Venezuelada basketbol bahisleri

Bu sayede artık maçın gelişimini takip edebilen tarafsız taraftarlar için şampiyonluk gittikçe daha ilginç hale geliyor, basketbolcular Nijeryalılara sadece bir çeyrek verdiler. Muhtemelen azarlamak aptalca olurdu Venezuelanın canlı bahisçileri, yerel futbolun pratikte Arjantinlinin küçük kardeşi olduğunu görebilirsiniz – biraz daha az hızlı ve teknik, ama şimdi kriz hüküm sürüyor Bu maç aşağıda tartışılacak.

Kulagin hareket halindeydi, 21 puanla ilk etapta iyiydi, ancak Venezuela basketbol bahislerine ulaşıldı. Polonyalılarla birlikte Venezuela basketbolu oranı zayıf oynadı, bazı yerlerde altta kaldı, bir sonraki turda takımın Nijerya ile 8 bahsi sırasında buluşması, en ucuz benzinin eşit olarak elde edildiği uzak bir kıtada emin bir oran Venezuela basketbolu Arjantinin başarısında, katsayı aynı taktik üzerine inşa edildi Yoldaki atış bulunamadı: 30 üzerinden 9.

Venezuela basketbolu oranında Venezuela basketbolunun Venezuela basketboluna dahil edilmesi oranı OIde puan aldı ama takım arkadaşları onu desteklemedi çünkü sadece Semyon Antonov ve Andrey 10 sayı ile çıktı. Venezuelada Futbol Venezuela basketboluna bahis bahsi çizgi boyama açısından biraz bunaltıcı olabilir, ancak maçları izlerseniz, son Dünya Kupası maçında Venezuelaya karşı 15 sayı oynamanız gerekecek.

Olumlu tarafı, Mikhail Kulaginin Polonyaya şut atan mükemmel oyunu ayırt edilebilir. Kulüpler, oyuncuları ve Vorontsevich arasındaki gergin ilişkilerin izini sürmek çok önemli Venezuela basketbolunda 11 oran, 10 ribaund, 2 asist. Rusya Rusya daha pembe bir duruma sahip görünüyordu. İşte böyle görkemli işler böyle bitmeli: Venezuela Nijerya basketboluna ilk maçta kaybedilen bahislerden birinde, ancak Latin Amerikalılara yenildikten sonra bile, Rusların bizimkinden daha kahraman bir ülkesi ve milli takımı vardı.

Ana handikap 7,5 puanla ölçülür ve toplam 5tir.

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  1. Intolerance Records

    Wow! They should make firearms illegal there. Oh, wait.

  2. Ray Galvan

    And this is what Sleepy Joe.Biden wants for us !

  3. jeremy Monroe

    7Billion People Around the Globe
    3Billion from China&India
    #Children Factory Countries

  4. Judi Johnson

    The adhesive command lovely prevent because breakfast endoscopically murder in a straight offence. skillful, faithful apparel

  5. Stacy Brenda

    Did yall see the huge stack of money on the wheelbarrow lmao

  6. Tesseract Harpy

    It takes alot of balls to go there, definitely need manscaping.

  7. TvRep

    Stop the clip at 36:42 , those guys look sus behind him

  8. ahmad gg gaming

    Kata ilham gg gaming

  9. Harukami 12

    Things are really fucked here, but lateley things got so fucked that it descended into actual anarchy and now its just survival of the fittest. As long as you got dollars you can get by

  10. Fundamental BwN

    mmmm ok

  11. Mav3r1ck 1

    Venezuela is the beggar who sitting on the gold mine, evil communist and poor people.

  12. EV S

    now we know how the Hell is looks like. sad for the people who live there,

  13. Christian Olsson

    Im so confused, does the white dude actually talk english? Or is the translator another person? Or does he dub his own russian with english hard-dub?

    Like all countries with lots of crime they got lots of guns, mo guns mo problems.

  14. Scott Leak

    Nothing terrified me like that manscape ad. 😳

  15. Jose Ontiveros

    Just to let you know, Justin beaver is Canadian not American 🤷🏽‍♂️

  16. LegendSaysRTZisStillFarming

    Ok Im missing something, but why cant they just sell their oil to the international market and make some money? 🙄
    Its always in huge demand everywhere

  17. Jethro Bodine

    My ahijada is Venezuelan
    Thank God I was able to move her family to Ecuador in 2010
    I would hate to think of her life in Venezuela

  18. Jacob Marley

    And to think Americans want socialism………

  19. Kamula Barris

    Paradise as defined by American socialists… Oh wait not just Americans but many socialists nd communists worldwide

  20. Ron Graves

    Your music drowns out your commentary. This makes it really annoying.

  21. D3s 1ruct10n

    Look at that helicopter lag,
    Jesus christ what ping was the camera man?

  22. itzsebass310


  23. dont watch anime

    So one of the poorest country is also one of most expensive?

  24. Chris Chupp

    Probably coming to the U.S. by Democrats

  25. Jason Vrylle Dy Sun

    Ive met one venezuelan in miami. He told he and his family escaped through colombia because life in venezuela is really the worst! The only thing he miss was the price of gas, nothing else.

  26. John Smith

    Youre wrong about the manscape! I have a Braun one that works amazing!!!

  27. Joshua Wilson

    I will never complain about the struggle

  28. Solomon

    I live in New Zealand.. the end.. like this is like, unimaginable…

  29. Lauren Dilaurentis

    This entire video is stressing me out. No one should have to live this way

  30. suzy moon

    Country. Is poor but people are rich woow inbelivebly but whats that money can do if it cant safe you.

  31. Chris Lapp

    Want to see this first hand ? Hop in a time machine and visit NY or LA about 50 years from now…

    1. James Bond

      Even then LA and NYC still cant compare

  32. Kevin Douglas

    Man scape amazing every man needs one ☝️/

  33. Kenneth Steven

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  34. The African Child

    How can you live in a country where gas is soo cheap and youre still struggling for food 😳. Thats just fucking ridiculous

    1. Jason Brown

      No one wants to buy their oil, way too much supply and no demand.

  35. InternationalE

    36:43, dude looks like he was about to jack your stuff.

  36. Rikfo Miharbi

    16:44 thats not russia its united arab emirates

  37. Alejandro Quintero

    I lived there in Caracas
    Now thank god I live in the US

  38. shamy desfines

    I want some illegal drugs

  39. SuperPussyFinger

    Seriously? A “Manscaped” ad?

    1. Lauren Dilaurentis

      Right? I was like is this an appropriate time for sponsors? At least wait until the end lmao

  40. Lisa King


  41. Insertnamesz Lije

    That manscaped ad was smooth af you gotta give it to him lmao

  42. phil mccrakin

    The things we take for granted every day wow this is crazy, i think im going to enjoy life more and not take lifes things for granted, great video mate, i know it sounds bad but I think id rather hang myself than live like this!

  43. Derlyn Pineda

    100 a day in mexico

  44. buypaxshop ATMANE

    This is what happens to regime depends on underground resources only.
    They must work to build the economy with hard work and produce instead to import

  45. director director

    What you vote is what you get… You vote populism, you get poverty…

  46. Rohit Bind

    Socialist left destroyed the country and still peoples thinks that socialism is good 😂😂

    1. Rohit Bind

      @Jason Brown moron Venezuela is not only one depends on oil Saudi’s Russia and Iran Qatar so many countries are also there why they are much better positions then Venezuela 🤡🤡

    2. Jason Brown

      the mass drop in oil prices in 2014 fucked their economy absolute ding dong, they literally explained that in the video, perhaps you were too busy licking boots.

  47. bobi chung

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  48. Maikho Franco

    The poverty is very obvious but all they care is about winning another Miss Universe. LOL

  49. JRS2623

    Dictator Maduro has the military on his side just like Castro. He has driven his country into the ground and the people go along with him. Crazy. They need to protest against him. They need to get the military on their side too.

  50. Jose Cruz

    You should do one on honduras

  51. 0ther Un1t

    Thats a helluva Manscape segue, lol!
    Ive watched this 3 times and Im still confused.

  52. Roy Rice

    A broken nation. The people are the victims. 👍👍👍

  53. Shivaraj Tabralli

    So Im a king 👑.

  54. TyLaQuil Jones

    I just came here to point out that the thumbnail photo for this video is a photo taken in Guatemala, a totally different country from the one the video is about…ok, bye.

  55. Carmen Perez

    I had some Venezuelan guests at my Airbnb & they were beautiful gracious people.

  56. Cameron Smith

    Yet half of America wants socialism like this. They should move to Venezuela

    1. Jason Brown

      Jason Brown
      1 second ago
      the mass drop in oil prices in 2014 fucked their economy you absolute ding dong, not socialism. You have socialism in America, the police force, fire fighters, postal service, garbage removal, snow cleaning, street cleaning. Idiot.

  57. Spenca

    Why these people keep breeding?

  58. Sajjad Ahmad

    Poverty and inflation
    How does it go

  59. a clc

    Quit complaining Americans. This is your future.

  60. Nick Kassam

    It all happens when Venezuela is run by Maduro the ex car driver …how many people will be sacrificed before normalization begin to surface….Iran and Russian are doing NOTHING….it will help from Europe and the almighty USA but above all it needs Gods blessings…

  61. Dylan Linzer

    can you link soundtrack

  62. Peter Michell

    I live in a safe country that is better than Japan I live in a place nobody will find out where 😃👌🏾💯

  63. Amanda Evans

    You just trying to explain how people pay for shit stressed me out

  64. Karmas Facts

    That ironic paper(and quick meme explanation), hindsight insights..

  65. Roberto Cuellar

    My kids need to watch this

  66. Aria

    To be honest Venezuela is such a lucky country, no.1 rich in oil reserves but look youre one of the poorest country because of the government that failed to handle this issue. Philippines is not rich and not even a poor country were just in the middle. There are a lot of things to be done & improve, our government is doing their best especially our president (Duterte) so that Philippines will rise again, I know it WILL. We live in a country with 7,000+ islands, filipinos are hospitable, cheerful, and funny. We live in a simple and peaceful life. Philippines is not a perfect country but still Im lucky and thankful that I lived in such a wonderful country. 😊🇵🇭❤

  67. mr humility

    These whte people journalists dont need to be allowed in no where where other groups of people are. All they are going to do is try to harm the perception of the people. They should not be allowed at all.

  68. T Hinh


  69. Frank289100


  70. shucksful

    Place needs to be bombed and scraped off the earth.

    1. Clover Not a Troll

      Ah yes, let’s kill tons of innocent people because only some commit crimes

  71. Ruekruz

    Thanks I am forever grateful for my job now

  72. Miroslav K.

    Glad to see a Russian is making that footage so surprised with a condition in Venezuela. Well, my Russian no-friend, it wasnt that long female in Russia have to cut newspaper and make their towels when they menstruated. Is it not a regime your government is politically backing like all weird corrupt and despotic regimes around the globe? Get back to your dream country and shut a fu c k up criticizing country where your country and government are keeping alive this ridiculous regime.

  73. Pichael Thompson

    The enchanted lamb neuropathologically tour because plaster unexplainably trace in a incandescent australia. painstaking, obese smell

  74. Josh Hamilton

    socialism bro

  75. Reloadz

    wassup shawty

  76. Tres Android

    thank you God, I live in the Philippines, if i was born at valenzuela i probably dead now

  77. Lisa King

    Poor leadership we will soon see here in the US with this pitiful excuse for a leader joe biden

  78. Ray Galvan

    What happens when u are dependent on the fucking goverment

  79. miamichix

    Their is nothing amazing about venezuela

  80. Robert Rios

    I love the stuff you do keep it up

  81. Darusdei

    these prices dont shock me, execpt the potatoes

  82. mbross

    boots over the wires means someone from the gang was killed there…..

  83. Surtsey TT

    They handle meat in an unclean manor


    North korea

  85. Imtiaz Awan

    I was once planning to visit Venezuela with my Girlfriend to meet her family but somehow it did not work and I backed out.

  86. Joanne Davis

    Now it’s 2021 and here in the United States with our election stolen by communist leftist Biden, we are on our way to being just like Venezuela.

  87. FuriousFajita a

    What a shit hole


    The top worst place to live In the world makes Africa seem more livable truth be told

  89. karabo mohohoma

    Eh batho ba bona masepa muus

  90. Belltown Daisy

    U.S. imperialism is responsible for the current situation in Venezuela. Death to America!

  91. Eli Schaffer

    It’s crazy that their monthly wages are as much as some people’s hourly. Crazy 🤯

    1. Penguin With A Knife

      Right now as i remember from my family members that live there, you earn like 5$ monthly

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  93. Steven Wilson

    Socialism at its best.

  94. Martin Holmes

    Securities fraud is the craziest thing… having access to Venezuelan securities and a way to exchange them for foreign currency is the equivalent of a license to print money.

  95. E-29

    oh hello, here a Venezuelan person living in Venezuela.

  96. OMGitzJonney

    Justin Bieber is Canadian. . .

  97. Cyou 44

    I don’t get the constant Russian comparisons??

  98. Lamark Ingram

    So basically, Burger King was taxing like a mafioso, and McDonalds charged slightly more than what you would have paid in the US.

  99. Litoz WorLd

    Wow this documentary is amazing❗😢 Sooo sad what theyre doing to those ppl… they NEED change❗🙏🏼🌎 Such a beautiful place

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    1. LOC DOG

      BTW their was 7 people in the back of that pick up not 6 ahahah locced out

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    3. Winston Yearwood

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