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Subaru LEONE için Aynalar kategorisinde, orijinal yedek parça numarası, subaru leone taşıma aynanızın üreticisinin kataloğunda yer alır Bu parçanın seçilmesi yalnızca aracın VIN kodu ile mümkündür.

Bir parçayı sipariş etmek veya ürün numarasını öğrenmek için ihtiyacınız var. satış, Subaru, Leone, online mağaza, sipariş, teslimat. Ref Subaru Leone ayna, sağ AA3 Ürün kodu: Üretici: Japonya Renk: gri Subaru Leone, AA3 sağ ovma.

Satın al. Ref Ana fren silindiri Subaru Leone AA3, EA71 Ürün kodu: Elektrikli süpürge ile ayna subaru leone Japan EA ovma. Satın al. Ref Klima kontrolü Subaru Leone AA3 Ürün kodu: Üretici: Japonya Subaru Leone, AA3. ovmak. Satın al. Subaru Leone Subaru Leone için ön pedler 1 set, Moskova, Rusya İşlem sonu: 03/15 Satıcı: Ugrum (60). Subaru Leone Subaru Leone için filtre hava işareti CA s. Subaru Leone etiketi ile Parçalar bölümünde yeni lotlara abone olun.

Kayıt gerekli değildir. Koşullarınızı karşılayan yeni lotların satışı için bir subaru leone aynası olması durumunda, belirtilen adrese bir öğe listesi içeren bir mektup alacaksınız. En sevdiğiniz videoları izleyin, en sevdiğiniz şarkıları dinleyin, kendi videolarınızı yükleyin ve bunları arkadaşlarınız, aileniz ve tüm dünyayla paylaşın.

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  1. Allen

    I wanted to watch, couldnt stand the music though.

    1. noobgamingok

      Would love to hear the motors tho

    2. Madturtle55

      Theres this cool thing called mute

  2. Flyanb

    You guys wheel pretty hard Im impressed.

  3. MK

    I cant wait until mid 2000 Subarus are really cheap and can be used as beaters like this

  4. Roderick Thomas

    What modifications would you recommend to be done to an 03 Subaru Baja in order to take on similar roads?

  5. Paul Anger

    What modifications did you have to make?
    Just the lift and big tires?
    Dont the really old ones like yours have some sort of locker?
    I just noticed that there werent any post 94 or so.

  6. Casey Robinson

    just bought a 1977 subaru wagon would love to go to walker with you guys I live in big lake at the bottom of the hill let me know when you guys are going next

  7. Rob Sylvia

    incredible! no wonder you all love these things.

  8. Thomas Grotzke

    Only fools in Subarus go where JEEPs fear to tread. Great video! 🙂

  9. tri blues

    This looks fun than the 4×4 rig.

  10. badmelon18

    How dod you lift these?

  11. N

    Music a bit out of place, each to their own, but Youtube needs a music channel you can turn off. I was more curious listening to the vehicles and could not. Aside from that great video. Curious though, being a sub imp owner and love it in general, how often are you having to replace parts and especially axles. Subs are amazing machines but they really are not built to take major hits like, say, a 3/4 or 1 ton truck is. When my late 2000 gets long in tooth Ill probably do this sort of thing to it simply because its like a dog. It loyal. Its reliable. Its unconditional. I love it too much to let go.

  12. Vilhelm Stein

    Are these true 4wd or Awd

  13. American Off Grid

    I would be concerned at steep angles oil could get in the cylinders and foul the plugs… Not that it would really hurt anything, but it would suck to try changing plugs in the middle of a mud hole… Especially the back one on drivers side UGH!

  14. dark crusher1221

    This is awesome. I live in mt Vernon Texas and my subaru is a 1990 justy 4×4.

  15. Dan Hodgson

    Great video! I would rather hear the cars than the shit music.

  16. J_mars _cars

    I keep coming back to this video. Its so good. I need more. I live in the Midwest and went to Oregon to buy a 1990 Loyale to modify! Ive got a 2 lift and a snorkel about to go in(had mud in my air box/MAF and Im surprised I didnt blow the engine. Cant wait to go scare some jeeps soon 😂

  17. Ryanstone

    Just getting into these things The GLs are so hard to find in the south. I cant wait to find one

  18. Modified Garage

    What size lift does Rick have? that is badass

    1. Modified Garage

      it looks bigger, you know the tire size?

    2. BDudasProductions

      6 lift

  19. ChadatWork

    That was a hard-core road.

  20. Colton Boo

    I have a lifted 92 legacy and I love it so much fun to wheel I’ve only rolled it 3 time we flipped it over filled the oil and she was minty when in Doubt redline it out btw guys I live in Kelso wa we should go out and mob some time

    1. Colton Boo

      Really I went to school in NapaVine and my dad lived in onalaska for ever

    2. Jeff Zwack

      thats awesome, I live in Onalaska, sorta near you. Have an 01 stock Outback and 95 stock legacy. Both wagons.

  21. Smooth Rider

    The music didnt do it for me but the video did! (really well shot/edited!!) cool group you got up there..I miss the pnw but not the 9 months of rain, my gills never grew in.
    This makes me want a Subaru!!!!

    1. BDudasProductions

      Thanks, I hear ya on the music. I would change it if I could edit it again. Appreciate the words. It was some nasty weather to film in with my brand new camera. No stabilizer, just hand held. It was a fun trip. Rarely get chance to go on them, but had opportunity for two. Hope you get into a Subaru soon. EJ22 for life 🙂

  22. Christian López

    Now I wanna lift my 04 Legacy 😂

  23. Foxtrot Mike Lima

    Shitty loud music ruined this otherwise fine video

  24. ChilledStriker

    are there any trails there where I could take my 2013 Tacoma without suffering body damage?

    1. Blackfox 288

      You gotta pay the scratch and dent tax if you wanna play dirty.

    2. BDudasProductions

      I wouldnt recommend it. Maybe take a dirt bike and scope the area first.

  25. JustPerformance

    OMG I Miss my 85 GL Wagon

  26. aklags

    Everything about this is awesome… love those old subarus. Great driving.

  27. mister smith

    I love it. And no sissy custom paint jobs to boot. You guys fucken rock!

  28. chronic hulk

    Lol lol lol lol lmfao lol lol lmfao lol lol lmfao lol lol lol lol lmfao lol lol lol

  29. Risen Worship

    Ahhhhhh! It brings a tear to my eye LADs……. I think a 4in lift kit would look blyatiful on my 90 LS 2.2L SUBAKAZE

  30. Jonathan Manier

    Do you guys break a lot of cv shafts and suspension components running tires that much bigger than stock?

  31. Burnrae

    That Gen1 Legacy was so weak compared to the 80s Subies…

    1. MWorsa

      No low range.

  32. bansheemania

    Ive owned many cars NEVER NEW ONES. hand me downs 2k here got me my first 97 OUTBACK in 2007 with 70k on the clock…. Ran it till 285,200miles. Never EVER LET ME DOWN . A True Snow Beast.. I put GOOD TIRES ON IT thats it. I would Smoke People in 62k$ Trucks,SuvsCrosvers, Jaxked Diesels…. JEEPS. I automatic, 2.5 leave it in second keep feathering the throttle once it gets going SHE NEVER STOPPED. Troopers thos last ones…. coolest 87ish 1.8 with the 4wd on the stick was a lil fukcer..SuuBeeeeee NATION. We Are the Black Sheep. Subbed now I have to Catxh up on ur vids

  33. ChadatWork

    This group is so good. They need a better cameraman though. Video too shaky.

  34. James Magmer

    YOU guys rock! No pun…. Id love to go out and just watch ya beat the crap out of those sweet ole Subarus!


    Where do u drive looks alot like the trails I ride in my honda civic here in washington.
    Who knows maybe Well see you around the mts some time.

  36. Retro Cat 969

    Love the older subarus :3

  37. jeepinaround

    badass Subarus wonder why they had trouble getting around the gate

  38. Al K

    Awesome Subi s. Could have pick better music…. dub step is gay

  39. Roman Aginaga

    Very interested in doing this to my blue 87 wagon gl.. I have the turbo ea82..

  40. J_mars _cars

    5th watch through of this video. The olive drab truck Loyale owned by Josh is what I plan to replicate soon!

  41. GageFixesEverything

    This video is so awesome. Cant wait to get my loyale little higher…

  42. Westover77

    buying a 94 legacy gt this week and this is my plan for it. here in pa we have some badass trails so should be a fun time!

  43. 77selah77

    Jus got a 97 inprezza outback wagon.. this video is stirring my imagination.. love this vid!

  44. vedubsums

    Mad respect to these drivers and those awesome subis for getting thru that gnarly terrain!

  45. Graham Ewen

    Inspired!! Already lifting the 99 Legacy wagon, (and turbo down the road) but i might need to go even higher!!

  46. Epic Trekker

    Dang! What a Subaru can do!

  47. Steven Williams

    While maybe not anything this extreme, I used to take a 2wd gl on some pretty gnarly trails. I bent the floor pans into the seat bottoms.

  48. Shoies Garage

    I have a 92 loyale i wanna switch to 4×4 . Where did you find your lift kit?

    1. Adrián Alvarado

      Shoies Garage your Loyale only have 4×4 not low range like these Subarus GL and Leone

    2. Shoies Garage

      Thank you nice subie by the way

    3. BDudasProductions
  49. Adam Bearnard

    Didnt really like Subarus until I saw these older models

  50. Sławomir Witkowski

    how it is that their are so high?? I just bought my legacy wagon mk1 and I also want to be so high.

  51. Gabriela Knoll

    ich LIEBE meinen.ist technisch verlässlich und durch den kurzen Radstand beweglicher als der K5 CHEVY Blazer

  52. gypsymanjeff 21

    Recently got a 83 gl wagon 149 g miles. 1.8 manual bone stock running driving .want a lift or sell ..message me in north seattle

  53. Shauna R

    Bro that chopped subys off the chain man o_0 love it

  54. 4 Wheeling In NSW

    It’s a shame you guys have the attitude of going around he gate – clearly it’s locked for a reason, be it safety or due to seasonal washouts etc …. this is why here in Australia we’re losing more and more tracks to drive, because people can’t respect authority and when they see a locked gate, they for some reason think they’re exempt from the regulations and law like the rest of us.
    Real shame this. ☹️😡

    1. BDudasProductions

      @4 Wheeling In NSW I totally see the confusion it brings. I checked and even on public websites, it is well known that if your vehicle can pass around the gate then your vehicle is suitable for the trails.
      Most everyone abides by staying on the trails once we are inside the park. I dont believe erosion was a concern for the State Park for the trail around the gate, but that they purposely placed that rock to avoid low clearance vehicles from entering. I see them having the gate closed to prevent others getting further in trouble inside the offroad park. If it was shut down due to weather erosion there would have been further barricades preventing us from getting in with posted signs. Its been 5 years since I was there so things may have totally changed now. Hope to see more respecting the trails and valuing what enjoyment we still experience still. Cheers

    2. 4 Wheeling In NSW

      BDudasProductions yes mate, the rubbish is another huge problem here too causing a lot of issues.
      Closing a gate to non 4 wheel drives but allowing vehicles that can actually cause more erosion and truck devastation to ‘go around it’ makes absolutely no sense at all, not logical or well thought out at all. Providing that was the case then all good champ, I respect that if it’s the case.
      I probably wouldn’t have gone around it myself because it’s shut due to weather erosion and I’d only be adding to it, but that’s your call mate. No offence intended at all

    3. BDudasProductions

      Its like that in most cases, but I will state how it was that morning of Walker Valley Offroad Park in 2014. The gate was locked to vehicles which are not capable of 4x4ing. If the vehicle is able to drive around the fence, they are able to enter. We were visited by a State park ranger in a 4×4 truck an hour afterwards inside for our Discovery Passes and had no issue. A clip of it is @6:52. There are always two sides of the stories in life and we must understand this before making conclusions. On another topic, many of the public national forest roads are closing due to people leaving they rubbish.

  55. Evergreen Offroad

    I used to ride dirt bikes at Walker about ten years ago and was wondering If my stock 4runner would make it. Glad I saw your video. It’s pretty impressive what your rigs are capable of.

  56. matias araya

    tremendo video.. saludos desde chile

  57. joesnow1180

    Just got my first Subaru for a steal. the old wagons go for cheap around here .got a 96 legacy wagon . how can I get this car from what it is to that . Ive read about outback struts etc but seems like way more work then a strut swap . anybody have forum links about parts etc

    1. belly

      joesnow1180 sell it and buy a real 4wd, with actual off-road capabilities.

  58. Joe Quiñones


  59. lordsanander

    +*+*+ *SUBARU* +*+*+

  60. Phillip Toone

    Anyone have information on how to put this much lift on these old Subarus? I have one and it looks like bigger tires are going to hit the stock springs.

  61. Michael Edmonson

    I love your videos it makes me miss both of my 84 gl-10 s

  62. Tod_Kingofducks

    now these are some proper battlewagons

  63. daniel Imbriaco

    this music is shit

  64. Snickers

    This looks badass cant wait to get my legacy all ready for the trails 🙌

  65. Levis Garage

    where did you get the lift kits from?

    1. Nathan Tjapkes

      Levis Garage probably sjr lifts

  66. Bruce Waldbauer

    I think they were just trying to get away from the shitty music so they kept going

  67. Jeff Parry

    Pleasae upload with out the music because Subarus provide better music guys.

  68. Jason Johnson

    Those were when they really built them right still love my 06 though

  69. ChadatWork

    I think saying that was a hard-core road, was an understatement…on that road, I can understand why the cars are all beat up.

  70. V8 S series chevy

    Be cooler without the music

  71. markeldamgaard

    All you need is a Subaru with A/T tires and you would be surprised how many places you can go.
    If you want and every day driver and do some trails get a forester xt,outback, or crosstreck. After that throw a 2 lift, skid plates, and A/T tires and have fun.

    1. COM DRIVE

      @chronic hulk WHAT>?

    2. chronic hulk

      markeldamgaard don’t forget crystals to hang from your mirror and never go speed limit or above, forget how to drive, and be a yuppie all you need to be a Subaru driver!!

  72. Doug Brown

    How do I get on a mailing list for when you go?

    1. BDudasProductions

      We usually do trip plans on the Nw Washington Offroad FB page

  73. Nathan Lockhart

    At 2:30, did those come with limited slip diffs or lockers? or have they been added? Because I get much more diagonal wheel spin in my forester, and one wheels spin on the front wheels due to the open front diff.

  74. RF Pearson

    Sube people. gotta luvem. Ive only had two subys in 27 years. Drive em till they drop – which is a surprisingly long time.

  75. D J

    fuck yeah go the subaru !!

  76. mister smith

    15 Prius owners thumbed down this video!

    1. Руслан

      and 22 Leaf)))

  77. Carlos Álvarez araya

    Pura vida soy de Costa Rica Centro América y me gusta mucho las Subaru

  78. Gene Johnson

    Id be having a blast. This looks like so much fun!

  79. Keniferus XJ

    Changing cv axles every trip..lol ..pile of shit..

  80. Josh Leidholdt

    Dude, please dont get under a car supported only with a hi-lift jack. Not safe. Cool rigs!

  81. Michael Tacoma

    Hey, Im just a bit north of Mt. Vernon up here in Bellingham and Ive got a 90 Loyale. Any of you guys know where I can get a lift kit around here? Even just 2 spacers? I cant seem to find any.

  82. David Incógnito

    Someone should have made a lift for the amc eagle back in the day

    1. Joes Junk

      My dads business partner had one when I was a kid. He would haul a Vermeer stump grinder w a 4 cyl….huge. Think the eagle had a 6 cyl. It was a woodie too

    2. korey gregory

      David Poston my dad had a amc eagle on 31s back in the early 90s. He would pull a trailer with me and my brothers dirt bikes on it up to the mountains and rally the little thing. It was a lot of fun.

  83. Ben Miller

    Im a jeep guy…but that was impressive!!

  84. Rich R

    Great video!! looks like you guys have a blast!! Definately dig the modified Subbies!!👍

  85. belly


  86. Intents

    love this video! I have an 87 L series on 27s, wont ever be this awesome though!

  87. Philippe Cardin

    Nice video, can you please tell me the name of the first music track ? Thanks !

  88. brads3111

    subarus dont need supension travel when you got hipsters, lol

  89. Mk4 turbo

    freakin awesome cars and trails fellas. but man the music is dickered big time..

  90. Agent X

    my 1st vehicle was a 1987 manual subamoo GL hatchback with mudders. that thing was a beast! use to out 4×4 my friends pickups

  91. john martin

    I need a Subaru asap lol but if anyone knows the answer how hard is it to put a truck transfer case in one so you can have a low range for better torque?

  92. John B.

    Bryan I am surprized i had not seen this Sooner…met the Ted with the Blue wagon with scoop in Granite Falls Last saturday….funny to see him wheeling in this video…I got to get out and Do some of this kinda wheeling soon….Cudos to you crazies….


    subaru це танк на колесах, крута бричка, хочу собі…

  94. Ben Ruether

    Range Rover just shat itself

  95. Chris Allen

    Just got back from their testing out my 2001 Forester

  96. JG Laboratory

    Just got a 2000 Forester 5 speed.love it

  97. Sigurd Johansson

    Nice touch of Röyksopp at the beginning!

  98. m

    Whens the next run?

  99. Chris Clark

    Was wondering if these guys still get together up there at Walker Valley I just bought a 83 wagon

  100. pfidahospud

    If the gate is closed and locked….why are you going around it?

    1. pfidahospud

      Thanks for the explanation!

    2. BDudasProductions

      That is because Walker Valley ORV Area is designed for Off road Vehicles if equipped with a Washington State Discovery Pass. These trailers are meant for 4×4. The gate is closed for the general public who are not 4×4 capable. The boulder was purposely designed to prove each vehicle if it be 2 wheeler, 4 wheeler, truck or Subaru to enter. We were met with a park ranger to show our passes. He is only person, emergency vehicles, or maintenance personal who have access to gate.

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