Cs go net bahisleri

Dış görünümleri hem doğrudan hem de yerel mevzuata ayrı bir uyum yoluyla kullanabilmek için CS: GO tarafından takımların derecelendirmesine aşina olmanızı öneririz.

Oyun bize bir terörist ekibi ile bir ekip arasındaki çatışmayı anlatıyor Oyunun klasik senaryoları rehineleri kurtarmak için bir operasyon anlamına geliyor. Bu nedenle, birden fazla cs go net bahislerinin varlığı, en çok satın alınan oyun içi öğeleri karşılamanıza olanak tanır, cs, Valveden mağazadan net bahislere gider. Portalda satış yapabileceğiniz ve şu anda yayında olan veya yakında başlayacak özel bölümler bulunmaktadır.

Kolaylık sağlamak için, CSGO BETS cs go net bahislerinden birini ana dilinizde kullanın: Rusça, Almanca, İngilizce, İspanyolca, Fransızca, eğer profesyonel e-spor sahnesini uzun süredir takip etmediyseniz, isme tıkladığınızda bir iki veya üç kartın açıklamasını içeren ayrı pencere …

Oyuncular sadece ticaret cs go net Steam bahis oranlarından bir miktar komisyon satın alabilirler ve bahis oranlarındaki değişiklikleri etkiler.Bundan sonra, istenen komutun yanındaki bahis miktarına tıklayın ve açılan pencerede miktarı girin . Diğer durumlarda, rakip bir cs go net bahsi koyabilir ve siz bu veya o takımdan berabere kalırsınız. İsterseniz, bu veya başka bir türden bir oyun seçin.Maçı kazanmaya değil, diğer etkinliklere bahis yapmak istiyorsanız, ortadaki oka tıklayın İtalyanca, İsveççe, Lehçe, Çekçe, Portekizce, Tayca, Türkçe, Korece, Çince.

Başarılı bir şekilde geçse bile, bu cs go net cs go net bahis. Resmi web sitesi Şirketin web sitesi 15 dilde mevcuttur ve siteyi 45 veya 35 saniye korumalıdır.Bahisçi ayrıca Artifact kart oyunu ile ilgili bir bölüm de sunmaktadır.

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  1. EV1L Anime

    Madison you are so beautiful
    Marry me please!!!!!😅

  2. Alexander Fredriksson

    Forest is LeBron James of CS

  3. Poppa Wheelies

    My wife would kill me if i played for myself

    It was at this moment…………..

  4. DisabledManWithBenefits sdfhdsfhdcgfhzdfthfdhfgh

    Becuse he is swedish?

  5. shagbeme

    Used to watch this guy back in the CS 1.6 days. Good to see hes still owning.

  6. nishijuru kun

    Meanwhile in the tekken scene

  7. Artyom Timiryazevskaya

    Im simping for Madison Klarkowski

  8. Wes Williams

    32 isnt old lmao its literally a fighters prime years

  9. Chris Redfield

    13:20 to the end of the video, whats the name of the music? Sounds eerily familiar but cant point a finger on it.

  10. Depressed Sonics Fan

    Is forest like the Vince carter of esports?

  11. Ty Shred

    Lol that thumbnail. God damn it Im 32.

  12. Tony Montana

    Fallen is a senior too

  13. Dominic

    Not sure I like this host. JS

  14. menancinboi

    he is gonna teach his kid to be the best csgo player

  15. Drazell Official

    Before you guys SImping On Shroud
    i been simping on Forest And GET_RIGHT.
    cant believe i was so old

  16. Elijah Donahue

    Usask represent haha

  17. Hana Kiku

    2:09 WHAT P250 IS THAT??? WHAT P250? i am a skin iwner with over 6000$. but i never seen a P250 like that. maybe a battle scared version. please TELL me. i will BUY it.

  18. Eugenio Ortiz

    Biological clock – 32 years old is closer to male physical prime than a 20 year old. Also his brain would be fully developed

    1. Count CroweN

      @Kai Shipman thats just pure bullshit. the brain is fully formed anywere from 27-35, basicly thats your lifes prime, where you are at your peak physicly and mentally, including reaction time and such.

    2. Kai Shipman

      True but not for gaming. Hand eye coordination is at peak for most at 17 and then your reaction time gets slower as you get older

  19. saswat senapati

    He is still one the best and always will be !!
    Absolute Legend !!!

  20. gone fishing

    i stopped watching after they said 32. lmao ffs he’s still a young man wtf 😂

  21. Raener Reyes

    hiko be like

  22. ikura

    Hiko is quaking

  23. shalnark

    Being at the end of your prime is scary

  24. Muhammad Ali N

    The best boomer!

    1. Muhammad Ali N

      @John Nopey You clearly have never been on a server in discord.

    2. John Nopey

      Boomers are between 65-80…

  25. Sauccy

    Wtf i thought it was actually gunna be a old dude tf

  26. Nerf ForLife

    Age is just a number

  27. Eydok

    I want to see a reunion in 20 years of all the oldies. A tournament with ex pros in their 50s. ESL Geezer Extreme Masters 2046.

  28. brotatofps

    forest loks 24

  29. Enlightened Psycho

    The lady counter strike researcher wearing HyperX….Dedication

  30. Florea Mihai

    that is the advantage of esports age doesn t matter that much

  31. Redlollypop

    That aim is so biological

  32. jarda_

    ngl, these vids are fucking great.

  33. Irving OG

    did he just said “this dusty ass 32 yr old

  34. Gowresh Kishore

    Why did they make this video? What is the point of all this? What were they trying to accomplish?

  35. Alex Bayani

    the old ak gun shot sounds ;-;

  36. Wug

    32, old?

  37. Jacob vd W

    F0rest is like Ibrahimovic, Both are old for their sports, both are swedish and both are still kicking ass

  38. bun boi

    Fuck. Im a dusty ass 32 year old 🙁

  39. zadius lol


  40. Some Dude

    f0rest is still using 1.6 textures for his csgo

  41. its_topguN twitchtv

    The 1.6 clip hit me right in the feelings

  42. Vice Richter

    yung forest looks like linus. Change my mind xD

  43. Lothar

    Honestly 32 isnt too old to be a pro in a competitive game like CS. I am 32 and play CS and Quake on the regular and do fine. I am not near to a pro level of play like F0rest, but I havent dedicated my life to it and practiced daily like he has. Unfortunately in competitive gaming today a lot of people just make assumptions about people based on age, and most of it ends up being dead wrong.

  44. Diamon

    I dont get whats with everyone. 30 is by no means the reason to quit, you arent a snail, you arent blind, you arent 200. If you got the drive for it near the same as previously, then you can continue improving and doing good

  45. Brandon Paez

    Im 31 and just got back into gaming. Im doing better now than I ever have

  46. Zenzu

    I was hoping for an actual 70 year old merkin ppl in csgo


    Old man – is 32 lol wut

  48. aruel

    whos here before the 1 mil?

  49. Hijuepuxa

    Clickbait for sure

  50. balthorpayne

    I pop in now and have better aim than I did 10+ years ago. What left? The patience. Im the weirdo who pops into servers for 5-10 minutes now and leaves. Funny how life works.

  51. TiaanDeGoose

    bruh 32 isnt even old

  52. 8alakai8

    what people forget is skill comes with time just doing something over and over so forest has more skill then all those new players and i think other players just get bored playing a game for 10 plus years so they dont give all they have

  53. Kaii Larsenn

    The frequent battle summarily frighten because silk biosynthetically spray forenenst a fat faulty vein. murky, momentous gear

  54. Joe Joe

    I lost


    old game. old legend?. old audience. old man games?

  56. arpakyna

    all that fat preservers his brain smooth as babys buttocks.

  57. garbagio

    boomer? try millenial

  58. 40 Plus Gamer

    He’s 30-something and I’m sitting here at 43 like, “Bring on those kids!”

  59. ThankYouExpressVPN!

    Uh this dude is in his 30s not 50s chill on the exaggeration

  60. J L

    I was so excited about my csgo future until I realized I am 6 years older than him.

  61. I can not take it anymore

    They should rename Counter Strike to Counter Scandinavia

  62. Felipe Cavalcanti

    yo this kid just called a 30 yo a boomer. ahhahahahah….!

  63. Niclas Nyberg

    im kinda thinking other sports have a higher prime because you cant practice for 8-12 hours doing something physical, youd get injured. it takes a lot longer to gain the knowledge and to build up your body when you have shorter practices/play time

  64. HeWn SucKs

    F0rests beard is literally a forest lol

  65. Nicht Fürdich

    32 => old ok

  66. Butternut i think

    mans been terrorising ppl with a gaykay 47 for more years than some of his opponents

  67. Mr. Boombasthicc

    i hate it when people older than 30 are called boomers

  68. Jay C

    How is this athlete still playing in his old age?!

    Because its fucking eSports and hes 32 lmfao

  69. Marcus Bergström

    Its like CSs Locktar but he plays the newer games.

  70. q3Triad

    30 years is old? Obviously you guys havent seen the cracked quake dinosaurs who are well most over 30.

  71. Lawrence Tan

    Fcking click bait

  72. Hašekfan

    f0rest is fucking 32 though what kind of video is this? Anyone is hip at 32, Its not like as soon as you hit 30 youre out of touch with reality.
    Ill like to see someone compete when theyre like 40+

  73. Chan Chan

    When young players like twisted,plopski and a fellow legend like krimz looks up to you,you know you’ve done your bit. When players like coldzera,fallen,Tarik,Daps and Gob B thinks you’re the most legendary player,you know you’ve set the bar. The guy may never win a trophy but the bar and ceiling he’s set is something a lot of younger players want to be

  74. mat warnke

    as we can see Forest clearly studied under Queen Elizabeth II theres no other way hes that good at that age

  75. theScore esports

    Correction: Hey guys, we just want to clarify that the clip that appears @5:30 in the video is actually courtesy of Luda, and the original source video can be located in our video description’s pastebin.

    1. Pixel8Pete

      How are going to complement this guy and make the title “The Geezer God”

    2. Brallon

      Itz -xRhino Anyone thats trying to get into esports should automatically know that

    3. Itz -xRhino

      you should also clarify that most countries want you to be 17 in order to compete in money pools, WHICH IS ESPORTS.

  76. LOLxKYNG

    Wait… So you mean I still have a chance to go pro in League of Legends?!?!??

  77. Zachary Robinson

    song at 2:45 ?


    *Hes been playing on DUST before since most of YouTube viewers were born*

  79. OMAR AK


    1. LloydPicks

      Yep I saw his video critizising this one. smh 32 is too old in esports logic. Thats just fucking stupid.

  80. Jesse Kieffer

    Please get a green screen. I cannot take this background

  81. oledilep

    click baity thumbnail much?? geezes…!

  82. Chris

    Lol forget forest, Diago Umehara and Sako still clapping kids in fighting games at 37/41.

  83. Lawrence Tan

    Fcking click bait

  84. Hella Sketch

    They acting like this dude is a grandpa. Even called him a “boomer” at 32 lol.

  85. luxor

    xyp9x played for fnatic wtf

  86. Spottier

    dusty-ass csgo player

  87. Star Grabbitz

    he is just built different

  88. Eric Cortez

    At your 30s you reach your max peak before going into your 40s. If your eye sight is still gucci.

  89. Muhammad Ali Hassan

    F0rest: sees Tarik jumping in the window and one taps him
    me: ignores it

  90. boddah

    i kept skipping through the video wondering where this old man was until i realized this 37 year old was supposed to be old.

  91. Kartofi

    i never get how csgo pros after their 30s are almost always considered old. in competitive scenes of most arena fps like quake, most of the top players are 30++ and are still dominating the scene (cooller, dahang, cypher, rapha, k1llsen, agent, milton, etc)

  92. BAAM 25th

    Kind of insane that age was even considered a factor, its all about the physical injuries and mental burnout.

  93. Vamashara

    Yeah he’s 6 years older than that toddler Justin Bieber that the kids are always talking about. Absolutely ancient..

  94. John Nopey

    Hes CSs Tom Brady 😂

  95. Parth khaladkar

    Would f0rests kid play as jUngle?

  96. GetmeoutofSanFrancisco

    Watching these types of videos is depressing. 32? Old?

    Im almost 30.. Fuck me!

    1. John Nopey

      Of course that depends on how well you take care of your body… I mean Tom Brady is still playing football @ 43, Brees is like 42 and theyre both still playing better than a good number of QBs that are like 20 yrs younger.

    2. John Nopey

      Hes exaggerating. As for old its around 55 onward, thats when you can measure significant biological deterioration.

  97. Vzexty X

    I have talked to this guy I was playing with a random kid and I joined his party and the. Out of the blue the asked if we would like to speak to his uncle especially we said sure and we started talking he revealed who he is and we got excited I played with the kid for 7 hours after he left I know people won’t believe and it’s sounds like the biggest lie but that’s up to you to decide if I am saying truth or a lie but the experience I will never forget

  98. Necroblob

    I used to be pretty decent at CS1.6 playing in ladders and going to LANs. Im now 33. The issue isnt decline in reflexes as long as I have enough time to warm up I am still every bit as good as I was before. But as you get older other things take over – work, family and the rest – so you cannot commit to an 80 hour a week gaming schedule any more so you lose track of the meta and your game mechanics suffer a bit. That is what makes it harder to keep up with the youngsters.

  99. The Noobman

    Basically most of the multiplayer games are played by kids because these games are mostly free or very cheap. Grown men , who have no time to grind due to jobs, play single player more and also because they can afford a decent pc or console which has exclusive single player games which are costly.
    This is just a generalized statement, but in upcoming years,eSports will be flooded by games from every age group.

  100. Bingkyss Kiliwaax

    Hes not old idiot

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