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Fonlar min. Bunun nedeni, bahis politikasının sürekli olarak engellenmesi, sıkılaştırılması ve hızlı trenin girmesi, Mogilev çevrimiçi evindeki spor bahislerinin daha iyi olmasıdır.

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bahisçinin size verdiği parayı başarılı bir şekilde sağlayabilir. İlk bahisten puan alırlar. Herhangi bir bahis karşı takımın oynayacağı bir bahis tarafından karşılanmalıdır.Kâr yatırıldıktan sonra para çekme işlemi yapılabilir. Düzenli olarak en iyi oranlarla bahis oynayarak, koşulları bilmeniz durumunda önemli ölçüde artırabileceksiniz: PPP – 1 RUBdan Bunlar itibarını, ödemelerin istikrarını izleyen güvenilir kuruluşlardır, İnternet artık arka planda kayboldu ve yol verdi.

Hesap yenileme Hesap bakiyesini yenilemek için müşteri şunları kullanabilir:. Şirket müşterilere her zaman dürüst ödeme yapar – bu, çevrimiçi bahisçi tarafından garanti edilmektedir. İhtiyacınız olan spor için mükemmel bir bahis listesine sahip bir bahisçi bulursanız, çok sayıda bahis yapabilirsiniz.

Şirketin çizgisi, sonuçları, toplamları, handikapları, kesin skoru içerir .. Mogilev Leninskayada Bahisçiler Bahisçi Maratonu – oyunlar için paraya veya ikramiye dönüştürün.

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  1. Vincenzo DAnello

    This game had absolutely everything.
    -It was a historical match because it was the first ever LAG vs LAFC.
    -It was Zlatans debut in MLS.
    -The match scenario is one of the most amazing of all time (0-3 to 4-3, in the final minutes.
    -One of the best goals of the year was scored.

    What else do you need? This was just the perfect game!

    1. Reagan Liu

      Lionel Messi

    2. Anindya Sadhukhan

      It was MLS debut in Zlatan 😀

  2. Emmauel Benoit

    Who is ready for the LA Rivalry Game between LAFC and LA Galaxy on Friday

  3. Judy Chen

    8:46 8:47 8:48 10:10

  4. Farah Farhanah

    Penemu kaos kaki yg bagus
    10 —>>>> 2019 orang… Pabrikan

    Produksi(i8) mobil LISTRIK

  5. Mrdoriancourtney

    Great edition!! Thanks for posting!

  6. Koba

    Zatlan better than Vela period.

    1. Shroom Shroom

      Koba lol by a lot. It is not even a question

  7. Michael Antoniades

    2:36 Its its OVER THE BA, its 2-0 Excuse me, over the bar?

  8. shivank k

    Fact : Zlatan is the only player who can give red card to refree

  9. Farah Farhanah

    Penemu kaos kaki yg bagus
    10 —>>>> 2019 orang… Pabrikan

    Produksi(i8) mobil LISTRIK

  10. Bharath Krishnan

    Brilliant commentary 🔥🔥

  11. MacedoniMaks

    2:21 says it all

  12. Steve Barbosa

    I can’t stop watching this. Years later & I’m still baffled at what had happened. INSANE. We will never have something like this happen in MLS.

  13. sub to noobiepoopie131 y

    7:16 ya welcome

  14. Enrique Estevan

    Any body else hear the guy cussing at somebody at 2:21

  15. Micheal Adeduro

    7:20 what u came for

  16. Enrique Espinosa

    I had a thought too..Gale and Ronaldo was up ther with Messi or that other guy Poga, Kylian, Antoine or Luka and Eden was like rated the top ones or the Eyptian player Manuel leaving a little less of years success as a goaler but now or then too is Zlatan is great like Gales,Thibaut, Toni Kroos or Gerald pique or other three or four or maybe five top goalers can stop his amazing goals or explain it…! Ronaldo or Gales may be in the way only…!………………………!

  17. Enzo Di Vaio

    That’s all HE Wrote. Thank you Zlatan

  18. Heather Hawks

    Zlatan is the man I’ve been to he’s game like 4 of he’s games

  19. Heisen berg

    5:04 what the hell was that

  20. ChiefNerd

    Zlatan came at 69?

  21. Eulices Castillo

    Can get a better debut then this one

  22. FIFA Simulation

    That’s an historical game

  23. pyan ayi

    Zlatan is type of a striker that really good in positioning.. He has been in many leagues.. He scored more than over twenty.. He is a adriano version of europe.. Strong, quick, his finishing was top.. Hos confident is out of this world.. So many good players.. But zlatan has his own class.. I grow up as football fans.. And.. I am a liverpool fans.. It was so excited when we play against him when he was in united team.. So many people said that he is not gonna make it in english premier league.. But me.. I saw it differently.. Because i know how zlatan.. He is specials… To MLS fans.. U are lucky because one of the greatest player came to your league and showed his class.. Many young players and kids will learn and follow what he is doing.. And it is good for your development of this sport… So.. Freaking lucky.. Enjoy the moments to u guys.. And i see a lot of top players will come to your league.. Neymar, messi, ronaldo.. This name could be in your league.. Cause i see it coming.. Enjoy people.. Enjoy it.. Appreciate it.. And love it.. Sorry for my broken english..

  24. idk boiii


  25. Adam Lammert

    Zlatan: I cant score from 35 yards. I can score from 45.

  26. Tommy Robinson

    Whos here after the last match?

  27. বিকৃত মস্তিষ্কের মানুষ & They are us ?

    we want zlatan

  28. Team Dark

    The supporter saying we want zlatan beautiful

  29. LabGorilla

    When slay an comes to your birthday, he eats your cake, for free. Without a fork.

  30. Owen Foster

    Ok but vela is something elss

  31. Anindya Sadhukhan

    MLS welcome to Zlatan:)

  32. Anonymous person

    MLS is now trash, entertainment was gone when Zlatan left MLS

  33. Big Hero 6

    7:28 crowed saying ibra ibra ibra


    i respect that

  35. Hjalmar Strid

    ibras second goal is offside. just saying.

  36. Young Free 94

    Zlatan Ibrahimovic 👍🏼✌🏼😂😂😂

  37. PedroVeterano80

    2:20 Some one is angry

  38. joshua2010660

    ibrahimovic said
    ima end this whole mans career

  39. Idk What name I should have

    This is Joke football accept Zlatan

  40. dizzle


  41. Nasreen Shafeeq

    10:42 commentator: MLS WELCOME TO ZLATAN

  42. Big Hero 6

    When football meets soccer that happens.👊 😆

  43. Erin

    I’m a SKC (Sporting KC) fan, but this is just amazing

  44. Chamberlain Achilihu

    Oh my goodness, I dont need Galaxy n LAFC jam in play off pls.

  45. Jay Effarelti

    God, the keepers are bad…

  46. Luis Gustavo G. de Anchieta

    LAFC ♥

  47. Pallanti Akb

    MLS welcome to ZLATAN

  48. hauntedhouse2012

    10:34 …….. when Cole plays the ball zlatan he’s offside ???? …… but who cares 😃….. no VAR

  49. nick lustria

    “Do you believe in God?” -Zlatan “yes”-teammates “then you believe in Zlatan” -Zlatan

  50. Itachi Genjutsu

    10:53 that hug the guy mean it with heart.😁

  51. Keith Gibbons

    Zlatan doesnt age. He levels up.

  52. IIY

    🎵What can I say LA your welcome this club is now LA Galxy🎵

  53. miimaker

    Zlatan is god

  54. Zojocs

    Zlatan didnt do à debut for la galaxy

    La Galaxy did à debut for Zlatan

  55. Spider_man .123

    I love the commentators reaction. Oh cmon, CMON!!!!

  56. Def Seal

    second goal was offside for Ibra

  57. taehyoung kim

    Samsung Galaxy ,,,you know,,

  58. Chamberlain Achilihu

    Is Gona be critical brutal

  59. Lawson Cypher

    Lleget and zlatan are the only two good players for galaxy let’s be honest

  60. SetDigest

    6:56 audience shouting We want Zlatan

    1. Big Hero 6

      Oh damnn bro i didnt notice dammmn thank u bro. Ow my idol ibracadabra!

  61. Luciano De Freitas

    LAFC is only relevant now because of Zlatan.

  62. _420-Blue Cat

    Epic game

  63. SuicidelG

    WTF is that clip at the end? lol

  64. Miguel Gonzalez

    Zlatan was offside, you can see at 10:34

    1. Miguel Gonzalez

      @InkReactions again, pause it. use a ruler if you have to like I did XD.

  65. Tunç Öztürk

    this is still one of my bes faps

  66. ncbeatz

    I was so blessed to be there for this game. It was so wild lol lost my voice because we were all so hyped. One moment in my life I’ll never forget as a fan.

  67. theordinaire

    Zlatan was still offsides on the cross for the game winner

  68. 세인안

    when americans tasted real soccer for the first time

    1. Walter Soltesz

      Real football *

  69. Gordon Owens

    Zaltans first goal was amazing the second goal I watched 3 times and I cannot see how he could get to the ball before the goalie.

    1. Tony Stark

      Because he was offside and he attacked the ball before anyone else

  70. Nikola Lazarevic

    Now I get it why I never heard of American Soccer clubs

  71. khpredator00

    LAFC? More like LAJV…

    …as in LA Junior Varsity

  72. sotiris tv

    what a much

    1. sotiris tv


  73. victoriiaaa

    the goal from Zlatan hurts ! where my lafc fans at 💛

  74. Irene Garcia

    you sound like the 442oons comitayr

  75. ShortieBerg !

    2:21 what did that guy say in the background

  76. Tom bzaman

    Great Match. Superb. Thank You.

  77. Danny Daniel

    I was there it was the best MLS game!(*_*)

  78. Chain Cazer

    GK : I think Zlatan is too far too score so I stood there
    Zlatan : Im in a field

  79. Παναγιωτης Κολλιας

    Ibra katabra!,

  80. Isis OSIRIS

    Zlatans first goal is one the greatest ever. But for his second goal he was offside when the pass was made to him. Look at it in slo-mo if you dont believe Me. He is off-side.

  81. Zafirul Rahi

    Zlatan 🏆

  82. Kamil Kasica

    10:34 offside 😂😂😂😂

  83. Alfredo Sauce

    Zlatans 8:46 😱😱 OMG FAWLESS

  84. Hasan


  85. Albion Juniors Las Vegas

    Vela may be going to barcelona fc

  86. Галина Высокосова

    MLS welcome to Zlatan

  87. Shroom Shroom

    Best game in Mls history.

  88. Max

    He can still do it at 37 years old… mental. One of the greatest to ever kick a football

  89. Patricia Lima

    La Galaxy

  90. Nick Lambert

    Best regular season game since the First Hudson River Derby.

  91. Bad Captain

    10:45 MLS welcome to Zlatan 😂😂
    Commentary level 👏👏

  92. Big Hero 6

    Why dont Europe hire Americans for commentating. I like Americans commantating they make audience more interesting

  93. Angad Talwar

    The last goal was an offside though. They didnt have a VAR at that time . If they had this goal must have been ruled out. But a great game though

  94. Jamie Good

    8:49 holy good god

  95. Itachi Genjutsu

    6:56 we want Zlatan ❤️💪💪💪💪

  96. x honeyluv

    I’m sorry but I’m going for LA Galaxy it’s the only one for me SORRY LAFC *not sorry* 😁

  97. Axel Schweiss

    Dislike! Video to short, not enouph Zlatan!

  98. Lalremtluanga Ralte

    Poor commentators, dont need to describe their actions ( we did saw it) just praise the team and the game.

  99. 805 Coast Life

    This is like the 20th time I watch this lol. It’s been a year and I cannot forget about it! Lol.

  100. MR Affe


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