game there 😥

  9. onelow vdub

    Bowman and Stevie y are like McDavid and tippet



  11. M Beezy

    Lca is no jla

  12. jazzalex22

    Joe Louis Arena= One of the best venues ever. Then Asshill came along and destroyed my like of the Wings, wont root for em ever again til hes gone. #FireBlashill #WeWantGallant

    1. ObiWannaBrick31

      Gallant isnt any better

    2. West BranchBall

      Yeah you rooting for the Wings even when he is fired you are still going to make your comments you Bot

  13. Gerald Ward

    I saw the Red Wings there, I saw U2 there. I shook my hockey hero Gordie Howes hand there. I have photos of it being built.

  14. Detroit blood Runz In Me

    Goosebumps I gotta tell ya

  15. Taylor Bevill

    This arena has so much history to it. From Gordie Howe to the Russian Five, to all the legendary moments in WWE with the Undertaker winning the WWE Championship from Hulk Hogan to Smackdown vs Raw at Survivor Series 2005.

  16. Sprocket Rages

    8 Aves fans down voted lol

  17. Scott York

    Makes me sad

  18. Nancy Ward

    Saw Gordie and Alex and Steve play. I was blessed.

  19. tr1ggered

    This was great, they should do this for Rexall place as well

  20. Steve Rose

    I havent accomplished much at life, but I saw the Wings play at the Joe. Did the hide-your-wallet walk to Tiger Stadium, too. Detroit adores an underdog.

  21. Vxzzo

    Take me back 😭😭

  22. Travy Trav

    Isnt Steve Yzerman GM for Tampa Bay lightning? Not Detroit

    1. Nate Enochs


  23. Jimmy Tweedale

    Imagine hearing Brett Hull say youre the sickest llayer hes ever seen

  24. Darren Bednarz

    Nothing like being a fan of the most American Stanley cups

  25. conspiracies are just great stories

    Konstantinov was an absolute pleasure to watch play that shut down defense. His ability to step up and throw the body was incredible. His vision was insane. And not to mention, he had the most intense focus Ive ever seen. A shame his career wasnt longer. I hope kids today get to watch his highlight real and learn what its like to be automatic in your role

  26. Steven Crawley

    The pink diving quickly separate because step-son fortunately copy till a earthy canoe. endurable, available insurance

  27. Sean Kehoe

    Draft reporter to Steve Yzerman Hows that jersey -Yzerman Its a little big I hope I grow into it….mission accomplished wooooooooooo lgrw

  28. James Smith

    Ive been a red wing fan since 2010 and Ive been heard of the great history of this franchise. Things may be tough right now but best believe hockeytown will rise again.

  29. A Fluffy Cookie

    They will be a contending team again soon with Larkin, Mantha, Bertuzzi, and Hronek leading the core. They have a lot of great draft pjcks that just need time to develop.

  30. ruffrida100

    I can’t wait for the day when the wings dominate again

  31. tree rat76

    Gone but not forgotten. It was a dump but it was our dump

  32. BenXVariety

    Truly a beautiful building that contains many memories. Had 4 opportunities to go to the Joe. Every time I was there, it was electrifying. It wasnt even the playoffs. I will never forget the legacy and the memories of the Red Wings dynasty and the Joe.

  33. Puknut

    Wow what a team they had, for a long time too. Stevey Y was a god on the ice!

  34. Orietta Cimino

    How do they not have a 100 foot statue of Bob Probert in front of the stadium?

  35. brettfavreify

    When the Wings moved into the Joe from the Olympia, the fans mostly hated it, said the rake of the seats put them farther from the action, there were too few urinals, and the media described it as drab and without personality.
    However you had less of a chance of being stabbed in the parking lot. (My opinion)

  36. Troy R.

    The joe was built into the city. Literally. You walk through the curtain and see the blue roof before anything. No matter where you walked into the bowl. The most iconic arena I have and will ever set foot in.

  37. Lou Santo

    I had many memories here from regular season games to playoffs. First, let me start off by saying this was the LOUDEST sporting venue I have ever been in. A regular season Red Wings game had the potential to be and often did get, MUCH louder than an NBA Finals game. Once the NHL playoffs came, nothing, I mean NOTHING compares to the noise level of this place (Arrowhead Stadium and KC Chiefs fans, care to refute this?).

    Second, was waiting in line for tickets to all of the big games. I would often get up at 2:00 in the morning to go down to the box office to wait for tickets to go on sale at 10:00 in the morning for a particular part of the season. Thiscwas especially true for opening night, a banner raising, or a hotly contested rivalry game (Colorado). Oftentimes, I would be the first person in line. When the playoffs came, those early mornings became overnight camp-outs. In 2002, I got down there in the mid afternoon to stay overnight to have a shot at getting Stanley Cup Finals tickets, which I did. The waiting in line and talking with other Red Wings fans doing the same thing was as fun as going to the games, believe it or not! We would talk in anticipation of both getting tickets to the games and the upcoming deep playoff rounds. It was a party in and into itself!

    Finally, the 2002 season. I had the privilege of going to the Game 7 7-0 game against Colorado. My ears are still ringing to this day. I STILL am in disbelief. I scored tickets to games 2 and 5 of the Stanley Cup Finals that year. My mother, who had a heart transplant the year before, attended that game with my younger brother. This made it that much more emotional for her to see something like that. My dad and I dropped the 2 of them off at Joe Louis Arena that afternoon of June 13, 2002, then we went back to my apartment to watch the game and celebration before driving back down to Detroit to pick them up.

    I got to attend Game 1 of the 2008 Stanley Cup Final 6 years later then I attended my last game at Joe Louis Arena in November of 2008. That place literally was like a second home to me, especially since we knew so many of the guest services staff. Sharon and Lisa always made sure my buddy and parents were taken care of and safe. The memories will always endure.

  38. Loukas

    Olympia was far more magical

  39. Bruce Reding

    How is Little Caesars not called Gordie Howe Arena?

  40. Mango Fett

    The last true hockey barn. RIP JLA

  41. Remis_oconnell

    As a kid who grew up in the suburbs of Detroit, playing hockey my whole life. Even played on “The Joe’s” ice as a kid during a pregame event. I just literally cried. I don’t know how many games I’ve watched at the joe, but I do know that building had a soul

  42. Gevork Keshishyan

    God, I love the Detroit Red Wings.

  43. 15 DurangoRT

    If you didnt cry at some point during this video, youre not human.

    1. Kevin Foster

      Made it 58 seconds

    2. The Bias Fish

      @BUGZ yeah I remember the joe Louis. I played a tournament there in one of the last seasons they played there. Rip

    3. BUG

      I mean i cried this whole night watching the last game and ceremony but that’s because im born 45 mins from Detroit and have lived in Michigan my whole life, been on ice skates since i was 2. People don’t understand what this team means to us, same with the Joe.

    4. The Bias Fish


  44. Jean-Michel

    Nice doc! Could you do the Montreal Forum next?

  45. Anthony Sullivan

    You need Gallant behind the wheel, fellas!

  46. tree rat76

    March 26th 1997 is when we won the cup in 97

    1. Justin M

      Haha yep. I was 8 years old. Still remeber. Cant watch it without goodse bumps

  47. Jonathan Côté

    as a habs fan i didnt know the brett hull story … fudge you lol you could have been with koivu instead of stevie Y lol

  48. Andy Filips

    Man do I miss the disgusting urinals & sticky steps

    I will never forget the Joe!

  49. oldredbarnman

    Very nice documentary. I couldve watched another 2 hrs. if the producers wanted to go more in-depth. Saw 20 games at Olympia before the move, and many games during The Joe era, including the 1980 All Star Game. Before the turnaround, would buy the cheap seats in the upper bowl, find an empty area of seats (there were plenty) and move to the lower bowl. Sat in Sec 227B Row 23. for 24 years as a season ticket holder starting in 1987. Was never a fan of the building, but was very fortunate to have been a part of Mr Is vision. Heartbreaks and championships, special memories with friends and family. Being there for the Cuos in 97 and 02 were lifelong dreams come true. Thank you Mr. Ilitch!

  50. William Hartline

    Good bye joe Louis and thank you

  51. Leo Bruneau

    Leafs wings clips alot hmmm


    How bout that? 18:16 Yzerman assisted Federovs first goal!

  53. Just Another Michigander

    Seeing us win the cup for Vladdy in 1998 is one of the best experiences of my life.

  54. tree rat76

    For people who like my self who grew up in the 80s he is the greatest red wing who ever lived

  55. Paul Convery

    Im only at the 23 minute mark and this to me, is one of the best Red Wing videos Ive seen anywhere.
    I had no idea Detroit Mayor Coleman Young was the driving force in the construction of Joe Louis Arena. Im sure his motives were money related, but despite his shortcomings I can say thank you to Coleman for helping keep the Red Wings in Detroit.

  56. Jeffries Trading Cards

    Seeing Yzerman hand the trophy to Konstantinov after the tragic limo crash is a memory that will always stay with me. I really miss this era of the sport. As an 89, Stevie Y and Burnaby Joe were the greatest role models a kid growing up in Canada could ask for. Born and raised a Nucks fan, The greatest hockey I ever watched was that of the Wings vs Avs of the 90s/00s. I know Lemieux and Gretzky are the GOATs with Orr, Howe, The Rocket etc all in the convo, but given my birth year I caught the back end of their careers or old grainy footage and could not truly appreciate the skill level they played at. with Mario and Wayne I was only lucky enough to catch each once live as they dusted up the Canucks. Yzerman and Sakic feed the Nucks on a weekly basis.

  57. tree rat76

    I still hate turtle boy lemieux

  58. E Kim

    The Detroit Red Wings became a powerhouse again with Joe Louis Arena and Mike Ilitch and getting Jim Devellano as GM.

    First great move was drafting Steve Yzerman. After that getting Nicklas Lidström and Sergei Fedorov along with coach Scotty Bowman set the path to success from the mid 1990s to the 2010s. The Russian 5 added another layer to the revival of the Detroit Red Wings and great teams that won numerous Cups and games.

    Also, to become a great team, there needs to be a worthy rivalry and that was with Colorado. They had great players and team and worthy competitor.

    The new arena in Detroit is great, but as a wings fan, nothing beats Joe Louis Arena.

  59. James Kennedy

    That was an Awesome documentary!

  60. living room set

    i wish they were still good

  61. Richard Dekoster

    Fuckinmg idiots

  62. eric duncan

    The two kids and a goat line will forever be my favorite… Its funny to hear Hull reflect on it so fondly too

  63. Vad Orkow

    I am Russian and I am 58 years old. I remember Soviet hockey and the first series with the Canadians. Great movie. Thanks.

  64. Cameron R.

    That 2002 team doesn’t get enough credit

    1. Nate Enochs

      Best team of all time, in any sport.

  65. Leo Bruneau

    Absolutely beautiful top shelf détroit

  66. Alex Bradshaw

    Ive been a Wings fan since the early 90s, from UK and now in Canada. I never got to see the Joe – thats my only regret. Heart and soul Red Wings fan. They got me through a few tough times in life. Loved this video.

  67. Perma Frost

    Damn, this had me in tears a couple times. So many memories… Its crazy how much this team and organization means to me and so many others. I will die a Wings fan.

  68. LawrencePlayz

    The 8 dislikes was claude lemuiex the avs flyers hurricanes and penguins

  69. Kris Burgess

    Scotty Bowman the bill billichick of hockey

  70. Your Uncle Dave

    11:49 Its a little big but I hope to go into it

    Fire quote Young Stevie!

  71. Justin Pruett

    Proud to say I was at the brawl in Hockeytown in 1997. Unforgettable.

  72. Dave Timmer

    I can still remember taking my date to the Joe for the GLI tournament the first year it opened. We parked in the construction lot and walked in.

  73. Ron Bonora

    Great video! I am a Leaf fan, and I sure respect the Detroit Red Wings. Loved watching Brendan Shanahan and mates win those Stanley Cups! Gordon Howe and company were pretty good too! LOL

  74. Поручик

    The great Russian five! From Russia with love my friends…thx Joe…R.I.P. 1979-2020

  75. Johhny Ohrl

    I grew up in East Germany and was always amazed about the Sbornaja (Russian national team), then we deflected to the west, and I learned about the NHL and a guy named Gretzky. I liked the NHL from then on… But from day one I fell in love with the Red Wings (and individually, Mario Lemieux as the most skilled man on ice I ever saw). I remember their rise in the late 80s, only to see the Red Wings losing in round one year after year (so it seemed)… Then came the Russian Five. The re-birth of the Sbornaja. I felt sent back in time. The best hockey played I ever saw, after the already great team that lost to the Devils the season before, then finally… winning the Cup. It was long overdue… then the tragic loss of Konstantinov… But the best was yet to come: the All star team of all stars. The 2002 Red Wings… Yzerman, Fedorov, Shanahan, Hull, Larionov, Lidstrom, Robitaille, Chelios, Hasek, and so on… even a young Datsyuk already around… The greatest hockey team put together in the history of mankind (not statistically, but it felt like)…
    And what the Red Wings became of nowadays. I still can´t believe it.

  76. tree rat76

    Best hire the red wing hire in team history

  77. Julie Myers

    Wow! I miss the ol girl……So much soul!- BRAVO! What a doc!

  78. tree rat76

    Lets go red wings

  79. Tomáš Tokoš


  80. My Entertainment


  81. Jimmy Tweedale

    You know the bruise brothers were doin mountains of blow and sandblastin glizzy lizzards!! Hahaha

  82. Kyler Schmor

    Bro the WATERWORKS in first 2 minute intro. Holy smokes

  83. Essential Listening

    I WISH, we had more audio of Brett Hull Talking with Pavel Datsyuk

  84. tree rat76

    89 draft was a heck of a draft

  85. JerkyBacoи

    Best documentary ever

  86. Hockey Town

    I tell this to everyone.. When Detroit makes it back to the playoffs. you better be scared.

  87. Max Versthappening

    As a life-long Wings fan, Ive had the privilege to watch games at Joe Louis. It just isnt the same without it

  88. Tomáš Tokoš

    Very proud to be a RED WING FAN! LGRW!!!!!

  89. AwiO

    18 ads in 1 hour video.. impressive!

  90. heyhawks24

    Detroit Sucks

    1. BUG

      Homie your city is literally falling apart and dying. And that’s saying ALOT coming from Detroit..

  91. Nexus

    if you watch a game at the joe, you will never forget it

  92. Гашек ТВ


  93. Jimmy Tweedale

    First NHL game ever attended was at this arena with my dad and many more followed, and absolute atmosphere that place was when it was on fire! Always had number 19 as a kid playing hockey because of Yzerman, RIP Joe Louis Arena.

  94. R BAS3L

    i cried like 4 times

  95. Ethan Bolderson

    That was awesome. NHL did an amazing job putting this together. No better time than now to reminisce on the past and hope for the future.

  96. whyimmorefoolishthanyou

    Wait, wait, wait…? Wheres the Stevens hit? Lol

  97. Alexandro

    Whenever I see footage of Vladdy I get emotional. Tough & hard but a great defenseman

  98. ziggy morris

    Have zero love for the Redwings, but this was excellent.

  99. Preston Wint

    Awesome keep making videos 🖒

  100. R BAS3L

    always felt super lucky the Wings were my hometown team

    1. R BAS3L

      to be fair I was born in 95

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