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  1. Nuno Martins

    Hi, I have been betting in teams that last 8 games the majority score 2 or more goals but normally in the second half there is no more than 1 goal scored. There is any other criteria/ performance that I should look at and I am missing.


    1. ZygisP

      bet over 1.5 on serie a matches and thank me later


    can i bet in each n every match .more goals in 2nd half of game??????

    1. Alex Ong

      No sir you MUST select your games carefully

  3. Kontorstol

    does this strategy work on betting sites or only on betfair?

  4. TheRebel

    Leagues like Croatia are best for this method, not saying all games in these leagues but youll find fitness levels are not that good and Ive seen lots and lots of games 0-0 with 20 minutes to go finish 3-0/3-1/2-2 etc YES just heard you mention that now lol, great knowledge and insight 😉. defences that have been running all game and their legs have gone, with fresh attackers coming on, will lose their concentration and legs with 25 minutes to go and thats when goals start flying in. Yes I love the 1-0 scorelines as well because backing over 1.5 when attempting to build a bank to move into other markets with later on is a great strategy for me personally, obviously all in all in all in build it to say £100 if starting with £20 etc then move into better markets price wise.

  5. Jakub Rysiak

    I dont understand the part if a team scores after i place my first bet, but before the 65th minute? How can i maximize my by betting against it?

    1. Alex Ong

      It is about whether you close the position or let it run, or limit your liability by trading out partially

  6. Edwards Ruby

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  7. James Green

    the fact that you do not add any statistics rings alarm bells for me > saying 70% strike rate is not a statistic > could still make a loss … because how many did you trade out when only one goal in 2nd half …. etc etc …

  8. mark reynolds

    if this worked so well this guy wuldnt b telling utube. hed b quitly smiling to himself and staking knot [so others wuldnt b cutting his cake] the odds on goals decrease with time decay which means at th 60 min mark u only have 30 min left 4 a goal as opposed to 90 min @ th strt of th 1st hlf. th market prices this in. if this guy figured it out in 2019 u bet th big syndicates wuld have figuerd ths long ago, ie markets hve already priced th value out of th market.

    1. mark reynolds

      @Alex Ong no ? anyways all th best

    2. Alex Ong

      mark reynolds I guess you were trading the UAE Al Ahli game at the weekend? ok dude have a good day

    3. mark reynolds

      @Alex Ong evry 1 does trade th same games? thts how a market is formed? r u ok?

    4. Alex Ong

      @mark reynolds you dont need to be condescending. Further to that… everyone would have to trade the same games which they dont hence it is ok. AND when they do, you just find a different edge! Not more complicated than that

    5. mark reynolds

      @Alex Ong because it saturates th market if evry 1 uses th same strategy? come on alex m8 thght u wer a trader?

  9. Olena Golubovska

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  10. rubofthegreenz

    Makes absolutely no sense.

  11. Irish Sean

    Rochdales good these days for over 2.5 goals per game….

  12. Daniel Bryans

    Alex Ong, I don’t think this guy gets enough credit for the time and effort he puts in to replying to people, not many people would make time for this. Thanks!
    Some more live trading videos would be a good idea!

    1. Alex Ong

      I appreciate that! and I absolutely will 🙂

    2. Prince Lanre


  13. peter martin

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  14. Petar Hristov

    Hi there.I start betin on sports this season and came acros your videos and i have a question.Just to be clear understand that you are talking about trading and not betin.But in bet365 there is the option to close a bet early or to close it partially.Are the strategys you are explaning worth using the same way or im missing something? Thanks in advance if you reply and keep up the good work.

    1. perceptortron

      @Petar Hristov Oh now I understand. Im not sure as I dont know bet365 well enough

    2. Petar Hristov

      @perceptortron I understand.But in 2020 betfair did not renew there licence in my country.Just whanted to know if the strategy like this one is applicable in normal beting because for exaple you cant apply the remove risk strat.

    3. perceptortron

      He is talking about trading – on – Im sure the odds are better on betfair as its against other people. Bet365 is a private company

  15. thomaspeters1994

    i love bundesliga because 1.5 goals+

    1. Bargela perera

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  16. mark reynolds

    wuldnt th offence be as equally fatigued as th defense? canceling out the so called laps in th defense?

    1. Alex Ong

      @mark reynolds No not at all but do I make money teaching people to trade. Yes I do. I dont hide behind that and if you dont like that I am sorry.

    2. mark reynolds

      @Alex Ong alot of the time ? imean its all a little random? if u were making a killing from it y would u tell utube? is it cause yor channel has greater prospects thn yor trading?

    3. Alex Ong

      no because alot of the time the substitutions are attacking and not defensive. You rarely change your back 4 unless something is wrong… anyway… I guess you dont like my videos so no probs.

  17. Okezie Amakwe

    Pls can u teach me or mentor me on this betting

  18. jack wilson

    Good video but need examples / screenshots

  19. Akinrolabu George
  20. Matthias Philips

    Bruh. I watched this video yesterday, so I said all right let’s give it a try with the CL tonight. Chelsea – Bayern HT 0-0. Perfect.

    I placed my first stake at the 50th minute, as you instructed. A few seconds later: 0-1 😵. Three minutes later: 0-2. Bingo.

    And it didn’t look for one minute like they were finished: Gnabry could go for a hattrick, Lewandowski and Muller were on fire and Chelsea had lost complete control. So I decided to put another stake (profits only) at the 65th minute for +2,5 goals away team. The odd was exactly 2.00.

    10 minutes later Lewandowski did what Lewandowski does, scoreline 0-3. The perfect scenario. Thanks for sharing your insights with us. Keep up the good work.

    1. Alex Ong

      Thats great news dude. I am glad it worked out this time. Just remember that it is a long term game, so dont bet the house on the next one. Just remain consistent and disciplined and you will make money overall 🙂

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  23. Paul Suissa

    Thank you for all your videos, just made some money thanks to your over 1,5 strategy on Dortmund’s game today! Thank you mate don’t change a thing!

  24. Tomas Domiter

    good strategy but checking previous matches is usless, becouse every match is different. We could react on prematch odds for over 1.5 golas. If odds are 1.2 or lower there is very good chance that we can see 2 or 3 golas, but we need to do prematch analyze for both teams.Best for us is if both sccore and conceded more in second half,and when is goal scored is also important. Maybe both teams scored goals from 60 minute of game so we can place a bet in this time no after 5minutes form start of second half. Better odds for us

    1. Alex Ong

      Unfortunately you contradict yourself in your comment dude.

  25. Dominic Vaitiekunas

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  26. Quinlan Tomlinson

    What if the 2 goals are scored before the 65th minute? Do you still put the second half of your stake on or just move onto another market?

    1. Daniel Bryans

      How can you put the second half of your stake if the market would be complete as there would have been 2 goals scored 🤣

  27. Huidrom Telheiba

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  28. Sir Cavin

    Thank you for this video Alex, its very informative and much appreciated. I used your strategy last night using very small stakes but it worked a treat. Ill continue to use it and monitor my progress and hopefully continue to make a profit.

  29. Smeg Head

    What % of our stake do we on average lose if we trade out around the 77th minute?

    1. Smeg Head

      Alex Ong – thanks for the swift reply mate.

    2. Alex Ong

      about 60%

  30. Tim Savill

    Hi Alex. Great informative video. Just a word of warning from an ex Betfair employee who worked on the phones with the big stake punters. Everyone needs to know there is no fail safe trading strategies, and you bet at your own risk, Alex is merely sharing his expertise. I had serious punters who used to back six figures on odds of 1.01, 1.02 etc. One loss, and it was all over. No such thing as buying money in gambling anymore. Bet what you can afford and keep it fun. If people choose to follow you, they need to understand it is NOT your fault if they lose. Keep up the great work and good luck!

    1. Richard George

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  31. micah jethro

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  32. Inzyman

    Alex, 70% Chance of a goal from the 60th minute on? Wouldnt that be from the start of the game. What are the percentages from the middle of the second half to the end? Surely not 70% otherwise the odds would be around 1.45……….. The chance of a goal in the final quarter would be closer to 50% or less yeh? hence the odds you get be around 2.0

    1. S Wojnowski

      On average chance of two goals in the second half at 50 minutes is 39%. However, to get a better idea what to expect you should take a time interval of say 5 matches played by your selected team and use Poisson distribution to figure out probabilities for number of goals.

  33. sharon lee

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  34. All About Fotball

    What you say about this strategy?

  35. peelyo94

    do you just trade on the one game at a time?? seeing as most the games im interested in are at the same time kick off

  36. EXITMUSIC2011

    Good video but some real-world examples would have made things clearer.

    1. Alex Ong

      EXITMUSIC2011 please checkout my more recent videos for examples

  37. Ricardo Espanhol

    Hellou 🙂
    Please explain to me or make a video when there is no goal in the 2nd half. What we do to reduce the loses!

  38. gideon muchina

    I really dont understand ur videos

    1. Alex Ong

      gideon muchina sorry 😐

  39. Faye Turner

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    super video alex bro

    1. Alex Ong

      Thank you 👍

  41. Cronus

    If a goal is scored before the 65 minute and you lay aswell, should you still place your 65th minute second stake

    1. Alex Ong

      No sir you do not

  42. Kent Cheung

    Can a bookie not ban you if you regularly cash out?

    1. EXITMUSIC2011

      You cant get gubbed on exchanges

  43. Diego Porto

    Great content. if you can make a video about strategy in the lay correct score, please.

    1. Alex Ong

      I will do so 🙂

  44. Buenas Intenciones

    Low odds dont mean nothing to me anymore. Yesterday it was 1-1 between mighty badass Liverpool and West Bromwich. In the beginning Liverpools odds were about 1.03

  45. Kojo Sweetberry

    Alex I want to be your close friend

  46. Quinlan Tomlinson

    Also if one goal is scored between the 50th and 65th minute, do you still add the second half of the stake or do you just cash out half the first stake and wait for a second goal?

  47. xproph

    Really interesting strategy. I must try it one day. In the meantime here are some free preview predicitions:

  48. Bradley Lambert

    Do you have a minimum odds you get in at or do you get in at any odds if theres not been a goal by the 50th minute and you believe there will be a goal? Thanks

    1. James Round

      Minimum odds of 1.8 so basically 0-0 at Half time??

    2. Jack Ingoff

      i believe the best odds to get in is 1.80 and higher

  49. ink

    hi Alex, are you putting on separate bets in the second half? Also what betting app or site do you use?


    Hi great video, once 2nd bet is placed around 60th min, are you leaving the bet to run till end or do we cash out at a certain time if no goal? Many Thanks

    1. Alex Ong

      Hi Neil,

      I actually mention this in the video. You close the position around the 77-80th minute.



  51. Harry Fogwill

    Hi Alex, could you do a video where you do a walkthrough of this method with a real example

    1. Alex Ong

      I can indeed. I will look into it for you.

  52. Matthew Hulliger

    Is there a good strategy where you dont have to do live betting?

    1. Bargela perera

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  57. Simulki

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  61. Ben Harrison

    when you talk about eliminating liability, what do you mean by laying £100, are you saying that we should bet again or that we cash out the same amount of our original stake and leave the rest on to wait for another goal? Please could you or anyone explain.

    1. Alex Ong

      Hi Ben,

      On a betting exchange you have the ability to both BACK and LAY. Laying is ultimately doing the reverse of backing. YOU can also just cashout, but by Laying you have the option to leg out of the market in ioncrements.


    I dont have to break the rules to beat the odds.
    Hell, I beat ‘em every day. And when you hear what I have to share with you today,
    you’ll realise that

  63. Владимир Васев

    Ещё бы по Русскому Пиз*ил бы цены не было бы)))))

  64. Klaus

    Alex, I have watched this video now twice, wondering if I should adopt this strategy to my portfolio. What is holding me back when writing down the key elements. There is only a relatively short time span between the 65th minute (when you have 100% placed) and the 77th minute when you trade out for a loss if no goal. So you only have 12 minutes out of second halfs 45+ minutes for getting the maximum outcome. Have you identified this time frame as the sweet spot for a second half goal? Because the second half will be divided in four parts with this strategy (when you get the first second half goal): 45-50 is no trade, 50-65 only in with half stake, 65-77 full stake, and 77-90 min is a loss.

  65. Alex Oluseyi

    thanks so much

  66. István Balázs Béres

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  67. Nathanboy98

    If another goal is scored after you cash out how can you maximise profits because youre not even in the market anymore?

    1. Nathanboy98

      @Alex Ong also if no goal is scored by the 65th minute, when you put your second bet on, do you cash out of the first one, or leave them both on till the 77th minute? Thanks!

    2. Alex Ong

      Nathanboy98 I use Betfair 🙂

    3. Nathanboy98

      @Alex Ong and what do you think is the best site for a partial cash out? I have been using betway and they only offer full cash outs!

    4. Alex Ong

      Nathanboy98 partial cashout so remove your risk but not whole position

  68. TradecomValor

    Alex when you back over limit or next over you look at the stats and confirms that teams have a lot goals againts but not scored what is your approach?

  69. Dark Tuga20

    Can u trade on bookmaker website?

  70. Thomas molzen

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  71. John34 Baxter5555

    But what if the match finishes nil-nil, that you lose everything right ? Also how much do you suggest I put down?

    1. Alex Ong

      No you will trade out by around the 80th minute max. I mention this in the video. How much you stake is completely your decision.

  72. Catalin Cojocaru


  73. Hub Sun

    avoid double chance if you dont want to go broke

  74. Yassin Ahmed


  75. Sean Russell

    does anyone know of any good forums for football trading?

  76. im lalit

    Hello Alex I m a fantasy player and I want to know projection score in football so how to know the perfect idea of score any have plz tell me love form India🤩🤩🤩

  77. BetSystemChannel

    Sad is all football now closed. I cant make videos with tips

  78. Gary Cook

    Im making money with it. Its about match selection which takes a lot of research. In fact just about any of the markets you can do it on. I dont find one much better than another. Although some are easier to execute and this one is one of the easiest.


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  80. John34 Baxter5555

    This works best for me, made a few hundred over the weekend

    1. Alex Ong

      Well done dude!

  81. Nazreen Jefrizal

    i use this strategy on 2nd half . 65mins onwards. reasonable profit and risk

  82. James Green

    what you are effectively advising people to do is trade markets around the game state in the first half which is simply the current score at HT , In your video you advise to ignore 2-0 , it is actually 0-2 HT game state around the globe that is the most prolific game state for 2nd half goals . Alex , it would be a good idea if you looked at the data in an individual league …

    1. S Wojnowski

      Cant agree on 0:2 HT state. Being 2 goals down takes all the pressure off you and opens the game completely.

  83. john crook

    Alex, please could you do a video on the best way to trade Over 0.5 1st half goals (How to select matches and how and when to enter trades). Thanks

    1. Ope Mpapee

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      can i have contact with you?

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  85. Filippo Bernardi
  86. jacob otieno

    Hello Alex..this is a good strategy..and as U said..the price for over goals just keeps moving up after the game cant i just place a trade on predicting a higher price on the over after a few minutes and profit..?

  87. Tholithemba Ntsele

    Examples would be nice.

  88. ivo hristov

    what means trade out do you mean Cash out?

  89. ashav norda

    Hi Alex, what site do you use for analysing football statistics like current form etc?

  90. terry tibbs

    Why didnt you create a video where you show this in a real market. Typical teacher. All theory and no real world examples.

    1. Alex Ong

      terry tibbs lol have a good day sir

  91. dcvose1

    Guys give alex some credit here. Its an intro to a decent strat which is tweaks to others but fair play. I might not agree with all of it but most of it is sound advice for swing trades on footy. Whilst a 70pc hit rate sounds nice be warned if youre starting out the losses you will get from the ones which dont hit break your bank quickly. His advice is good but we are talking small margins which commission probably takes away some advantage. Lends itself better to 2.5 rather than 1.5 for risk i think.

  92. ilhan yılmaz

    I think you should try your lucky day today @t

  93. TradecomValor

    A match 0-0 where is expected goals and a goal happened 2nd half 48
    The favourite is loosing do you believe it still good to go Over.25 with same strategy or what should I do?

    1. TheRebel

      If the favourite have not a lot of creativity in the team stay away, the amount of times you see 1.5 shots with poor attacking quality come up against a brick wall is staggering. All depends on the team, if the team has pace and quality and have a good goals for stat you can go in on it.

  94. Eladio Mora

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  98. Michal Kokos

    I just did exactly what you said during this video investing some money for the second half and they scored 4 minutes latter with provided me with free bet strategy . Nice one man. Keep up the good tips 🙂

    1. Richard George

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