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hokey bahisleri. Amerika Birleşik Devletleri NHL. Hokey. NHL. 2, Ottawa Senators @ Montreal Canadiens, Montreal Canadiens Sonuç (Kazanma), Oran: (% 3) Mümkün. Bu, dünyadaki spordaki en prestijli turnuvadır ve birçok NHL hokey bahis oyuncusu, kariyerlerini geliştirmek için NHL takımlarına katılmak istiyor. Profesyonellerden NHL hokey tahminleri. Uzmanlardan bugün ve yarın için analiz oranları. Son maçların sonuçları.

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  1. Hussain Alam


  2. thehabsfanatic

    GO HABS GO ❤️🤍💙

    1. Habs fan Highlights


  3. DefinetlyNotOwen

    🙋‍♂️ hi NHL

  4. renren221

    Petry rushes the net and weber scores from behind the goal line, what are forwards for again? hahaha

  5. Maximus russo

    Thanks I needed this after that sens game

  6. TheInsaneIss

    Beating Ottawa will be a walk in the park… oh wait

  7. Kendrick Shepherd

    Top 10 Vancouver Canucks Goals against of 2021

    1. Snake Eyes

      This was my reaction after reading this comment


    I like how most r on Vancouver

    1. Éli-Yan Gasse

      @Carine S but anyway they played the major of their games against them

    2. Éli-Yan Gasse

      @Carine S oh ok sorry

    3. Carine S

      @Éli-Yan Gasse 5 of their games were against Vancouver not 7

    4. Carine S

      @Éli-Yan Gasse not true

    5. Éli-Yan Gasse

      They played 7 games on 10 against Vancouver

  9. Evan St. Clair

    Hello Q, if u are seeing this, we are at school and I want to know if u are excited for 12 today

  10. Alexandros Mograine

    Lehkonen isnt a big guy but so good on PK.

  11. LeTelecaster

    Nick Suzuki is overrated

    1. Carine S

      @LeTelecaster not a habs fan

    2. LeTelecaster

      @Carine S of course the habs fan needs a translation.

    3. Carine S

      Translation:I dont like the habs so Im gonna call one of their best players who obviously isnt overrated overrated to get the fans mad

  12. Revonite96

    Habs = Nucks Killers



  14. Skull Skull

    On veut gagner, on peut gagner, ON VA GAGNER 🔵⚪🔴

    1. Skull Skull

      @Peter S MONTRÉAAAAL ❤

    2. Peter S

      allez allez!

  15. GTI Bro

    Damn nhl recognizing the habs…..am I dreaming?

  16. Amadis Demitrius

    As a Vancouverite, I took this personal…

  17. Prodigal Son

    Gonna be choked if the one year habs go for the cup I cant take my dad to a game.

  18. sweiland75

    I am a Habs fan but I am not convinced that they will go all the way in the playoffs, yet.

  19. Vurx

    Im suprised they werent all against the Canucks

  20. Habs fan Highlights


    1. Habs 16



    The dislikes are from Canucks fans. Toffoli kills them every time!

    1. JDC_Titan 17

      Toffoli is the owner of the Canucks

    2. Harrison

      I’m a Canucks fan and I approve this message

    3. ChromeC

      This is true. I am a Canuck fan. I disliked this video 🙁

  22. Alexandros Mograine

    better than leafsnet… because they would never post a video like this.

  23. Will Mellen

    As a Habs fan I’m happy about the wins but I’m worried they are getting used to beating these easy teams and when the playoffs come getting killed by much more skilled and well rounded squads

    1. Carine S

      @Will Mellen this is the best start by the Canadiens in years probably one of the best teams too also I think theres a possibility you dont play them and that you might beat them

    2. Bharat Rattan

      @Will Mellen but bro this season is completely different

    3. Prodigal Son

      Last year they beat the pens and capitals a few times and they were a worse team than they are this year.

    4. Abraham Marshall

      This team is a straight up playoff team. Last year was a great example of it. We sucked in the regular season but thrived in the post season. Now, with a stronger squad, we should do that much better.

    5. Will Mellen

      @Carine S I’m aware but in recent years Canadian NHL teams have not been as strong as American ones. I’m not talking about going to the semi finals I’m talking about winning the cup and not getting embarrassed by some power house like Tampa or Boston 4-0

  24. Richard Mey

    Too damn good this season, GO HABS GO 💪

  25. James Sweeney

    Congrats Habs on the start. Also congrats on avoiding the best teams youd normally play on normal alignment. Yawn.

    1. James Sweeney

      @Sebastian Quinn you just crowned them cup winners you idiot. You opened yourself for this. Their division sucks and the beat up on one team for a bulk of their schedule this far. That team isnt any good either. Slow down sally.

    2. Sebastian Quinn

      @James Sweeney Your a clown. Let the team be proud of itself for once.

    3. James Sweeney

      @Sebastian Quinn cup? Slow down lol

    4. Sebastian Quinn

      @James Sweeney Can you be proud of them for once? They have their best team they have had in years. They finally look like cup winners and people are still hating on them ? Wtf

    5. James Sweeney

      @Carine S a joke, take it easy. And Calgary sucks

  26. MSG Is A Factory Of Sadness

    The fact that you were able to make this so early in the season says a lot about Le Canadiens. I thought theyd be better, but this? Who was expecting this?

    1. Abraham Marshall

      @Dropkick Comet 974 that’s exactly what I was thinking. Figured we’d be alright with the new acquisitions, but I knew our strength against Canadian teams were what was gonna help us. We have strong numbers against the others in the North.

    2. Dropkick Comet 974

      I didnt expect them too be this good. But I knew they matched up well against the Canadian teams, so part of me isnt that surprised.

    3. Mathieu Brown

      Not me, and im an habs fan😂

  27. Reese Holmgren

    wheres mcdavids against maple leafs

  28. victor larsen

    Is this nhl recognizing the habs

    1. chrilope

      They have no choice this season

    2. Mathieu Brown

      Yeah, Im surprised

  29. Brian M


  30. Sébastien Nolet

    Canadians Montreal run for Stanley Cup 2021 👍👍👍🇨🇦🇨🇵

  31. Rafael Morello

    Stop overhyping the habs the season is way too young. Habs fan btw

    1. funnyman 007

      Clearly not a Habs fan, Poser

  32. jabroni master

    Habs are gonna choke

    1. jabroni master

      @habs fan dont be salty cuz u know the habs r gonna choke

    2. jabroni master

      @Carine S look how they are doing now buddy, they have lost a lot of great players and they lost crawford but they are playing great.

    3. Sebastian Aube

      Nah cause we actually have replacements for injuries this year unlike other years

    4. habs fan

      Shut up blackhawks are 5 times worst than the Canadiens

    5. Prodbyajmoney

      @Jesus Christ lol

  33. Christo

    dude, delete, we just lost to ottawa, we dont deserve highlights

  34. Jiyun Park

    Toffoli is the most under rated player in the nhl. Wonder what his past team was thinking when trading him

    1. Ricardo Huard

      And at the price we’re paying him it’s a real bargain

  35. Super Mario Hayden


  36. Félix-Antoine Guay

    Now here we are losing against the sens lol

  37. Marc-André Ouellet

    Go habs go

  38. Jaykillers18

    these are the only goals they are gonna have this season

    its a joke dont take it personally

    1. Habs 16

      I took that personally

    2. Jaykillers18

      @Mathieu Brown thx for not doubling down

    3. Jesus Christ


    4. Mathieu Brown

      Ok sorry

    5. Kristen Roddy

      @Jaykillers18 I agree with you and this people need to get a sense of humor

  39. Medou

    The goal of Toffoli is really great, but I think he is overrated. Besides, our team is so good this year. Go Habs Go!


      @Medou i think it was great:D

    2. Medou

      @ANU SAUKKO Yes, I’ve seen how he’s good, but the goal #1 of this top 10 is his and is a little overrated(according to me).


      have u seen how good he has been

  40. Aslan Talpakov

    Van city owned by Montreal

  41. Иван Скакальский

    Very Nice

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