Ea spor bahisleri turnuvaları

Ve ikinci soru daha da önemli. Paranın bölüneceği bahis sayısı bağlıdır. Sürecin kontrolü her zaman daha iyi olmalıdır. Belarus Futbol Şampiyonası Major Leaguede, bugün genel olarak popülerlik kazanan bu platform için sezon yeni başladı, genel olarak fena değil.Başka kaynaklardan tahmin metninin kopyalanması yasaktır. . Ea spor bahisleri turnuvaları Her turnuva daha fazla golfçü ve seçenek içerebilir.

Yıl içinde spor tahmin yarışmalarına katılım pratik olarak bir yenilgidir, daha sonra ilk sonuç yarışma için geçerlidir. Aşağıda, futbol tahmin yarışmaları düzenleyen ve yıllık nakit ödüller veren web siteleri hakkında okuyucularımıza bilgi vereceğiz.Eğer maç oynanmışsa, ancak ea spor turnuvaları daha sonra teknik olarak her zaman ücretsiz olarak sayıldıysa, çünkü onların yardım web projeleri ile spor bahisleri artar .. . Her kulüp profesyonel bir futbolcu veya takım üyesi tarafından temsil edilir.

Daha iyisi mutludur ve birçok bahiste başarı getirir.Rusya için golf hala bir turnuvadır, ancak sadece iki tur geride. Yüksek derecede karıştırılmış golfçüler bahis sıkıntısıyla yüzleşmeye hazırdır – miktarlar, oranlar, toplam pot, etkinlikler ve notlar.

Bu turnuva, kısa vadeli zorluklarla ve yine de devam edebilecek spor tahmin yarışmaları kategorisindendir.

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  1. Matthew Gilford

    I am English and I fully agree loot boxes are gambling and have no place in gaming at all and aiming it at kids is pure evil.

    Yes many parents are partly at fault for allowing there kids to have adult profiles on their consoles but the gaming industry shouldnt make gambling so easily available.

    Kids profiles are a pain to set up and parental controls are not implied in a way that non-gamers can be made aware of them and how to use them.

    This why we get kids playing 18+ games on and offline its not hard to put in an 18+ disc or use a non-passworded adults profile when the parents are not around.

  2. LloydTheZephyrian

    EA: Its not loot boxes, its surprise mechanics!
    Stalin: Is not starvation, is just surprise diet!

  3. YongYea

    EAs avarice truly knows no bounds. Oh, forgot to mention in the video, the magazine/catalogue is called Smyths Toys.

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    1. Ak47hsnyn4

      im from the uk and i can tell FIFA IS BIG! Probably 1 of the biggest games here. Its like how MLB: the show or Madden is in America except bigger. So i really do hope they dont allow this bs to continue. i think they already banned it in belgium and if they ban it in the uk and the rest of europe following behind them then its a done deal. its no secret Europeans r football fanatics so their main income of money(which is wrongly earned) will be banned in their biggest market(s)

    2. Matthew Gilford

      I will make a complaint if I visit the store a find that magazine for sale.

    3. Nicolas Lucena

      @White Wolf The kids acting the way you described do so due to their lack of proper education inside their family structure. If they go as far as to steal from their parents to do anything, what better sign would their be for the parents that they have failed and need to correct the way their kids are being raised? If said initial education went on, what makes you think the kids would stop at just games? Maybe drugs would be next. Thats not on the dealers or on the magazines. Thats on their parents that have failed in teaching them right and wrong.

    4. Nicolas Lucena

      @White Wolf Of course its ethically okay. All that is wrong is the aggression towards the private property of others. The result of the situation you described, however, would most likely be that the company responsable for the magazine would go bankrupt because the parents would see how absurd that is. It would be like owning a restautant and serving urine instead of water. There would be no need for state intervention if the clients are no longer satisfied with the product, they would just stop consuming that product and the company would either have to do some massive apology or go bankrupt.

    5. holamoco17

      YongYea are you gonna talk about CD Project Red crunching?

  4. woerink

    Can we stop buying their games? Just a thought…

  5. Alfie Tank

    I have hardcore Fifa fans as friends and fifa 20 turn them All The way OFF, They all switched to Nba 2k despite not understanding basketball. They all vowed to not even touch fifa 21 since they never improve pro clubs and focus on the casino alone. 🤷🏾‍♂️ I agree im retiring from fifa after my first fifa 2004.

  6. FuryousD

    loot boxes need to die thats how i feel

  7. Waluigi Wah Ha Ha

    Microsoft must be about ready to buy EA.

  8. Jake Tiopira

    But the sad thing is these weak ass EA gamers will continue to purchase these titles and feed the EA machine.

  9. 345Y

    Gov didny do anything?

  10. Dieter Mill

    EA executives need to go swimming with cement shoes.

  11. JR

    It’s been about 10 years since I remember loot boxes being in games. I think it’s time for this to be removed. Makes games more fun to play, I haven’t bought a madden, fifa, or cod game in years because I don’t like that there is in game purchases. Either make the full game free and let people who want to spend money do so, or take it out of the game that I already paid for.

  12. Tyler Callahan

    Can you smell what the r/WOOOOSH IS COOKING??

  13. Pedro G Cominal

    with credcards.

    Adults with addition problems? Nah, theyre fine.

  14. ColesoN

    Is this surprising? Tobacco companies did the same, In a sense.. they didnt go hey kids! These are gross and not good for you stay away! No the did the exact opposite. They sold to kids. EA is no damn different the sooner people realize the better.

  15. Channel07

    Also me: Apart from pin-up girls, gardening, automotive, and home decoration, People read magazines now?

  16. Tiffany

    Id like to point out that Kinder Eggs werent sold in the US since the 1930s until like 2017. So even theyve been banned 🤣

  17. Kutlu Mızrak

    I think this warrants a classic Fuck off EA. from Yong.

  18. geoffroy thiebaut

    I disagree strongly about the uk… Off course ea will Just release a loot box free version for uk only lol. You expect them to loose money if they are not forced too ? ^

  19. Bio Zelink

    At this point, its morally right to pirate EA, Activision, 2k and etc game. They dont deserve your money.
    Im usually against it, but this shit is getting ridiculous and insidious.
    Theyre pretty much ensuring a generation will grow up with gambling addiction.
    Im not saying go pirate them, but considering their business practices, they deserve it.

  20. Mittens FastPaw

    I really just do not care anymore. Parents will buy it anyways for kids, sports fans literally like being punched in the genitalia, governments like the US are so corrupt on corporations they will pretend to talk about it but never do anything and large corporations would gut their own mothers for kidney cash.

    Fuck humanity it is trash.

  21. Ashura-Kyata

    Oi it´s called SuRpRiSe mEChAnIcS

  22. Shabazza84

    Not kids. We call them „Surprise Not-Freeloaders“

  23. R3LAPZE Gaming

    Scum bags need to boycott all EA ultimate team modes and Nba2k

  24. A R

    Devils advocate :
    Why are people okay with arcades?

  25. Rex R.P.

    Is DM the new PM?

  26. Stefan Andrei Smarandache

    That s why I play PES

  27. Jacque Cortez

    EA: Yes spend you parents money.

  28. Officer Butch

    You cant spell assholes without EA

  29. MiMiX2

    Surprise mechanics is even worse than gambling IMO. Because at least when you gamble you can make physical cash/prizes back that you can keep or even resell. Here you win a digital nothing that you are stuck with and cant resell for nearly as much.

  30. Ivan Corredera

    Pokemon with a mini game resembling gambling without real world currency:
    rated 12

    FIFA with its gambling mechanics where players spend real world money for the chance of getting what they want:
    rated 3

  31. Yunior Aguilar

    Its not robbery it surpprise communism

  32. Kell of Kells

    I don’t play sports games so this especially ticks me off, like what if an FPS had a slot machine for its weapons, sounds terrible

  33. AJ Marraffa

    Their comparison of loot boxes/“surprise mechanics” to Kinder eggs is ridiculous. When you buy a kinder egg, you’re buying it for the chocolate, the toy is a bonus and is not the main reason (at least for most people other than kinder toy collectors) why you purchased it. There’s nothing more to it, the chocolate and the toy are all that is expected and you get both for one price. Video games are a completely different story. Now, we’re talking about an initial purchasing price, “the chocolate,” PLUS extra payments in the form of micro-transactions, “the toys.” Right off the bat, “the toys” no longer come with “the chocolate,” it’s extra. On top of that, for Fifa and sports games especially, you are paying for team members, randomly. This is content that used to be included in the original purchasing price back when games didn’t have any of this micro transaction nonsense. Video games with no micro transactions at all would actually be closer to the idea of a kinder egg since you can unlock characters, features, items, etc through the game you bought for one initial purchasing price, rather than paying extra money. This practice makes me so disgusted and I can’t believe they’re actually trying to defend it.

  34. Darling Vexa Art

    I just send my feedback on how terrible lootboxes are. I hope theyll actually listen to what the majority is saying on this issue.

  35. odeon macheteshits

    Agree…if it has lootbox machanics make it r18

  36. Simeon Yves

    This…This is Completely Unacceptable!

    We have *Got* to get this Garbage *Outlawed* as Soon as Possible!

    I Have Filled in the Survey, because I do Not want this BS to Continue any longer, the Sooner the UK *Outlaws* this Immoral Underage Gambling Scam, the Better!

    PEGI 3 is too low for FIFA 21, Lootboxes and/or MTX should be an Instant and *Mandatory* BBFC X Adults Only Rating with the Exact Same Strict Sales and Use Restrictions as are Placed onto Slot Machines! at the Very Least, or better Still, just *Flat Out Illegal* in the United Kingdom in My Personal Opinion!

    I also Feel EA should have their Right to Trade in the UK *Revoked* on a *Permanent* Basis for Attempting to Psychologically Manipulate British *Children* for Profit! EA should, In My Personal Opinion, be *Permanently Banned from Trading* in the United Kingdom for This!

  37. Pokerface1337

    Oh boy.. these assholes will never learn. Good thing that I quit buying games published by EA quite some years ago. I fee sorry for those who still fall for their schemes…

  38. Doctorgeo7

    Color me not shocked

  39. Soul Handler

    EA back on their bullshit

  40. james sargent

    EA need government interference now! promoting gambling to kids is beyond a joke its disgusting. Youtubers who promote this type of gambling need to be controlled immediately and or banned. Smyths should also be investigated.

  41. CitizenErased 17

    Its conditioning. Grabbing them while theyre young so as they get older they have no issue with getting ripped off and are easily scammed.

  42. Knox Barringer

    Yall, Ill be honest… I didnt realize what Pegi was until now 😔

  43. gustavo avalos

    Is anyone really that surprised that EA is pulling this crap?


    Boys, I feel like we are getting closer to a day where we can tear down EA. That will be a beautiful day.

  45. catvsdog224 Xboxone

    Xbox need to buy ea and get rid of this and make a good

  46. Casper

    wow what a shocker Im so surprised

  47. marius katutis

    EA just pours napalm over such dumpster fire

  48. fayachonch

    I just finished answering the UK government survey on loot boxes 🔥Thanks for the video👍

  49. Silver Blade

    I kinda hope they get into legal trouble. Just so there can be a baseline of decency in this regard…

  50. Mike Mc

    Unsubscribing from Yong for his horrible tweets on twitter. Shameful and disgraceful.

  51. Clownman

    Yong you need to react to spiderman ps4 face change NOW! Its not good…

  52. Freesmart

    I have no doubt fifa 21 will be bad

  53. Akairenn

    Nothing brings the family together more than some soft-gambling.

  54. John Kellum

    They have to get there product sold. So they have to do anything they can. Even if its illegal or not smart.

  55. Dragonriderabens

    I’m not convinced it’s just EA not caring
    I fear it could be worse
    If you look back at how tobacco products were advertised in TV’s early days, there is a SCARY amount of similarities

  56. Easyflux

    Everyone should do the survey, it takes 5 minutes at most.

  57. KillerPi

    Just finished the survey! Hopefully that helps end loot boxes. If you have to monetize a game, battle passes are much less offensive because you know exactly what youre paying for. And you can wait until the last day to purchase the pass and get the items, instead of buying and then maybe not being able to play for a month.

  58. The mark of low IQ beast

    yong just let them do it. take care of your people. quit throwing pearls to swine.

  59. Starstruck P

    Not only are they having their cake and eating it, they’re plastering it on goddamn billboards!

  60. FuryousD

    i mean kinder eggs may be toys but its still a gamble as to what u get inside them so yea

  61. Alex Rada

    Surprise product suggestion

  62. Kordell Moe

    Many thanks to YongYea for letting me know I can voice my opinion against lootboxes to an actual government. I can only hope to become a small part of history in the long overdue banning, or at least limiting, of lootboxes.

  63. Anthony Newcome

    EA is trash anyway.. and it will only get worse with Microsoft giving these games away for free on gamepass..

  64. Daniel Santos

    Fake news! This wasnt advertizing gambling, it was advertizing FIFA surprises

  65. Matthew Veeran

    Lets get this straight. NOBODY IS FORCING ANYONE TO BUY EA CREDITS OR LOOT BOXES. ITS A CHOICE. Ive been enjoying FIFA for years and havent spent a cent. You, like many others just seem to have an agenda against EA. If you dont like it, dont buy their games.

  66. Thanos Iatridis

    here we go again…

  67. bheku

    EAs FIFA and Konamis PES also have heavy in-game scripting. This diminishes the simulation and further supports the manipulation of the product to keep valnurable people attached.

  68. Sean Field

    I saw this in a Smyths catalogue and pointed it out to my wife on how disgusting just this small section was.

  69. Josh Pickering

    No I’m on the fence here. As much as gambling is a problem, I feel u should be capable of controlling urself but that’s easier said than done. But removing gambling features, I.e packs in fifa would be a terrible idea as it’s very fun. I feel there should be a limit to the number of packs you can open, I.e 10 packs per week

  70. Luke Not Skywalker

    Your behaviour on twitter has lost my sub.

  71. O Scar

    EA,no surprise…mechanics again?

  72. Kim

    EA is the Devil of video games.

  73. Waluigi Wah Ha Ha

    Microsoft must be about ready to buy EA.

  74. uwaa

    im hoping for a magazine about kids safety

  75. njuey

    Thank god I stopped at Fifa 19. It is more healthy. Yes for your life and your gaming enjoyment.

  76. SD_GG

    PEGI is a fuckin joke, just look up games that are rated below 18+, 16+ that should have bern for adults due to their content. I am talkin now about mobile games but Id imagine the same trash rating also applies to pc or console games. PEGI needs to be properly regulated and have consistent ratings based on the included content especially for games that should only be accessed by 16+ or 18+. EA however will never change so it simply needs to die.

  77. mgz_lxw

    Packs are fine it’s points that are the problem

  78. Blitz

    Didnt know the best way to convey my message to you so commenting on the relevant video, hope this message reaches you. I got an email yesterday about a survey regarding buying Fifa 21. Some of the questions as to what is preventing me from buying the game where like that am I cash strapped for the year, dont have enough money to spend on fifa ultimate team etc. Just another topic you could highlight to bring out ea tactics. For the record I havent bought Fifa 21 thus the email.

  79. TheTruthWillSetYouFree

    Anyone supporting EA deserve what they get.

  80. sum obo

    Those footballers hold accountable they should decline to do these kind of promotion but instead they just follow where the money goes…so much for being a role model for the young future footballers,also criticize EA means nothing its just more content for youtubers to complaint and do nothing about it.

  81. Severinsen

    Cant wait to see EA burn.
    *B U R N*

  82. Alfred Joseph

    I have a feeling EA would be crumbling down hard in the coming years their time is almost up, people are getting more aware and regulations are bound to change.

  83. Gg Raper

    There is an ad of this magazine in your video,Lol!

  84. Trey G

    Ea again wth

  85. Ben Fussey

    Who went and did the survey?

  86. Notte Narwle

    Wouldnt UKs call for comment just lead to the same thing that happened with net neautrality? That is, EA, 2K, activision, and the rest of the scumbags will just deploy bots and user farms to flood the UK with messages supporting lootboxes?

    Its been very effective with net neutrality and I dont see why it wouldnt be effective here.

  87. Peter G

    i would say that they are morally bankrupt

  88. Ziltch

    Someone get the image of that ad and add steps on how to steal your parents credit card info to buy points, would be perfect, its the only thing that is missing from the add.

  89. FW

    thank you for talking about this topic. Unfortunately many big names in the fifa scene are partnered with EA and don’t talk about these issues.

  90. Edward Tavarez

    the amount of money spent on lootboxes are insane

  91. Darling Vexa Art

    To quote an old meme, DISGUSTING.

  92. Chase Jackson

    Will joe biden outlaw lootboxes along with the taxes he will raise.

  93. Alfred Joseph

    Even if youd pay me to play the new fifa I still wouldnt do it, its the same thing every year

  94. David Boeger

    I dont know if I think loot boxes should be outright banned (although I do think they should go extinct by market forces because gamers should just straight up boycott them, and Ill never buy a random loot box in my life). However, I do think the ratings systems should be leveraged a little better here. Just make any game which allows players to spend more than $100 additional on any form of DLC an AO or equivalent rating, and then legally ban their sale to minors. If there are age restrictions on things like alcohol and cigarettes, I dont see how loot boxes are any better. I guarantee publishers would significantly reduce the levels of microtransactions if it limited their addressable market that drastically.

  95. ChiefMedicPururu

    This is just disgusting.

  96. Chase Jackson

    If parents cant protect their credit and debit cards its no ones fault but their own.

  97. Anthony Byrne

    Young I have to disagree with one point. EA would most definitely make other versions with loot boxes . You think a company like EA would leave an extra few million on the table?

  98. MettaurΩ

    Better to teach them about it now rather then later, right?

  99. Michael Russell

    Last soccer game I played was Mario super strikers on GameCube 😂.. I hate fifa and have never played it.

  100. Joe VILE

    Funny how EA compares loot boxes to Kinder Eggs…seeing as they are banned in the US.

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