Lig bahisleri metro yasenevo

Sayfa, Moskovadaki bahis ofisi League of Stakes in öğretim kadrosunun tüm adreslerini içerir. Kulüplerin kendileri geniş ekranlarla donatılmıştır, merkezdeki ekranlar ise üç metre yüksekliğindedir.Konuklar içecek ve yemek sipariş edebilir.

Harita üzerinde BC League of Stakes in en yakın adresinin nerede olduğunu görebilirsiniz. Moskovadaki League of Bet bahisçilerinin adresleri. Bahisler Ligi, g. Fedosino, 8 () (Rusyanın herhangi bir bölgesinden ücretsiz arama).:?> League of Stakes, Moscow, st. Novoperedelkinskaya, 9 a. 8 () (Rusyanın herhangi bir bölgesinden ücretsiz arama).:?> League of Stakes, Moskova. 8 44 55 (metro yasenevo Liga Stavokun yasal bahis liginin bahisleri ücretsiz) veya 8 51 73 (uluslararası yasadışı BC Liga Stavok destek hizmetinin telefon numarası, para için) görüşme genellikle bir cep telefonu operatörü tarafından toplanır) sohbet (sitenin tüm sayfalarının sağ alt köşesinde, sohbeti başlat, çevrimiçiyiz yazısının altında).

Bahis Liginden ayrılın. BC League of Stakes desteğinin metro yasenevo oranları ligi nasıl çalışır. Büyük bir artı – günün her saati ve haftanın yedi günü çalışır. Bir başka iyi haber de, soruyu cevaplayan kişilerin gerçekten yetkin olmaları ve şirketlerinin oranları ve çalışmaları hakkında her şeyi biliyor olmalarıdır .. League of Stakes bahis şirketi Moskova, st.

Profsoyuznaya a, Prince Plaza alışveriş ve eğlence merkezi (Yasenevo bölgesi) ve bir iletişim telefon numarasına sahiptir +7 Şirket ayrıca şu temel olmayan alanlarda da faaliyet göstermektedir: bahisçiler, yasenevo metro bahis ligleri, eğlence kuruluşları, yasenevo metro bahis ligi. Ayrıca metroyla (en yakın istasyon Yasenevo dur) Yasenevo metrosundaki bahis şirketi League of Stakes e sadece metrelerce binmek de mümkündür.Bu kurum 1.

kategoriye dahildir. Telefondan, web sitesinden daha fazla bilgi alabilirsiniz .. Metro Yasenevo Bahisleri Metro Yasenevo Bahisleri Yapın Metro Yasenevo bahislerinin adresi ve telefon numarası veya şirketin açılış saatleri hata ile belirtilir mi? Alakalı haberler. Avrupanın en büyük bahisçisi, Avrupa Ligi finali için süper oranlar sözü verdi.

Bahis şirketi bwin, Rusların Atlético Madrid ile Marsilya arasında oynanan Avrupa Ligi finali bahislerini çorba ile kabul edecek.

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  1. Boris Sarmatov

    As for the last point i think it was unfair to moscow train drivers. I mean i get your point, but they do that because of a reason. Moscow metro has the shortest train intervals i’ve seen anywhere in the world by a large margin. On rush hours trains arrive every 80-90 seconds and i bet it takes a lot of skill keeping 20 trains going on a same line simultaneously for several hours in a row while having to maintain schedule with tolerances measured in seconds. So whenever someone holds a door trying to squeeze in all the train drivers have to reajust on the fly in a coordinated manner to keep the whole thing going. Hence the accelerations and breaking you’ve mentioned. And i give much praise for them being able to do so. I’d rather stick with that. I bet it feels insane to any Moscow-dweller, not just me, when we take metro in any other city around the world and have to wait for a train for good 5 minutes😂😂

  2. JRE

    The Moscow Metro is among the best in the world. It is true that the older 70s-90s era trains are noisy inside and out, and no AC, But you kept showing the newish (00s) trains on the Circle Line during your complaint of this.
    In the summer the old trains can get stuffy, but in general the metro is cool in summer and warm in winter, given how far below ground it is.

    The stations are gorgeous, there is always a police presence and they are clean, none of which can be said for the NYC subway.
    The trains run at tighter intervals than any system in the world, about 90 seconds during peak hours.
    Overall, I love the Moscow Metro. (I lived there for about eight years.)


    music is too loud…

  4. Никита Кондрашин

    Casual! Im living in Moscow my hole life and metro is the greatest thing in the world. Its a place of history not a modern way of tranportation

  5. Maxim Mahankov

    Why I hate this background music

  6. Alan Koltner

    Hit the road John…

  7. Alex Max

    *It has only one problem for me:Its loud. Otherwise its perfect.*

    1. Глеб Каплиенко

      @Илья Суханов 81-765 are ведро

    2. Илья Суханов

      Depends on the model of the train. The Moscow metro currently uses several models of cars. The old ones are very noisy (because of loud engines and direct-flow ventilation of the cabin, because of which the noise penetrates into the open windows) and shaking. They were built in the 1980s-1990s and are now much rarer. Newer cars are much quieter. Theres new engines, double-glazed windows and climate control. But all cars have free Wi-Fi, and the new ones also have USB ports for charging gadgets and interactive navigation displays. The most modern cars-series 81-765 with different modifications. Here they are –

  8. Dinis Almeida

    0:20 putin ?

  9. caselev - evc [temp. archived]

    Why Seoul Subway is much better: 1. VERY Clean stations, much cleaner, than in Moscow Metro. 2. Much safer: each station has Platform Screen Doors. 3. Trains have better quality and theyre nicer at all. 4. Navigation 5. Elevators at all stations 6. Toilets at all stations 7. 5G Wi-Fi is everywhere

  10. Satar Moradi

    I’m agree with you because in Paris is also like this and there is no place for standing up.

  11. Наташа Крипри

    The silliest metro carriages design Ive ever seen is in Londons Tube! And Wi-Fi will probably be available there in 20 years… ))))

    1. Nova Typhoon

      Наташа Крипри What’s so silly about your metro cars is the amount of lights on them

  12. JY 221 Series

    No lifts for disabled commuters!!

    1. Adrian Crandall

      На новых станциях есть. Для перемещения по старым обратитесь в службу мобильности граждан, это бесплатно, и они помогают как раз таким пассажирам.

  13. Sergio

    Everybody loves Moscow Metro – thats why its jam packed. Love is hard : )

    1. Васил Христов

      Probably true.

    2. Nova Typhoon

      Sergio Thank you!

    3. Adrian Crandall

      LOL Х,))))

    4. Sergio

      @Nova Typhoon , Never thought of that, but you opened my eyes! Now I see quite clear that Metro is for Public Transportation!

    5. Nova Typhoon

      Sergio Maybe it’s also because it’s Public Transportation?
      Ever thought of that?

  14. Huxtable

    I hate the nosalises

  15. Wealthiest man Alive

    I thought you like about the metro

  16. qwerty jops

    Я тоже не люблю Московское метро да и саму Москву

    1. WINDY 63

      Как ты мог!изверг….

  17. VERX Pahonia

    What are you talking about, lol. Everything you just said is stile 50 times better the New York. I would rather be hot in Moscow, then smoke in New York

    1. Rose Bee

      The person never said they like nyc subway nor is the speaker even from the usa. Moscow pales in comparison to Hong Kong, Japan, and Korean metros.

    2. André Byché

      Not better than in Berlin

  18. nick kellerman

    Well nothing was in english when i was there 10 years ago and dont even bother asking for directions, you will be ignored

    1. Ford Escape

      Typical russians. Thats a shame that theyll ignore you when asking for directions.

  19. Shabnam R

    Moscow metro is the best in the world.♥ℒℴѵℯ♥

    1. Слява Хюйкряине! Стёпка Бандерхуйко Херой Нацii!

      @Emil Aslan not interested 🙂

    2. Emil Aslan

      Shabnam R agreed

    3. Shabnam R

      I commented in terms of beauty

    4. Emil Aslan

      You must not travel a lot! Have you been to China? Japan? And many other countries with good metro stations? Lol

  20. Thе Fuckovkin

    I too hate moscow metro 🤪

  21. Vladimir Kramarenko

    Moscow metro is the best in the world. I go by the Moscow metro everyday and I am glad that I can 😁

    1. André Byché

      @Vladimir Kramarenko so you say that Moscows is best

    2. Vladimir Kramarenko

      @André Byché and what?)

    3. André Byché

      Thats because you didt see the Berlins underground.

    4. Nova Typhoon

      Vladimir Kramarenko It’s not whoever told you this is lying

  22. Deano Grey

    Hello, dont worry about it at least we know overall you love Moscow, and its same here in the UK I hate travelling on buses and sitting next to someone, so we totally understand, love your channel keep up with your good work and thanks, see you soon bye, 👍👋☺️🌟❤️

  23. Коля Пупкин

    Забыл упомянуть отсутствие туалетов, что является позором. Ещё бесит развившаяся в последние годы плебейская мода на высовывание своих копыт в проход у девиц и женоподобных вьюношей

    1. Антон Харламов

      @Коля Пупкин смотри как бы твой пукан на кукан не насадили,провокатор.

    2. Коля Пупкин

      @Антон Харламов какая попоболь! А что, ты действительно считаешь, что при регистрации на Ютьюбе нужно указывать свои настоящие имя и фамилию, как мечтает обожаемая тобой Плешивая Бабка?! И да, ты и дальше будешь всерьёз тут утверждать, что Московская подземка полна общественных туалетов?

    3. Коля Пупкин

      @Антон Харламов Туалеты есть чуть мене, чем нигде

    4. Антон Харламов

      Туалеты есть,но не на каждой станции.

  24. Charlotte Knight

    This sounds so different to st Petersburg metro! I travelled during rush hour and it didn’t seem like a RUSH i saw nobody running or hurrying around. And the airflow is crazy strong 😂 taking the escalator in the beginning annoyed me so much but you just have to slow down and acknowledge it as part of the journey. Much prefer it over the underground as a fellow Brit hahah. and the sound of the trains is amazing, noisy, rickety and weirdly nostalgic

    1. Adrian Crandall

      Да, в Питере намного тише, но там и само метро намного медленнее. Эскалаторы, поезда, люди…)))

    2. Михаил Михайлов

      Its not that different from the Moscow metro, actually. The airflow is consistently strong on all stations, most of them are also equipped with air conditioning systems. Only the old trains have no air conditioning. Theres hardly any rush during rush hours as well, and all trains come so quickly that everyone can easily enter and exit the train. Ive never had any problems during rush hours.

    3. 1Shapic1

      SPB is e really chill city, especially when compared to Moscow

  25. Michael Wells

    What a moaning git.

  26. Luda Kapkina

    thank you for a truth! Metro is a museum, bit the service must be improved!



  28. Rodrigo Bragança

    Metro systems were design to run with the maximum number of people possible.

  29. Abode News Channel

    Stop living in utopia, nothing is perfect on this earth. Moscow metro is rated the most beautiful and efficient in the world by transportation experts, and have free WIFI which many countries in the west including UK dont have in their metro system. I dont think the allege what you see is worth a second attention, if it is the expert would have point it out. And I think you are not being fair to the moscow metro authority for such demeaning remark about it metro system on the social media. This is one of the problems other countries have with USA and UK, they like to tell others how to live their lives.
    Jonny Tickle , you shouldnt have have post this insulting video to hurt russia image.

    1. Ford Escape

      Sorry but you have to remember that everyone has their own opinion and they have the absolute right to express how they feel. I live in Jersey City, New Jersey, USA so I live close to New York City. I personally love the metro in Moscow.I would say that the best metro we have in the USA is in Washington DC. The subway in Philadelphia and New York City are both horrible. I cant even say which is worse. But the metro in Moscow is beautiful. But, this person may not like it and he listed the reasons why.

  30. germany express fan 2021

    Seriously Johnny Tipo the Russian Moscow subway is the capital metro way that the town where I

  31. Tsar

    Dude! dont trash anything in Russia while you are living in Russia.. no matter how much the people trash-talk their country, they still love it so much.. this will cause a fight anytime with your friends if you are not careful

    1. André Byché

      😀😀 yeaah try not to offend telling the truth😆

  32. Семён Семёнов

    And one more fun note: Moskow Metro-song:

    Если поезд с рельс сойдёт,
    Мало не покажется:
    Пассажиры по тоннелю как говно размажутся,
    Печень-почки оторвутся, ручки в узел свяжутся,
    Ведь московское метро надёжным только кажется.

    Rough translation:

    If the train goes off the rails,
    There will be enough for all:
    Passengers will like a shit scattered all over place,
    Liver-insides torn apart, hands will tied in a knot,
    Cause Moscows metro just looks too safe a lot :3

  33. DarkRuins

    the moscow metro is the best in the entire world and i will fucking fight you on that. yeah its crowded during rush hour but ya know that troika card is also for buses, mashrutkas, and trams. its a moscow rite of passage to be squeezed so tightly into a train that other bodies hold you up not your legs. or to stand in an empty train without holding onto the railing and not falling over when the driver breaks. this is russia, when it hits at you, you stand your ground. boom.

  34. Tkachev

    I‘m like a rush hour 😀

  35. Василий Клименко

    Dude, fuck-off with Russia!

  36. Elle Solomina

    Thx, its like that. I would also add: the old station are in need of a lift to the surface and are generally available with these transitions ladders terrible, but Moscow as a whole such, its not survive if youre in a wheelchair. Besides in the old cars do not have air-conditioning and ventilation systems there is still a problem with the fact that the train is very noisy. In general, for example, we can see Prague, there is also the Soviet underground and all I described problems have been fixed.

    Благодарю, всё по делу. Я бы ещё добавил, что старые станции очень нуждаются в лифтах на поверхность и в целом доступность переходов с этими лестницами ужасная, но Москва в целом такая, тут не выжить если ты на инвалидной коляске. Кроме того что в старых вагонах нет кондиционирования и вентиляции существует ещё проблема с тем что поезда очень шумные. В общем для примера можно посмотреть Прагу, там тоже советске метро и все описанные мной проблемы исправлены.

  37. txllxt TxllxT

    Hi Jonny, we wonder whether there exists a big difference between Moscow and Saint Petersburg, because we do not experience this horrible accelerating & braking of the metro that much in Saint Petersburg. So perhaps its a typical Moscow problem? Anyway, nice informative video, good work!

    1. Sophie Timofeeva

      No, its not common in Moscow. Jonny must have been unlucky.

  38. Hank P.

    But sometimes u know there r bombings and dangerous stuff right?

  39. helen k

    There is no such thing as perfection. The words “hate” and “Moscow metro” cannot and should not be used in one sentence. No city of 20 mil. in population can provide an easy/breezy existence. Moscow is no Malibu. But if anybody can hate the magnificent, glorious, borderline sterile, when it comes to cleanliness, Moscow Metro, what are they gonna say about urine stained NYC subway?

    1. helen k

      Andre Byche, please, read again what I wrote. You can read it one more time. I explained perfectly why nobody in his or her right mind can hate Moscow metro. Of course, he can hate it just because. But it wouldnt be reasonable, it would be down right silly. And I dont care for silly. I dont have time for nonsense. P.S. Almost every metro station in Moscow looks like a museum or an art gallery. Case closed.

    2. André Byché

      But why he cant just hate Moscows metro?

  40. borgoparente associazione

    big stupid

  41. Adrian Crandall

    Все так) Но такие проблемы часто встречаются и других городах-миллионниках. Кроме шума в метро – в Питере почти не шумно, потому что их поезда часто ходят по закрытым тоннелям со специальными дверьми для выхода на станции. Первые станции были открыты чуть ли не 100 лет назад, с тех пор количество горожан сильно возросло, так что давки уже не избежать. Хотя ее стараются минимизировать, строя больше станций и веток метро.

  42. Ignacio Sánchez

    Music is disgustingly high

  43. Лика Ларина

    Давно пора включить субтитры на русском.

  44. Is Nothing

    I russian. I too hate Russia poor country
    I unlucky i want born in USA or normal countries
    I born in Russia(

    Кто русский лайк

  45. Михаил Федоров

    Не нравится наше метро – не ездий на нем. Вали к себе в гейропу и катайся с неграми и арабами

  46. CyclingVlogsRus

    What do you mean by older trains? IMHO, the rather new Rusich trains (line 3, 5, 12) are worse than older number trains on lines 1, 2, 6. Less space, less ventilation, slower-opening doors. The only downside of older trains is noise and rather bumpy ride.

    1. Adrian Crandall

      Да, реально старых поездов уже давно нет. Я даже скучаю по тем пружинным кожаным сиденьям – всю поездку пропрыгать можно, и серьезное лицо при этом сохранить нереально, главное, чтобы на каком-то резком качке с диванчика не скинуло х)

  47. niskytank

    What is with the wild variation in sound volume? You cant just turn up volume to uncomofrtable levels like this.

  48. Julia Abelle

    I am packed like sardin into Londons tube every day btw 🙂 super small ancient carriages and plenty of breakages, delays, bottle necks on the regular basis as well. Its like very over the top of its actual capacity.
    Just saying 😛 It looks like same tube problems haunt large overpopulated cities.

  49. Robert P

    Anyway, our metro is much better than yours in London which is covered with dust, dirt and it is also awful in terms of design

  50. MaidenHead

    How do you distinguish a Muscovite from anyone else? A Muscovite balances in a metro carriage so that he/she doesnt need any handles! 😃

    1. MaidenHead

      @Nova Typhoon those not from the city have to hold a handle ☺

    2. mihanich

      Thats true every muscovite knows how to place his/her feet on the carriages floor in order to be stable wile riding

    3. Adrian Crandall

      @Nova Typhoon , так же как и сухопутные крысы в морском путешествии. Москва – корабль не для салаги х)))

    4. Nova Typhoon

      MaidenHead What about people who are not from the city?

  51. Tharpa Roberts

    Very beautiful stations though – like museums. Also interesting that theres no difference between East and West as far as how people dress.

  52. Saad Daolkhadzh

    When I in Moscow , I ❤️ it because the 🚉 are beautiful .

  53. buster crab

    NYC subways are not much better, its very old and poorly maintained and we pay 3.00 USD each way fares crowded and long stops in between stations rush hour AM / PM sucks weekdays !! ..NY has a bad control system outdated ..

    1. André Byché

      The Washingtons metro IS better than this one.

  54. viraj wijeyewickrema

    bite me johhnny

  55. Kat Crist

    As a tourist, I absolutely loved the metro of course.
    Oh, and I loved the heat in Russia… But Ive never met an Aussie who doesnt want air con, Im guessing youre the same.

  56. Margaret Kearsey

    You need to come to the U.S. and ride the subways. I can only speak for a few of them. NYC and Boston are filthy . You wouldnt let your dog rest on the floor. Crowded and impersonal. In Phoenix, there are no stations, The subway system is only about 10 years old. The trains are clean and on time. and not crowded. Actually , a joy to ride. All outside on the street. They are air conditioned, thank goodness because it can get up to 115 degrees farenheit. .

    1. Ford Escape

      Philly (SEPTA) has a horrible system too

    2. Nova Typhoon

      Margaret Kearsey How about YOU pay for all this
      The MTA tries to Repair this but Doesn’t get any funding because either people are fare evading or the Governor is pulling it’s funding
      And when Transit Police is Increased to get these repairs done All hell breaks loose
      Imagine operating 24/7 While trying to repair your system when it’s one of the most used

  57. joshron99

    Be more patient Jonny– As for waiting in line for escalators, where are you hurrying off to? As for not enough handles to hold onto causing brushing against other people, are you germ phobic?
    No subtlety about driving…the [drivers] accelerate too fast. Please, stop that. Ill pass over that criticism in silence as i respect what you do. As far as the subways cars being too hot. I remember NYC subways cars before Mayor Lindsay brought in air conditioning– they were better then and its good to sweat periodically just as is swinging into the shoulders of others as the train wends, it encourages brotherhood and a sense of communal experience which are important things to maintain and are sadly lacking nowadays. All in all, youre good praising and remarking on interesting things but the criticisms you put forward here are short-sighted and miss all the positive things that seemed to surround you.

  58. David Panton

    The Moscow Metro can only be so reliable because it has no intersecting lines for other trains to get in the way. Having to walk miles to change trains is the price you pay!

  59. skorakora

    81-717 class is the best

  60. Willian Serrano

    The title of the video should be What I hate about the Moscow metro the actual title is misleading

  61. Antonov737

    Its not terrible driving, its how you keep intervals low, so either have shitty service and a smooth ride or vice versa.

  62. lilmoni

    Moscow Metro is the most reliable in the world, 99.9% of trains arrive on time! Even better than in Japan!

    1. André Byché

      Ive never seen the timetable of Moscow metro.

  63. Ivan USSR

    Ha ha,you are funny

  64. Is Dead

    Чувак, его даже русские не любят

  65. Luda Kapkina

    Moscow has more then 12 million citizens plus millions people go threw Moscow! Moscow bureaucrats have a job to renew Metro cars!

  66. Ryan Rezanto

    This is a CIA propaganda

  67. Spheremegis


  68. SHOAIB **

    Our Kolkata metro is not good🤣

  69. Сергей Филин

    This is truly video.All have positive and negative moments and Moscow metro too.

  70. Maria D.B.

    What a nagging pussy 🤮 Really, man, if you hate the metro so much, get yourself a car snd drive your pathetic bodily remains around.

  71. Ally Hauptmann-Gurski

    I didnt get to Moscow unfortunately. Full marks for bringing that up – I really dislike one-sided reports. My husband had told me about the noise when he was there shortly before going to Sevastopol in 2017. Loved the guy with his bass balalaika at 3:29!

  72. 296k - Informative Videos

    It looks gorgeous!

    1. Sai Kiran


  73. Gulnara Gulnara

    В Ташкенте метро тоже очень красивое благодаря Советскому Союзу.

  74. boumerdes zemmouri

    comeon man why you lie.the moscow metro the best in the world you like it or not.maybe you prefer dirty london metro

  75. DrunkenDriverStudios

    Hopefully most of these downsides go away as more stations are opened and more trains r replaced

  76. triniti korneli

    Interesting. Make more of those videos. Russia is full with problems.

    I dont know about the heat. Here in Bulgaria (eastern europe) from where im from we using the same trains imported from Russia and there arent any problems with temperatures. Seems its around 25 C everywhere in the metro of Sofia (the capital).

  77. R B

    You can always lie with bums in last wagons on a circle line. As it goes round non stop, bums have a sleep in last wagon seats. Free hostel in a way. 😁

  78. BLacK Phoenix

    По моему даже летом в метро не так жарко, как на улице. 40 градусов не может там быть!

    1. Иван Петров

      Ещё как может, когда сотня тел греет вагон, а теплоотвода нет.

  79. SvetlanaLaves Says it as it is

    What I found difficult about the metro stations in Moscow was navigating around the ring lines and my hotel was in one of those, I’m sure if you go there regularly you get used to like I did.

  80. Shruti Wani

    I love Moscow metro n metro stations. So well planned .

  81. Ћа О

    You know its good when these are biggest problems

  82. D Ania

    Nice video! Thank you,Jonny!

  83. Vladimir Putin

    Moscow metro is the best in the world!

  84. sheerheartattack1974 nightattheopera1975

    strange name for the video ….why I hate Moscow metro …lol is there anyth about Moscow metro 1 can hate

  85. ABC7

    He’d have been less thrilled about the metro even five years ago, since the Moskva and Oka series replaced of the Soviet carriages in the last few years.

  86. Todd Bonin

    Very educational, as always. Very beautiful, as always. Infatuation ends and true love begins when you can acknowledge the faults of your beloved and continue to love them. I can’t wait to visit the Moscow Metro.

  87. Jay Amarillo

    When I went to Moscow in 2012 they kept the train windows half open in the metro. It almost killed my ears. But I loved the stations architecture it was like walking through a royal palace.

  88. Dan Therman

    In Moscow you have to wait for 3-4 trains (train runs every 90 seconds), but in NYC you have to wait 20 minutes for one old squeaky hunk of shit to pull up every 20 minutes, jam packed with homeless and smelling of piss. In Moscow they wouldnt even transport waste cargo on NYC subway trains.

    1. Dan Therman

      @Ford Escape delusional.

    2. Ford Escape

      You dont wait 20 minutes for the trains in NYC.

  89. Семён Семёнов

    Fun note: Moscow metro is packed tightly, than Beijing one.
    Still, not so tight as one in Tokyo, room for improvement, hah!
    My biggest complain is yes, high level of noise, have always to put on-ear headphones to cover all these harsh sounding environment.
    Yet another fun note: how to get busy a Saint-petersburger in Moscow for one day: show him Moskows metro and leave him there…

    1. Adrian Crandall

      Это слишком жестоко) Мы рискуем потерять одного друга из Спб и получить одного нового московского бомжа)

  90. Скай байл

    Кусок дауна у тя в амереке говно

  91. Anthony Bradley

    The noise on the London underground is worse

  92. anna pavlova

    Да ладно! В лондонском метро всё то же самое: старые поезда, толкучка, шум… Знаете, какие там кондиционеры в вагонах? Окошко в торцевой двери вагона, которое те, кому жарко, открывают, а те, кому дует, закрывают. В общем, не считаю видео негативным, потому что … ну, это правда. И что? Обязательно надо ненавидеть?
    Да, и насчёт того, что в метро невозможно на ходу разговаривать по телефону. Вы радуйтесь, что туда уже можно позвонить.

  93. mutabor83

    еслиб такие как ты не понаехывали в москву можт и посвободней было бы в вагонах.

    1. André Byché

      Хммм. Джонни вроде как белый.

  94. T P

    Moscow metro is the best in the world. 1. Beautiful stations 2. Cleanest 3. Safe 4. Always on time 5. Not that packed like in London etc 6. Cheap 7. Wifi in everycar 8. Warm 9. Mobile providers providing 4G access

    1. UltimateBBX Official

      @caselev – evc [temp. archived] the seoul metro was built 40 years later. And you expect a nearly 100 year old metro system to be as advanced and modern!!???

    2. Коля Пупкин

      @Пончик Пирожков Да нигде ты не был, кроме СПб, кремлеботина!

    3. Пончик Пирожков

      @Коля Пупкин рассуждать о преимуществе метро может , тот кому есть с чем сравнить.
      Здесь люди пишут , которые видели метро в других странах .
      А, твои высеры этим людям не интересны .

    4. Nova Typhoon

      T P I’d say Hong Kong and Japan have better metros

    5. Nova Typhoon

      T P Tokyo and Hong Kong Are FAR more better

  95. DiAlibek

    I was in Moscow metro many times. You just spinned the problems out of thin air. Высосал просто из пальца.

  96. T P

    First this guy should watch London and New york tube and subway. 1. Dirtiest 2. Without any renovation 3. Very Crowded 4. Expensive 5. London tube cars are the most uncomfortable cause edges cuts you almost leave your head outside

    1. T P

      Nova Typhoon go fuck yourself you act like an idiot. If you talk abouf NYC subway so its dirtiest and one of the most crowded subway without wifi

    2. Nova Typhoon

      T P You should try to Do some research on why the NYC Subway is like that
      The MTA Operates 24/7 And Gets it’s funding pulled By the State Governor it does get Renovation and you act like all metros don’t get crowded

    3. Gen Dry

      I guess as UK citizen he watched London tube

  97. Гэри Пэйтон

    It really sometimes takes big time to reach the destination station because of crossing the branches of Moscow metro but if I dont hurry I like it.

  98. NeocortexLab

    i hate to be in Moscow metro too… i am from Saint-Petersburg and Moscow metro looks very overpopulated and claustrophobics

  99. Анатолий Анатолий

    I am sure this guy should go back where he belongs. Let him stay there and enjoy dirty ground of London town.

    1. André Byché

      А вы уверены, что там более dirty, чем в Москве вашей?

  100. Grant Challinor

    No, the metros not perfect – but I cant think of any aspect of the Moscow Metro that isnt better than the London Underground.
    1) Yes, the Moscow Metro is packed during morning and evening rush-hours and station interchanges can take ages. But at least in Moscow delays are almost unheard of, and, if one train is too packed the next train will arrive a minute later. In London the carriages are far too small to accommodate large volumes of people and you often have to wait 5 minutes between trains (even without delays).. It normally carries 6-10 million people every day – so what doyou expect?
    2) The train carriages are not so badly designed, and are quite spacious compared to (for example) London. The seating material is made of sensible, easy to clean material. In London the seats are made of cloth and are infested with fleas and mites, as anyone who has ever used the London Underground in summer will know – from the bites on their hands….;-0 When the Moscow Metro carriages get busy, the best technique is just to accept it, and go with the flow…
    3) The Moscow Metro is absolutely NOT insanely loud! Yes, it can be difficult to hear someone, if they call your phone – but at least your phone still works on the metro, and you have good, free WiFi too. You get neither of those in London….
    4) The heat! The old trains Have terrible airflow – even the new trains in London HAVE NO airflow whatsoever. At least in Moscow, even the oldest trains bring some air into the carriages during the hottest summer months – in London there is no circulation of air at all!
    5) Jonny, you moan like an old woman… All metro system trains in every country brake or accelerate suddenly… At least in Moscow the metro staff are friendly, helpful and tell you whats going on. In London, the over-paid and rude drivers (they typically earn as much as a commercial airline pilot: c. £60,000 / 5.5m Roubles per year!) often use the trains public announcement system to shout and swear at passengers…..!
    It really was a negative, but also highly inaccurate review of the metro. The Moscow Metro is not perfect, but its closer to perfect than just about any other system there is.

    1. Nova Typhoon

      Grant Challinor I disagree with you with your last statement about the Constant stopping
      Not all metros have that

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