Tahminler bugün için Golovkin ve Lomier ile savaşıyor

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Bugün SPORUMUZ Turindeki Olimpiyat Oyunlarını sunuyor ve sizi başlıca favorileriyle tanıştıracak. Kayak yarışı. Kavga etmek için görüşüyoruz. Canelonun koçu Eddie Reinoso: Golovkin artık değil.

Maç bugün, 23 Kasımda oynanacak .. M tahmininde Elche – Getafe maçı için bir tahmin yaptı, bugünkü İspanyol Örneği için Golovkin ve Lomier. Yayın, tahmin, haberler Frank Lampard, İngiltere milli futbol takımı Golovkinin darbesi, Gil FC Manchester United, FC Şampiyonası için ışığı söndürebilir. En son spor haberleri, videolar, fotoğraflar.

Le Mans · 2K Charr Olimpiyatların 35 yılı Moskova.

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  1. 039Recordz Onetakemeze

    Canelo Lost this ☝🏾 I’m sorry 📖👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾


    You can knockout canelo when he dash and hook, that is slow.



  4. C T


  5. Alfredo Moreno

    I thought was Lara Maywether

  6. Black Superman

    Yall kill me with that running talk. Lmao.

    1. Saul Escamilla

      @TheVillest see that kind of score card I can respect. In my opinion Canelo won off of the body shots and work rate. Had him winning by 7-5 I felt it couldve gone either way depending on how the judges saw it but definetly wasnt a blow out win for either. Wished they had a rematch and wish Lara was more known Definetly wasnt boring with Canelo or Hurd the dude puts on a clinic, havent seen that speed and precision in the Super Welterweight division since.

    2. TheVillest

      for real bro. when pure boxers fight and have good overall ring movement its called running by the casuals smh. i watched this live and watched it again 3 more times after and had lara winning every single time. when i watched it live i had him winning 8-4 and then 8-4, 7-5, 7-5. lara out landed him in 7 rounds and they tied in 1 round and he out landed canelo in overall connected punches too. over the years lara has been on the losing end of some really bad decisions but this one may top them all smh

  7. Luis Ramirez

    Lara corio más Qe un core camino

  8. Furmenix

    Yeah Lara might of moved a lot but you can’t lie he’s fast and accurate

  9. Swifty

    Lara literally sprinting 6:35 😂


    Seems everybody saying LARA was running in the comments… 😂😂 yall sum idiots… what idiot u knw wud stand there and take punches in a street fight or a boxing match? Oh yea Yall wud 😂😂

  11. J. Lopez

    I heard a fan shouting with pride
    thats Cuban school mentioning Lara..but I didnt see anything worth in Laras boxing skills, just running and running…

  12. Michael Joseph


  13. Indigenous Redd



    Ese Lara solo sabe correr

  15. Max Martinez

    Se la robaron al lara, aunque corria mucho, pero pego mas y certeros golpes en la cara de canelo..pura mafia..jueces sinverguensa, lo mismo le hicieron al ggg. Canelo le falta.

  16. Gerardo Martinez

    Ese wey parase gallina corriendo párese k lo van hacer en molito negro

  17. Peter Todo un poco

    😂 😂 escuela cubana

  18. Isidro

    Lara puro correr cree que el rink es para carreras, o se está fijando de mayweather solo corretear

  19. Luis Fernandez

    Si se la paso corriendo toda la pelea Lara bien ganado canelo que siempre fue al choque


    This is just a highlight video. Its very difficult to encompass a full fight in 10-15 minutes, so I always recommend watching full fights to have an objective view of the bouts.

    FULL Fight:

    1. Walkemdwn45

      @Arnulfo Lagunes learn how to spell first clown bitch

    2. Arnulfo Lagunes

      Lara was the wining

    3. Graziano Cecot

      P i

    4. Walkemdwn45

      @Chill Bill become a judge next time clown Vick’s was one sided and canelo still beat em puss

    5. Chill Bill

      Lara won this fight💯

  21. Lil Brazza

    Canelo dopé 💉💉 lara a sauvé ca peau

  22. Darren Fry

    The best thing ever to happen to canelo is loosing to Mayweather

    1. shallah777

      He lost this fight too

  23. Kiing79 SicDaggerCarp

    Lol at calling lara a runner because he beat canelo and was robbed

  24. StreetArtillery

    The point of the sport is to fight. Not run. For that, take up track and field

  25. Charlie Herk

    Run Lara Run all the way to Mayweathers house

  26. Jaime Lujano Martinez

    Canelo fue quien busco la pelea ,y quien demostró más hambre de ganar al cubano le faltaron guevos para plantarse a intercambiar madrazos

  27. Erick Fernando Rubio

    La verdad canelo se dio cuenta que no gano por eso no celebro.

  28. slimer green

    Full fight highlights? Lol wtf

  29. Audy La Fama

    Lara corrió mucho pero como quiera gano esa pelea …. soy teamcanelo pero la verdad hay que decirla gano lara fue un robo… ya no creo en boxeo desde hace unos años

  30. Carlos Trevino

    Who ever made this video is a canelo HATER. you only showed lara highlights in slo mo for round 5 when canelo clearly put some work on Lara’s body, those were some brutal body shots and you didn’t replay them!

  31. Efraim Espino

    Tremenda guantera recibió Canelo Alvarez. Tremenda

  32. Jose Canales

    Lara was on his bike the whole night


    Aquí si gano Lara

  34. Jojo Lucas

    So he a pussy ass runner lol

  35. Francisco Enriquez

    Damn canelo in this fight doesnt seem like todays canelo….honestly he won this fight not by alot but was the better fighter….he has improved big time and i see why he is hated on so much…..jealous men are bisexual men…..canelo a real man and not too many real men nowadays

  36. Handy Manny

    Dont even compare Lara with Mayweather. Mayweather is on another level..in the sense not only he ran, he also hugged like there was no tomorrow. Lara wasnt hugging here

  37. el profeta 4k

    El equipo de lara estaba selebrando k leabia aguantado los 12 asaltos sin ke lara saliera en una camilla pero larealidad es ke canelo lomolio agolpes pobre negrito

  38. Alex Wixxer

    Lara won

  39. Shiki Tono

    Lara has a better clean shots landed and he is slick AF. But if only he didnt back pedals all the time the judges wouldve chosen him as the victor. but nonetheless, this needs to have a rematch. Lara is fun to watch.

  40. 039Recordz Onetakemeze

    Lara landed the most he out pointed Canelo this was a terrible job by the judges

  41. Gabriel EinGott

    How you land more punches and lose the fight? Laras punches was very clean, maybe less power full but sharper than Canelos. You guys talking about running….Lara was moving smart and looking good in the most exchanges. If you wanna see canelos vs punching bag than go visit canelos training gym, maybe you can catch him working on the punching bag, even this bag is moving 😂 guys are sitting on the couch with over weight and talking about running 🤣

  42. gaming kids

    Esa pelea la perdió el canelo y se la dieron dammmmmm

  43. Victor Guzman

    This Lara guy is pretty elusive, but running away, hugging and not really doing anything to win is not going to take him far. The guy is fast but obviously not a good fighter. He reminds me of Mayweather, but at least Mayweather would stop and exchange from time to time. This Lara guy is just a running clown.

  44. Luis Alcántara

    Como quería ganar Lara y su esquina si se la pasó corriendo toda la pelea y gritan por ahí es la escuela cubana, pues que mala escuela sin confrontación, esa no atrae al espectáculo y se ve como pelea de tres patines

  45. Efra The One

    Min 5:56 cuban school he said!.. yeah i know his right kanelo #1 p4p and lara?.. Wait where is lara?🤔🤔

  46. limberth lenini castro burgos

    Canelo perdió en esta pelea

  47. Draike Smith

    Lara did well, but he fights like Floyd. Just runs

  48. Jose Mejia

    What an embarrassing fight, canelo lost and got school😂😂😂

    1. Jose Mejia

      @DIZK whats is crack, well you know what it is since you mentioned it. Well your canelo both eyes were swollen, that why he put his glasses in the press conference 😂😂😂 look it up crack head

    2. DIZK

      Put down the crack pipe bro

  49. Joni Kolit

    Competition the ring for a fight not run … what happen Erislandi afraid with runing, Canelo is the best fighter.

  50. abdurauf abdusattorov

    Lara could beat Canelo


    Para mí esa pelea la ganó Lara!!!

  52. Vito Sosa

    Ive watched this fight 3 times and always come out with lara ahead.

    1. Hanan Khalid

      Everytime canelo Landed Or missed One or Two Punches. Lara Replied Back With a 4-5 punch Combo straight through canelos Gaurd… He Literally Outboxed Him. Jabbed Amazingly Used his Footwork. He Won In Every Way… and I See People Who Never Stepped In The Ring Or Know Sh About Boxing Making Fun of Lara. This Aint Running. This Is Boxing….

    2. TheVillest

      @Vito Sosa yeah, this i def agree with for sure. now if they fought canelo would most likely win and it would be clear and not the way it was before

    3. Vito Sosa

      @TheVillest I agree happens all the time and stains the purity. If Lara fought Canelo again hed lose though Canelos boxing education is always evolving. Laras is stunted by his remote cuban pride.

    4. TheVillest

      same… came out 8-4, 7-5, 7-5…. lara out landed him in 7 rounds and they tied in 1 and lara out landed him in over connected punches. over the years lara has had some pretty disgusting decisions not go his way smh

  53. Juan Machado

    Veo muchos hablando que si el cubano corría, que si esto o aquello no sean tan fanáticos conecto más golpes que canelo y si mal no recuerdo el boxeo se basa en pegar al contrario lo más que puedas y que el contrario no te golpee a ti y en eso gano el cubano aunque les duela es así

  54. Mr Barry

    That was a robbery then, still a robbery today.

    1. Mr Barry

      @Lil Uzi Hurt lil 22, please

    2. Lil Uzi Hurt

      You were deluded then, still deluded today.

  55. Mauro Caschili

    Señores canelo tiro
    El doble de golpes pero eso no define a un boxeador mírenle la cara Lara fue más efectivo a pesar de estar físicamente por debajo de canelo es más q evidente no soy fanatico solo pienso q ser una maquina de tirara puños y aguantar puños no lo es todo donde queda el profesionalismo el arte lo lindo del deporte canelo no lo veía 😂

  56. Luis Grajeda

    Pinchi lara correlona igual que la gallina de Verguether

  57. Diofran Salas

    Buen estilo de Lara ,entra y golpea ,sale y vuelve a entrar !

    1. Diofran Salas

      @Gustavo jajajaja

    2. Gustavo

      sale? es correr pendejo jajajajjaja

  58. Dionne Brown

    canelo was juicing in this fight dude had way too much energy.🙄

  59. jalcaraz612

    I like Canelo but he didn’t win this fight. They’re really protecting his loss record

    1. jalcaraz612

      @Gustavo I’ve only watched the highlights and didn’t watch the full fight.

      But boxing is the art of hitting and not getting hit. By what I saw Lara would hit Canelo with combos going through his guard and then run. He did that almost the whole fight.

      It seems like Canelo doesn’t do well with fighters that do that like Mayweather.

    2. Gustavo

      lara was running how can you expect to win that way

    3. starbabi A4


  60. Angel Eliel Ramirez

    Que ridículo hizo Lara al subirse a las cuerdas

  61. Kriti Kon Razon

    Canelo es el Mejor de la historia del Boxeo Mexicano. Aqui estan las Pruevas
    Lara Corre como Chiva en el monte. Aburre, da sueno. Canelo estava empezando. Ahora el canelo es mucho mejor que ese tiempo

  62. Carrera First

    Lara scared to land a ko punch. Canelo put him on check lol

  63. Truth Serum

    Imagine Lara vs Mayweather…in playground tag. Its a 50/50 toss up

  64. Martín Esparza

    cómo cuando peleas contra un corredor lo alcanzas y le ganas 😂😂😂😂😂

  65. Alex Garcia

    Erislandy Lara could have won this fight but he was afraid of getting k.o and forgot to be efficient in the counter he would just run away even tho he got some good hits on canelo he lost by getting punched so many times in the body

  66. Juan Miguel Fernandez

    Que metia de piñaso le dieron a canelo en esa pelea

  67. argen! A

    Gano Lara. Que injusto.

  68. Sergio Gonzalez

    I watched the FULL fight,to all you Canela fans,Lara won by points EASILY,no doubt,but hey if you can buy judges what can you do

  69. 제시리버

    lara got robbed

  70. Bandit Psycho357

    MexiCAN Tyson baby

  71. Hanan Khalid

    People Who Never Stepped In a Ring or Know Shi About Boxing Making Fun Of Lara. He Won in Every Way. I Love Canelo but He Was Outboxed and Lara Was Disguistingly Robbed…

  72. Pj Pj

    Great boxing from Lara…..same way mayweather beat him….but actually Lara had very straight punches that put a hurt on canello….interesting fight…decision…..hmmmm

  73. Franklin M Carvajal

    To be the champion you got beat the champion and Lara didnt , his body took too many punches

  74. angel Osorio

    Jajajaja ahuevo somos mexicanos

  75. Henry Salazar

    Se la robaron al cubano la pelea

  76. [email protected] Miguel González

    Lara fue campion y vencedor en esta pelea aprendan de boxeo y si no saben estudien que los libros se escribieron para leerse


    Canelo really loss this fight

  78. TheVillest

    i guess you lose when you throw around the same amount of punches as your opponent but out land them in 7 rounds and tie in one round all while out landing your opponent in overall punches too. lara won this fight hands down smh. when pure boxers are in the ring and not brawlers people love to call it running. its called MOVEMENT and using the ring to your advantage. no one ever said you have to stand in front of your opponent and let them tee off on you so you can show people how tough you are. its always the same people who dont know shit about boxing that you see complain when it comes to someone with laras style. but then we see someone with laras style beat up on a brawler like hurd only to appease people for half of the fight and trade with the dude and lose to a last min knock down. lara did that because he has been on the back end of a few really bad decisions. enough of them to completely abandon your normal style of fighting just so the judges dont fuck you over. its amazing smh

  79. Joseph Velasco

    The age of running for the Hood is over..

  80. Romantico Poeta

    Lol dint expect canelo to win he dint block most of the punches.

  81. Eddie Fontaine

    Stats dont lie that cuban out performed imagin being able to go to the distance and still throw and land more then the opponent
    Classic , with the amount of power behind canelo
    Lara should have been put down but nevertheless we all learned a valuable lesson

  82. Kalys Kubanychbekov

    Canelo😅😅😅😅😅😅😅Lara win 👍👍👍👍

  83. Angelo Bovara

    Lara wasnt fighting to win. He was fighting to finish on his feet. He got beat from post to pillar when he wasnt running he was absorbing punishment.

  84. Diagnel Franco

    Buena pelea pero el canelo no lo encontraba para mi gano lara

  85. Jared Martinez

    Idky everyone think Lara won, it’s like body shots don’t count no more 🤦🏽‍♂️

  86. Erick Hernandez

    lara fights like a bitch not wanting to put up a good fight 💀

  87. Elizabeth Arambula

    16:15 LARA: SII GAN…. CANELO:nel bro

  88. shallah777

    Lara got cheated


    Like Mayweather & so many many others the past 10 yrs. > not engaging but piling up little points w/hit & run. E.L in this fight (WON) based on bulk of judges scoring pts. BUT C.A. was & is the Golden Goose to the Corrupt Fight game! Nothing new there in Corrupt sports!

  90. CaliforniaPickin

    On points: Lara , On Body Shots: Canelo , Head shots: Lara , Damage: Canelo, Jabs : Lara (BY FAR) Aggression: Canelo , Running away: Lara. I like Canelo but this looked more like a draw.

  91. Ayheshia Gomez

    I think lara is win

  92. Oscar Chamorro

    soy mexicano y para mí punto de vista el canelo perdió esa pelea Erislandy Lara le frustró la pelea

  93. John Zoccano

    Doesnt matter what Canelo does they will always give him a decision…but this fight was a LOSS, no question.

  94. Roe Jogan

    Lara clearly won this fight

  95. mosharief amaikurut

    Lara try to be like Floyd when he saw him Schooled Canelo back 2013 and so he tries to do the Mayweather style but still lost


      Bruh really 😂😂😂

  96. Luis Alcántara

    Que fortaleza de el Canelo levantó con su cuello todo el cuerpo de Lara y lo mantuvo!!!!

  97. Marlon Modeste

    There needs to be a rematch.

  98. Asta Norvaišiene


  99. Indira Vargas


  100. Martin Rodriguez

    Otro [email protected] claro en el box para hacer subir al mejicanito que perdio y solo quedo avergonzado el pobre buey

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