Betfairde at yarışı bahisleri

Genellikle at yarışı üzerine anlaşmalar vardır.Yarış başladıktan dakikalar sonra betfairde at yarışlarına bahis oynamak sizi mutlu edecektir.

Herkes en az bir kez televizyonda at yarışları görmüş. İlki, tüm bahisleri betfairdeki diğer herhangi bir spor dalında olduğu gibi gün, yarış pisti ile gösterir. Ayrıca favori o kadar açık değil, yakınlarda dört at daha var: Durum, betfair teniste, beyzbolda, futbolda at yarışı bahislerinin sayısını artırma eğilimindedir. Yani biz sıradan stokçuyuz ve ilgileniyoruz atların nasıl kazandığına dair alıntılarla ve bu da yıllık bir aralıktı. Bugün, izin verilen maksimum yeniden satın alma sayısının hesabını ve işlemin reiskardında olduğu gibi bu sayıyı belirtme olanağını ekledik.

30 dakika içinde sizin için bir robot kurması için geliştiriciye yazın, ödemeniz gerekir vip. Oval içindeki bölge, cf.nin ilk oluşumunun bölgesidir. Aynı miktarı 1.5 ve 25 oranlarına, yani geniş bir oran yelpazesine koymanın yanlış olduğunu düşünüyorum.

Bu yüzden biraz aldım: şimdilik, sizin için atın ekran görüntüleri, mesafe, yarışta betfairde at yarışı bahislerinin sayısı, yarışın başlama saati. İlgili sütundaki ödemeler doğrudan hesap ve yarış pistlerinde ve betfairdeki at yarışı bahisleri kendini temsil ediyor. Strateji, uzun bir süre içinde kazanmak için tasarlanmıştır ve buna izin verir – asıl şey. At yarışlarını analiz ederken oran hareket çizelgeleri de aynı derecede önemlidir.

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  1. mohamed ismail


  2. Mr Andy

    I guess thats too advanced for me its not clear

    1. Caan Berry Pro Trader

      I think when you understand the charts, tools and logic its very simple, but maybe if trading is new to you that could be why?

  3. Nicholas Phillips

    Definitely worth a try

    1. Nicholas Phillips

      Going to implement it when the premier league is back ⚽️

    2. Caan Berry Pro Trader

      Expecially 1 & 3

  4. baba yaga

    You give bets as well?

    1. Caan Berry Pro Trader


  5. Pearce GreatestEverLeftBack Knows Best

    You’ll almost double your money with Bournemouth (24/11) then all on Swansea Double Chance (29/11)
    Then in December Watford to win at City Ground followed by Reading Win then Norwich Win & Brentford double chance.

    All winnings put on Forest to be relegated this season coz we will be.

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    a VERY VERY Nice profit from it Check this Link out…..

  7. gunakar kusuma

    Any cricket tips channels please share

    1. Caan Berry Pro Trader

      We have a cricket guide?

  8. David Campbell

    Bitcoin trading is easy while football trading is not easy to predict.

    1. Caan Berry Pro Trader

      Why is bitcon easier? Youre essentially trading something that isnt fixed to tangible items? Genuinely interested in this explanation as havent looked at it properly and may be a bit naieve.

    2. David Campbell

      I made £26,750 with a capital of £9,500 in just 5 days.. Just get an expert, get your capital.. You will say goodbye to sports betting.

    3. Evelyne Motmana

      Travis, you will have to meet a professional to guide you or help you trade.
      I only have an expert that manage my account.

    4. Travis Carl

      David, how do you trade with bitcoin? How do I start?

    5. Evelyne Motmana

      David, I agree with you on this. Ive lost in football betting, but bitcoin trading restored the lost hope.

  9. Master Betting

    Very good channel! What can you say about the new Swiss sports betting exchange? The lowest commission in the world, markets do not close at the event, arbitrage welcomes! Betting exchange ?

  10. mado ENT

    What about parlay games??

  11. Brite Mtero

    just beginning I am learning everything is still greek not sure what I am getting my self in. but your videos very helpful

    1. Caan Berry Pro Trader

      Thanks, if you have a tip to how we can improve them Im listening 🙂

  12. ArgyKara Rocco

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge Caan. I am one of those people who have satellite. can you make one video for us?

    1. Caan Berry Pro Trader

      Do you mean satellite intercepting the initial spike?

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    The best thing I learned was to have acceptance for how good/bad/lucky you are at certain on odds and develop a staking system that fits it perfectly, so I studied 4 Years of logs I keep of my betting from the win percentage, to winning and losing patterns and now I am honestly killing it, I have won 72.17 units of profit in just 13 days and honestly its not even a surprise I genuinely had a eureka moment and knew that would be the results the system would bring.

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  14. For Your Information

    Can any 1 reply ,
    To win either half bet , meaning with example?

    A,B 2teams are playing

    My bet placed on A

    1st half scores are 0:1,
    2nd half scores are 1:0
    End of the fulltime scores are 1:1

    Plz any 1 reply , My bet on (team A)
    Am i win or loose?

  15. Steve Barker

    Easy to win at gambling, whats the best way to make a million?
    Start with 50 million.

    1. Caan Berry Pro Trader

      If I had a pound for every time I see that joke on this channel 😀

  16. mohamed ismail

    Funny bettors are the ones who claimto beat the bookies with strategies

  17. Alex Norman

    Join us and win daily tips 💯

    1. Caan Berry Pro Trader

      Dont think this is all that legit tbh, is it.

  18. Simon T Sheepo

    Dont you have a telegram account?

    1. Simon T Sheepo

      @Caan Berry Pro Trader iam new at betting and i bett via betting tickets , i would like you to give me a few games to bett on if its okay with you

    2. Caan Berry Pro Trader


  19. Truth shall set you free

    Nice video bro

    1. Caan Berry Pro Trader


  20. Alex-DJ Evans

    Finding watching your videos very useful but its really annoying that the subtitles are over all the parts of the charts you are trying to show us. Anyone no how to turn these off?

    1. Caan Berry Pro Trader


    2. Alex-DJ Evans

      Ignore that just found the magic subtitle button. 🤦🏻‍♂️

  21. Onu Obinna Onu

    This for me is great cos it boosts my confidence from the way i was betting before 👍

  22. Don 6035

    Most stupidest. Comparing football bet like stock market.. Please do same video on betting in casino… Im 30 years gambler on horse football casino stock forex casino n this is shit of all time.

  23. clubsilencio

    What about betting on futbol in-game during minute 85 to 90? I’ve had some success with this strategy

    1. Caan Berry Pro Trader

      Sure, see the football stats video in the upload history about this.

  24. Ratu Naikatolu

    Just started with betting. Your channel helps heaps. Thank you

    1. Ratu Naikatolu

      Cheers mate! Looking forward to your next videos👊

    2. Caan Berry Pro Trader

      Glad to help

  25. Amit Mondal

    This is great from your side

  26. Houssem Hizi

    I dont understand nothing

    1. Caan Berry Pro Trader

      Would love to help, but that doesnt sound like something thats fixable!

  27. Nemesis 86

    My top tip avoid cup games especially caribou cup

    1. Caan Berry Pro Trader

      But can you identify which teams wont go for it ? Seen the recent premier league upload? I think it may help.


    2. Nemesis 86

      Purely for the reason some teams just dont go for it, alot of upsets if anything wait till right near the start check the teams thoroughly an maybe just do small stakes on the underdogs, Ive never had good luck with unpredictable cup games and I make good bets and winnings in the season

  28. SugarTomAppleRoger

    I tried this strategy and saw Joe was moving down and backed him at 10/11. He is now 1/2.
    I have also laid Man City at 10/11. They are always overrated. They are now 9/5.
    ( I always lay Man City) If they look like winning, back them, and take the loss. Stop loss at 4/5.
    I backed Hillary at 1/2 last time. She moved in to 1/6.
    I backed Donald at 6/1 and covered myself.

  29. Randhir Dutt

    Im from 🇮🇳 India huge fan of ur buddy

    1. Caan Berry Pro Trader

      India is big on the Cricket.

    2. Himanshu Yadav

      Hey man, m too from India, do you bet?

  30. Williams Turner

    Bitcoin is the future investment, in it now will be the wisest thing to do, especially with the current rise for real, its very profitable ….

    1. Williams Turner

      I think the secret behind crypto is buying at a lesser very low rate and selling at a higher good rate.

  31. Podcast P

    Trying to understand. And hope I will learn and it’s gonna work.

  32. Marko Curcic

    Ive tried the first strategy a couple of times (before even watching this video) and evey time a quick second came and I lost 😂 But Ill definitely try it again, at least I found out from the video that it can be profitable, so it must be my game selection that was bad.

    1. monika domanska

      @Caan Berry Pro Trader Cant belive it just start strategy 1 on Roma game (31/01) goal after another! You should people lay everything what I am putting back 😀

    2. Caan Berry Pro Trader

      That sucks, theres a very low percentage chance of ther being a second in succession.

  33. Christian F.

    I dont understand the first strategy its in over 2.5 If annother Goal the Price Hits against you, it cant Push Up in Seconds AS you mentioned?

    1. Caan Berry Pro Trader

      See the pinned and previous comments! Was the video editors error, the market to do this on should be the Match Odds. You see these overreactions in all markets after a goal though so easily confused.

  34. TikTokGuruExpert

    Hi caan, I’m a beginner in football betting do you need a broker to bet or you register on their website

    1. Caan Berry Pro Trader

      You can use whatever you like but exchanges give a better deal for the end user yes.

  35. Demar Williams

    This is some good strategies

    1. Caan Berry Pro Trader


  36. Liverpix

    I find it is much better to watch the games live on Bet365 than on betfair. Larger picture and you can switch over to the stats and other matches quickly. You should have betfair/smarkets open too of course to lay bets.

    1. Caan Berry Pro Trader

      365s live video is reliable yes.

  37. The awakened one

    Im new to this after learning high street bookies will ban winners, loving your videos so far as at first, betting exchanges looks complex.

    1. The awakened one

      @Caan Berry Pro Trader Hey Caan thanks for your reply. Can you send me the website for your package (I think ive seen it on forums that you offer this service) Thanks again and look forward to starting this. Screw bet365!

    2. Caan Berry Pro Trader

      Its really not complicated at all. You just have two options on each selection – for or against, known as back or lay, denoted in blue or pink. Thats it! Using software appears a little overwhelming at first granted, but thats pretty easy too after a couple of days on trial.

  38. Frank Coles

    Hi Caan, this is totally unclear. Strat1 is laying Match Odds after goal scored – but which team? Presumably not the fave? Strat2 needs an example, I use it myself but lots of errors will be made without one, and then Strat3 says follow a non-existent link (at least on the iPhone app). Cheers, F

    1. Frank Coles

      @Caan Berry Pro Trader Cheers Caan. I will check out the link. Not sure about celeb. Neer do well more like.

    2. Caan Berry Pro Trader

      Hi Frank, #1 the team that scored. Its a simple over-reaction in human behaviour that ties in with on-pitch motivation too. #2 its all about the timing, agreed, will see about examples for this. #3 the link is here –

      It should have shown in the end-screen…

      Nice to have a celeb commenting on the channel 🙂


    The first strategy really depends on the timing of when the goal is scored, and the context of the match situation. For example If a team is 1-0 behind with 5 minutes to go and they equalise then they have an incentive to go on and win. Also depending on when a goal is scored the lay odds could be quite high

    1. Caan Berry Pro Trader

      Everything relies on context. Seen the draw video? Another one that still needs context

  40. Isaac Muthoni

    really helful practising it by tomorrow morning been loosing alot

  41. Stephen Charles

    I need a fellow that will be helping me with 5odds

    1. Richard Martin

      I can do it

  42. iRANDOM TV

    Really want to know more strategies to win

    1. Caan Berry Pro Trader

      More to be uploaded soon. Make sure you subd

  43. strumbad stroller

    wow. you have just changed the way I think of trading. Would never have thought of this myself. Ill be watching how the market reacts in future & scalping rather than trading. Thanks for this.

  44. michal murawski

    7:36 thats wrong
    its over under graph so if next goal is scored price is not going back to 1.7 like you said, but its going down to under 1.1 like the picture shows

    1. Caan Berry Pro Trader

      If you see the pinned comment, the other comments, the replies to the other comments and the description… you will see it was an editing fault with the video. Should have been MO market.

  45. Mister Smith

    Hi there, enjoying the vids, The strategies seem bona-fide, however from what Ive taken, the process is more of an overview and not the actual execution of the actual trades done, the only clue for strategy 1 is the over 2.5 goal upon the graph. Keep it up, loving the military style mindsets, brings back memories!

    1. Caan Berry Pro Trader

      I probably under-rate it but the military mindset is defo an asset. Nice to have a brother commenting on the channel 😉

  46. aubrian progress

    As a beginner Im using the 1.5 goal strategy thanks for the lesson. South Africa loves you

    1. WATP 55 COMING

      Same as me

    2. Caan Berry Pro Trader

      Will update about this.

    3. Clips of Movie

      Which strategy brother??

  47. Ramson Walter

    Hi we have like 13Matches Jackpot in ever week can you help me win?because I have been trying several times but I fail🤔

    1. Caan Berry Pro Trader

      You gotta find value in the odds rather than trying to predict the future.

  48. fayaz H

    Good one can. Looking forward for more strategies to earn rather loosing money. God bless you

    1. Caan Berry Pro Trader

      Its right to start with strategy first. Can save a hell of a lot of pain and stress.

  49. mohamed ismail

    we will retalk about that after 10000 BETS

  50. Condoman gaming and entertainment

    When I loss 1000 dollars and I want to leave betting but when i watch your video 1 get back my 100 dollars

  51. Irone Elvis

    Good tips, but are to pick the right game to get winning?

    1. Caan Berry Pro Trader

      We have a new upload coming about this. You are right, match selection is very important. Check it out tomorrow.

  52. Herry Mkilaha

    Start at 3:18 at Strategy 1

  53. Sayema Nasrin

    Kisiko online betting id ya master id chahiye to call karo 8637556984 or 7872827226 pehle detail mai janlo achcha laga to kam karna

  54. Andy Smith


  55. mohamed ismail

    without odds over 4 OR 2.5 AH 0 IN SOCCER you will loose in the long term
    it is about maths ; $ management and the most important of all is the betteor pshyco

  56. Jimboy Aquino

    Great teaching sir! May I ask where you find the graphs youre using.

    1. Caan Berry Pro Trader

      They are exchange graphs via Betfair.

  57. oranjeboomify

    Hello mate I’m confused, For strategy 1 you bet against the team that has just scored to win even though they’re 1-0 up?..

    1. Caan Berry Pro Trader

      Yes, in the Match Odds football market.

  58. Rabii Gebrine

    Rabii Gebrine
    1 week ago
    If im living in Canada would you guys know any sites that i can use for betting exchange?

    1. Caan Berry Pro Trader

      Canada is out I think. Unless you are a resident and have an address/bank in another country. Maybe a VPN then but thats questionable. Would need to check the official lines.

  59. Andrew Jones

    Great videos. Am I correct in assuming that betting on football is limited to time frames a month after the season starts and a month or 2 before it ends as teams are fighting for their lives. Therefore Sept-April??? Also throw in Covid and surely all the stats go out the window??? Cheers

    1. Caan Berry Pro Trader

      One way of approaching it. Where people are scared be greedy… one rather successful person once said.

  60. Ernest Henton

    Thanks for this strategies.

    1. Caan Berry Pro Trader

      No worries! Theres now an draw video uploaded that is pretty useful too. Have a peek –

  61. 21 Entertainment

    Thanks man!

  62. The Ashin

    Hi there, i am a new subscriber.
    Love your videos, really informative.

    1. Caan Berry Pro Trader

      Cheers, more inbound shortly.

  63. Kelvin wachira

    thanks for this strategies they will reaaly sharpen my betting skills I however wish there is an app that can help me predict results


    this strategies are great

    1. Caan Berry Pro Trader

      Cheers! Logical and practical compared to many others I have seen…

  65. tommy hamilton

    Just started football trading, currently building my bank. Great tips Cann.

    1. Caan Berry Pro Trader

      Good stuff. Glad to hear it… some really useful nuggets in this video for sure.

  66. Wilber Akan Darius

    Caan, u talk too much… 15mins is a lot of time for such a video man.

    1. Caan Berry Pro Trader

      lol, sorry about that. Look forward to seeing your channel

  67. mohamed ismail

    the value bet is the only starategy men

  68. Nikola Vasilijevic

    This is the system that i used to make 1.2 million dollars profit over the last two and a half years.

    1. Caan Berry Pro Trader

      Really? You seem to have added this on several videos.

  69. Trading Advice & Criticism

    this quick move is normally between 55 and 60 mins.

  70. Chris Bick

    Great Strategies Caan. You really are a breath of fresh air, looking out for us and giving us all these strategies. All the other videos I watch, I feel like theyre trying to make me lose money for their own gain.

    1. Caan Berry Pro Trader

      Thanks! I hope thats what sets this channel appart 🙂

  71. Ndubuisi Orih


  72. Sandra Kariithi

    Am not sure if I’ve missed it but could you please do a video of how to calculate your odds so that you can predict on btts ,thank you bro.

    1. Caan Berry Pro Trader

      Yes I can. BTTS is another popular topic, will do, thanks.

  73. Srikanth R

    Good one . Both video and free cash. 😂

    1. Caan Berry Pro Trader

      Win-win opportunity 😉

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  75. Giedrius Budvytis

    i have lots expierience was about to hate video but last section makes sense actualy even though i dont bet on football for very long now but thats how pros work from what i know

    1. Caan Berry Pro Trader


  76. praise hungwe

    GOD bless you work!

    1. Caan Berry Pro Trader

      Probability blesses it enough every day 🙂

  77. Kwame amoh

    This is educative. Thanks

    1. Caan Berry Pro Trader

      Thats the idea! Thanks dude.

  78. Dumitrel Ciprian

    Really smart strategies. Keeping in mind that Caan usually trades horse racing mainly, this video demonstrates that previous knowledge of team forms etc. pales compared with the actual field reality. Moreover, it just states that trading is a skill that you can apply on any sport, regardless of your knowledge in that sport. Keep up the good work Caan. I suppose that AT LEAST for the first strategy, a tool as Geek toy with really low latency is essential, right?

    1. Caan Berry Pro Trader

      Hey, thanks for the comment. Yes horse racing was the starting point but when you learn about the markets and how people behave over and over it soon makes it easy enough to find the bright spots in other sports markets. Consider its the market activity we trade not the actual sporting activity 🙂

  79. Himanshu Yadav

    Have been following your vidoes lately, which bookmaker would you suggest for football betting? Bet365 or betway?

    1. Himanshu Yadav

      @Caan Berry Pro Trader okay, which exchange should I go with? I am really new to this…

    2. Caan Berry Pro Trader

      Neither. Use an exchange. Any exchange.

  80. Tyrone Lowery

    Ive really lost a lot in straight betting, I will love to win regardless of the winner of the match. Which option is best to trade.. Options with 2 outcomes? Over/Under.?

    1. Caan Berry Pro Trader

      Its not to do with how many opitions but where there is value in the given prices. Rewatch the clip and see the 3rd strategy in particular. There is clear-cut value in this situation because of human emotion. Nothing to do with there being two outcomes. Does that make sense?

    2. Evelyne Motmana

      Tyrone, I suggest you find a professional that will help you trade the sports betting.

  81. SYED zubair

    Very informative

    1. Caan Berry Pro Trader

      Glad it was helpful!

  82. christian Chilando

    Very helpful 🇿🇲

    1. Caan Berry Pro Trader

      Glad you think so!

  83. Jay GC

    I really want to get into this. I’m confident I can grasp the numbers and statistics side of things, but do you need football knowledge? Do you have to be watching the games and quickly betting as it’s happening? Probably a really stupid question

    1. Jay GC

      Caan Berry Pro Trader Okay mate thanks for that. I’ll do a lot of watching and learning before I dive in to anything, and your channel seems like a great resource for that 👍🏻

    2. Caan Berry Pro Trader

      Watching games almost certainly helps. You dont have to be a footie pro though… its more about the market and human behaviours.

  84. Chris Bick

    Just confirming, Strategy 1 is using the O2.5 market isnt it?

    1. Caan Berry Pro Trader

      No, the match odds. Tried to notify people in the description/comment above but guess you missed that one bud.

  85. peter paul

    Have you tried SportsBroker yet? Its pretty new but seems to be gaining quite a bit of hype.
    Ive made an account but havent started trading yet. Would be keen to see a tutorial – apparently its not a betting platform?

    1. Caan Berry Pro Trader

      No I wouldnt either, exchanges all the way.

  86. Gooner Fan

    Caan I heard you say that all betting exchanges dont like winners recently and wondered why? was it a mistake to say or am I missing something?

  87. gymwestwood

    solid vid thanks , i like the goals market

    1. Caan Berry Pro Trader

      More to come!

  88. Pearce GreatestEverLeftBack Knows Best

    Bet on Forest losing. You’ll win more than you lose. Our next six matches, it’s highly likely we’ll lose all of them

    1. Pearce GreatestEverLeftBack Knows Best

      @Caan Berry Pro Trader Forest to be relegated is a good bet. I’m a Forest fan and I’m certain we’re going down this season

    2. Pearce GreatestEverLeftBack Knows Best

      @Caan Berry Pro Trader No. I’m saying that Forest won’t win any of those matches and so far they’ve Lost Lost Draw so 🤑🤑🤑🤑

    3. Caan Berry Pro Trader

      So you are saying the odds are wrong on them each time?

  89. nikolai 9-11

    you are the best bro..well done for your videos…can i ask you?is any way to trade or to make a good profit or income with bet in sports in greece?i cant play at betfair in know betburger programm??is for sure bets but i dont know if i can do it from greece

    1. nikolai 9-11

      @Caan Berry Pro Trader do you know if i can trade or arbitrage in greece?

    2. Caan Berry Pro Trader

      Never used that program sorry.

  90. michael johnson

    Just a question do I heard about a exchange called orbit exchange ?

    1. Caan Berry Pro Trader

      Yes, its a white label of Betfair.

  91. Kevin Smith

    The only way to win at betting is to become a time traveller.
    That way you would know the result before it happens.

    1. Caan Berry Pro Trader

      LOL, cynical, Kevin. Not true…

  92. Adrian Manoli

    With some examples will be better…otherwise,this are general things..and hard to apply for newbies..

    1. Caan Berry Pro Trader

      Sure, but this is YouTube and its free 🙂

  93. Valerio Giannini

    Great advices as always. Learning from you since I started. Thank you Caan 😉

    1. Caan Berry Pro Trader

      Great to hear. We do try!!!

  94. Cathy Kleinitz

    Excellent information

    1. Caan Berry Pro Trader

      Glad you liked it

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    I’ve been following for a while and loving the content

    1. Caan Berry Pro Trader

      Cheers, more imbound soon mate.

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    Muito bom!👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽🌃

    1. Caan Berry Pro Trader

      Thank you.

  97. Betting Tips Soccer

    A way to win the bets very easily .. You have to narrate the clip on my channel

  98. tigers456

    Very good video. Instructive.

    1. Caan Berry Pro Trader

      Glad it was helpful! Thanks. Must do more like this I guess.

  99. Jonathan Rice

    . . . .wait are you talking really American football or Soccer?

    1. Caan Berry Pro Trader


    2. Jonathan Rice

      Nvm. …

  100. kirkham111

    Diversify your bets between different sports, don’t bet higher then 1.15 odds limit your betting slip to no more then 6

    Only bet with bets with cash out available

    Stake big

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